ruin, undying or corrupt, pop

Chappy04 Member Posts: 193

what do you preferer


  • Murgleïs
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    A lot of cheaters these days, not a good idea to use hexes.

    I would stick with Pain Resonance / DMS + another regression if you need more (Pop / Corrupt / No way out + Noed).

  • ThanksForDaily
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    edited April 2022

    Ruin, Undying, Pop, Tinkerer.....

  • Heartbound
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    Ruin is a staple for me since I'm a "seasoned" player and I don't feel like changing with the meta and all my killers already have Ruin so...Ruin. No undying. If they find Ruin, okay. If they don't, they don't.

    Corrupt is great if you're a set up killer but the other perks have their uses. It's just hard to justify dropping something else out of my 4 slots since I'm usually on the run a lot of the time and I like things that make that playstyle easier.

  • DoritoHead
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    Pain Res + DMS

    but out of these definitely Ruin + Undying

  • Yankus
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    Hexes are almost useless since boons. It's funny how they added boons as a "second objective" for survivors and it just killed hexes.

  • I_CAME
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    Pain Res/DMS is way better than either.

  • Kurri
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    Pain Res/DMS ?

    BBQ, Brutal, Pop, Sloppy?



    Hex: Devour Hope?

  • Chilli_man2400
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    Depends on killer if it’s high mobility yes. Some killers work better or worse with those perks.

  • Zachcjjj
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    slowdown is zzz so at most ill use corrupt but i like corrupt with lethal on blight

  • gentacle
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    corrupt always, ruin so i can goop it up with pyramid head and get a free torment

  • GuyFawx
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    If pentimento isnt used hexes are useless now

  • Heartbound
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    They only know the meta. The day they're locked in with a killer using Cruel Limits, it will be the true enlightment they seek.

  • ThatOneDemoPlayer
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    I've yet to see Claustrophobia to anything in one of my games

  • ukenicky
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    Ruin + Undying: When I'm feeling confident I'll get value from the combination / can pressure survivors and snowball.

    Pop + Corrupt: When I'm feeling like doing the classic that never fails me / play a killer with high mobility.

    Corrupt + Deadlock + Pain Res: When I want lots of stall but also a little regression without needing to go out of my way to kick gens.

    Pain Res deserves an honorable mention as a Pop that doesn't require you to go somewhere and waste time kicking a gen which is so incredibly important for less mobile killers. It can even be paired with Pop so that you can deliver two pops to two different gens and hopefully get a lot of regression going around the map.

  • danielmaster87
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    Corrupt but without garbage Pop.