Legion needs to be changed (from a Legion main)


After buff Legion makes games miserable and it is showing a similar level of frustration of the original Legion (first version).

This is coming from a REAL legion main (see all my posting history about legion).

It is a continuous flow of mending after mending after mending.

It is not DBD, it is just a mending simulator.

The new speed feels great when you use Legion but from the survivor perspective is just a faster and faster freight train coming for you and there is not much you can do about it.

Is this Legion unbeatable or even OP? certainly not unbeatable and perhaps not even op (some add-ons are) but it opens once again the door to the same issues of OG legion.

You can beat them slamming gens and escaping but it is a miserable experience.

Please keep the music but change Legion's power. It is not possible to balance this mess, it is either too weak, too strong or too frustrating



  • Jasonisanicefella
    Jasonisanicefella Member Posts: 377

    They might be ok strength wise but they have recreated a similar situation of OG Legion. You can't have a killer that just want to make you disconnect. This is what I feel when going against this version of Legion.

    When I play as them I can clearly see the frustration in the survivor camp. It is not healthy

  • WishIcouldmain
    WishIcouldmain Member Posts: 4,082

    Old Legion was the worst killer in the game this change was a must and needs to stay

  • Regulus47
    Regulus47 Member Posts: 450

    Mending's annoying but legion is the only killer apart from nurse who can vault a pallet and instadown you just like that. I think that's a little more of an issue right now

  • White_Owl
    White_Owl Member Posts: 3,786

    I'm not having problems facing the buffed Legion. People should learn to not mend as soon as the killer hits them. If you're smart about it you don't need to mend non-stop.

  • KateDunson
    KateDunson Member Posts: 714

    For how is legion now i think they should just get rid of mending, a frenzy hit should injure the survivors and that's it

  • Jasonisanicefella
    Jasonisanicefella Member Posts: 377

    I was thinking the same. This mending situation is just ridiculous. It is not fun gameplay, versing current legion is like sitting on a cactus for hours.

    Just injure survivors and thats it

  • dugman
    dugman Member Posts: 9,714

    To be fair to people complaining about Legion, I haven’t seen too many people saying they think Legion is “too powerful”. The complaint is more about the total length of the match against Legion and the gameplay loop Legion matches follow. The question isn’t “how easy is it to escape against Legion” but rather “how long are Legion matches on average and how much of the time in a Legion match is spent just Mending?” Hypothetically of Legion is great at stalling the game, but not weak at actually getting downs, then that could lead to games where you get interminable stalemates of survivors taking forever to finish the gens but Legion also taking forever to secure any hooks or kills.

    I don’t have a strong opinion on this one since I’m a killer main and don’t experience the Mending side of things, but I can understand I think where that sort of complaint could arise if the new Legion matches tend to be longer affairs with a lot more Mending going on.

  • not_Queef
    not_Queef Member Posts: 805


    Every single Legion game I've played since the buff has inevitably ended in me just giving up because I just can't be bothered to play any more.

    I realise that killers foam at the mouth as soon as survivors find something "boring", but when something is this tedious it's not longer an issue of "git gud whiny survivors hurr durr". It's unhealthy for the game in general.

    Sadly they already said that a complete rework is highly unlikely, but that does at least show that the devs have considered it and therefore are aware of these issues. Tbh, I don't know if I trust them to come up with something that isn't even worse.

  • SeannyD115
    SeannyD115 Member Posts: 583

    The counter to legion is just to split up and not heal. By splitting up legion can't get multiple hits in FF.

    Unless you allow legion to get 5 FF hits he is just a m1 killer.

    As far as slow down perks every killer at the higher mmr needs to run a lot of slowdown perks to combat the fast gen speed. Try playing a m1 killer at high mmr without slowdown perks and the game will be over in 5 minutes.

  • Huge_Bush
    Huge_Bush Member Posts: 5,117

    If that’s the case, looping should be removed from the game because it’s repetitive, boring and tedious for most killers.

    Legion is only boring when you’re with a group who don’t know how to counter him. Had a match yesterday where my teammates didn’t know what Discordance was and kept revealing their locations. I was able to do three gens, lose him in chase multiple times cleanse three totems and deny him a chain hit several times because I’d just start running before he could make it to me (and lithe helped).

    Many times, it’s really not the killer I have issues with when playing solo. It’s the idiot teammates.

