Boons killed this game

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I'm sorry but they gave so much negativity on release they should have been disabled and reworked

but let's leave them and push everyone single casual and nice player away and not do anything about for 6 months until only the most toxic and tryhardy killers and survivors left and then do something about it

why take so damn long to do anything why always until the game is almost dead, or just filled with more radiation than Chernobyl in 1986 from killers and survivors

this whole crisis of players leaving could have been avoided but here we are, both sides complaining, playing killer is a mental torture, like the fact i wasn't even trying as killer and yet somehow got stressed is something beyond my understanding, and honestly soloQ survivor is just like playing killer, most people are SWF that have no intention of playing with u so they just keep bringing the killer to you and using DS so u get hit, and since the report system is like writing a letter to santa it feels like the game is telling the player to go away

And don't even get me started on TTVS, 1 in 9000 are nice but hey apparently using ur brain as a killer to know that the survivor is hiding in a locker because the gen was being worked on is "stream sniping"

Honestly this whole community is just a mess

Maybe we should go play something else after all, cuz DbD isn't a game its a stress test for your mental health

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