Is something odd going on with mmr? My games are questionable...


So killer games are sweaty as always, the usual 4DH, 2+DS etc. Mixed with BM, swf and people that body block (this I expected because high mmr, kinds boring though)

Survivor however is where I'm getting issues, now I did take like a month break from the game but before I was Escaping most games and killers on average got 1k.

But since coming back to the game my team have been questionable the past few days (past few days iv escaped 20/25 times, roughly 3 hatches so 17increases to mmr, 5 decreases and 3 staying still.

So why do I get end up doing 10min chases or doing 5 gens etc? I'm getting teammates that dont understand basic things or refuse to do gens.... why? My mmr clearly shouldn't be low


  • Underdawg
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    My hypothesis:

    We know that MMR is based on kills and escapes. So how is it possible that even as you gain MMR as a Survivor, you still have teammates that still seem to not know how to play very well? Well, have you been in a match as survivor where that Claudette urban evasions around the entire map? Hides in a locker as soon as someone is on the hook? Only knows how to sit on gens and self care? These kinds of players will leave the lower ranges of MMR and get into the lower-mid/mid range. They will keep going up until they get exposed once they climb too high. They will face killers who will know all of their hiding places, or run builds that prevent hiding. Since they most likely never put time into learning how to loop, they will die, and drop back down to sabotage their lower and low-mid range teammates once again.

    I feel like we see a similar phenomena with Killers who only know how to camp and tunnel. Sure they can "assure a 2K" up to a certain point. Then they will face hyper-efficient teams running all the meta perks -well-. Teams that know how to coordinate, whether they are SWF or not. They'll get looped endlessly, lose MMR, and go back to terrorizing the lower and low-mid range once again.

    TLDR; SBMM evaluates efficiency/success, not skill.

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    Well the thing is I'm having to do 3times the normal amount. Like I had a game where it took a 10min chase for 3 people to do 4gens when in reality that should be a few mins at most.

    Or games where i have done 5 gens and still got saves and chases.

    It feel like I'm having to hard carry every match just to be in for a chance, I wouldn't say the killers are high level either (hence the longer chases) but why am I being placed with basically newer players or people that cant do the more basic of things? Like if the killer avoided me, they would win every game tbh that's how bad its getting.

    I feel like I'm hitting a 70-80% win rate recently