What do people have with the trickster?


I though that trickster would be ok to people, I personally like him a lot. However people don't like him at all. Why? What has the mad k-poper did to the people? :(


  • Trickstaaaaa
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    Because getting spammed with knifes can get annoying. And often people can't, and some don't know how to counter him. Although it does not mean he is OP or anything like that. Just that he can get annoying to face at times. That and what the first commenter wrote. Now I like his ability, since I think it's fun to use, since it's the closest we will get to a machine gun power. But I do see why people don't like him.

  • GarlicRice
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    He's alright but he has like 50000 knives and can down you so fast and has great snowball potential. A lot of people don't know how to counter him and loop him. Myself included, I'm still learning to play against him, I used to go down instantly.

  • Phasmamain
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    His power is just huntress with less interaction and his visual design isn’t my cup of tea

  • BlackRabies
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    My guess? People don't want to learn how to properly counter his power cause it's boring, uninteractive, or they just want to hold W and not even try to loop.

    I can say the very same thing towards survivors that do just that hold W? Boring as hell, not even trying to loop and uninteractive and that's one of Trickster best strengths imo if your just gonna be stupid and hold W then you're dead.

    And yes I enjoy play as Trickster and I don't mind playing against him cause I know how to deal with his power, just mostly depends where I'm caught out.

  • YuisPinkBob
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    I love the Trickster. His gameplay as both survivor and killer and his cosmetics are amazing in my opinion, along with his lore.

    The common reasons that people don't like him (or at least the ones I've seen) are:

    • They don't like his flamboyance and effeminate behaviour, and don't think his aesthetic fits with the game.
    • They don't like playing against him/they find his chase interactions unfun.
    • Certain interactions become harder against him e.g. body-blocking.
    • He's overpowered (this was more common before his changes, but I did see it briefly afterwards too).

    I tend to find that their actual justification behind these reasons doesn't always make sense as he isn't that strong of a killer and we have some out-there cosmetics for other killers, and survivors.

  • lauraa
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    I am not a fan of his "safely plink you with 2 knives, rinse and repeat until you go down" play pattern.

    I love his machine gun style, with 44 knives it feels balanced and not oppressive but maybe that's also why people are so safe and boring with him.

  • GoodBoyKaru
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    eh he's just bland and boring and yet another take on anti-loop no mobility. i like his visuals and his backstory and i wish theyd given him something far more creative for a power, and hopefully something more interactive too.

  • Laluzi
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    I think the issue with Trickster is that you can't juke his shots or cause him to miss in any meaningful way. When he's got knives, the outcome of your chases is purely decided by terrain. Obviously there's still plenty of skill in your choices where to run and how well you run it, but if you're in the open, he's going to kill you whether you're looking behind you and predicting his actions or not.

    I don't mind him, though. Feels balanced to me and the counterplay is clear.

    There's another sect of people that vehemently hate Trickster because they think he doesn't fit this genre of horror, but that's its own subjective issue.

  • Starrseed
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    Apart from every game play aspect I just love how many people hate on him just because he isn't a stereotypical buff manly man but mor flamboyant and a bit fluid and u hear or read from people so often that he is gay and how they would destroy him if they would meet I'm cause he's so weak and not scary bla bla bla he is just a prime example of people hating stuff they fear to like

  • Regulus47
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    He's basically old legion. He will down you and you can't really do anything about it, and he's really easy to play too and really good at camping. I don't even know how to fix him! Maybe make him throw slower.

  • gilgamer
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    He's just not fun to play against, you cant really dodge his knives in any skillful and interactive way.

  • Aurelle
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    He's very unfun to play against and has little to no counterplay in a 1v1 situation. It's basically old Legion all over again.

  • throwaway79465468797

    I love playing Trickster, but not at high MMR...

    Just going to say if you get caught in the open playing against Trickster then you deserve to at least lose a health state. Regardless of how you play out the rest of that encounter.

  • edgarpoop
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    Strictly from a gameplay perspective: he's another in a concerningly long string of killers who are best dealt with by pre-dropping a pallet and not actually playing the tile.

    Additionally, because of the "ranged killer tax" they put on him via 110% movement speed, he has zero map presence.

    To top all of this off, he is actually most threatening in the open at close range.

    All of this means Trickster is most effective in an area control, proxy camping playstyle that forces survivors out in to the open and negates his lack of mobility. It's generally not a style of game that players find enjoyable.

    I win consistently with him, but most games are a 3 gen/4 gen style slog rather than a fast paced interactive game.

  • ThatOneDemoPlayer
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    He's hot

  • Cornpopers_Evan
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    As a lot of people pointed out already, he's kind of the definition(to me at least) of a killer that's unfun to play against but kinda fun to actually play as. Plus, some people think he doesn't "fit" DBD for whatever that's worth.

  • VikingDragonXii
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    Trickster....Ant......loop.....um what loops are how you beat him......the tighter or longer the loop the less likely he will land a hit with his knives. As others said he plays like huntress but with a machine gun. So like Huntress loops can kill the range aspect of them. I personally drained him of his knives 3 times in a single game and got hit maybe 4 times total in each loop....now if he catches in the open with no blocker tiles....your good as downed.

  • TeabaggingGhostface
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    He doesn't have a hat

  • GoodBoyKaru
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    Trickster is literally:

    -High walls = survivor is invincible

    Low walls = survivor is dead within 9 seconds.

  • egg_
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    He's boring and uninteractive, and I wish they'd stop trying to forcibly shove him down my throat just because of the publicity it gave to the game.

    They should've just forgotten about that disaster of a chapter immediately after release, just like twins, and move on, not release a tome right after it.