  • Jasonisanicefella
    Jasonisanicefella Member Posts: 377

    I agree, looping, camping, tunnelling and gen rushing are ALL aspects that should be removed. This has nothing to do with how boring are games with the new legion.

  • humanbeing1704
    humanbeing1704 Member Posts: 8,803

    Only changes that I think should happen is a rework to Julie's mixtape that shouldn't even be a thing and a filthy blade rework because +4 seconds on a mend is just brutal

  • edgarpoop
    edgarpoop Member Posts: 8,098

    Yeah, I think it's problematic when games push the 15 minute mark. That's way too long.

    Plus there's a psychological aspect to constantly being interrupted and having to mend. It's like running in place and it feels frustrating. There's a difference between holding M1 to progress a relatively finite objective vs being repeatedly interrupted, having a screen effect take place, and having to hold M1 to resume what you were doing.

  • Tranquil_Blue
    Tranquil_Blue Member Posts: 335

    Buffed Legion is definitely stronger, but the basic gameplay mechanics have been in place for years, so I just don't see this as a big issue. Maybe it's just because more people have been playing Legion this past week (i.e. people are getting annoyed because they're facing it more often)?

    There have always been people who hated playing against Legion and there have always been complaints about "mending simulator." When you play against Legion (pre-buff or post-buff), there will be mending, since inflicting Deep Wound on multiple survivors is literally the main purpose of Legion's power.

  • sizzlingmario4
    sizzlingmario4 Member Posts: 6,637

    I don’t have a problem with base legion, but Julie’s mixtape was a mistake.

  • Viskod
    Viskod Member Posts: 854

    There's nothing wrong with Julie's Mix Tape. If you pallet slam a Legion in Frenzy, you still break his chain combo, he won't be able to down you after that, he'll just be able to jump the pallet and hit you, which is something most Legions are going to do anyway because they'll wait for the pallet drop instead of running face first into it without a care.

  • squbax
    squbax Member Posts: 1,361

    Seeing how deathslinger was changed to be more fun im happy I dont play legion.

  • Munqaxus
    Munqaxus Member Posts: 2,752

    There's "people saying it's not fun" and it actually "not being fun".

    I'm speculating and haven't played against Legion since the update, but if it's extending the game an extra 15 minutes and the game becomes mending-by-daylight, then my guess is it's in the "not being fun" category.

    Also, Legion caused the game to be mending-by-daylight previously, and the developers changed him.

  • SMitchell8
    SMitchell8 Member Posts: 3,301

    Never played Legion before, is now a good time or will I just be adding to survivor frustration?

  • Viskod
    Viskod Member Posts: 854

    The only survivors you frustrate would have been frustrated regardless.

  • lauraa
    lauraa Member Posts: 3,195

    Legion changes are just copium from 6 months of overpowered Boons.

    Now that you cant brute force heals like before, you might have to...idk, be more strategic with your heals and mends.

    I will say that Thana and Dying Light Legions are boring, however.

  • gentacle
    gentacle Member Posts: 260

    If anything legion still needs buffs. Super fun to play now but base feral frenzy duration's rather low lol

  • lauraa
    lauraa Member Posts: 3,195

    I can honestly live with that considering our stun CD is better

  • Pulsar
    Pulsar Member Posts: 20,668

    This is why I wanted legion reworked instead of buffed.

    He's very annoying to go against, probably the most annoying Killer.

    That doesn't mean he's strong. That just means nobody finds him fun to play against.

  • MB666
    MB666 Member Posts: 965

    "The new speed feels great when you use Legion but from the survivor perspective is just a faster and faster freight train coming for you and there is not much you can do about it."

    have you ever face a blight with both speed addons? that thing is a really "scary faster freight train coming for you"

    you know that getting a stun on legion resets the chain hit playstile🤔 RIGHT?

    about the mending playstile .............DONT MEND CLOSE TO A LEGION JEEEZ...outside of that i agree that mend overall is not fun but thats the thing dont mend evey single time you get hit. (if you hate mending just 99% your mend progress bar and do gens)

    by doing this you dont get show by killer instinct and at the same time you avoid giving free chain hits for legion.

  • FormelyThomas
    FormelyThomas Member Posts: 22

    Change the music, it's so bad

  • dbd900bach
    dbd900bach Member Posts: 595

    Legions power is just not suited for dbd and its current groundwork. That's the reality. It's not because it's op or take weak, it's because it's unfun and impossible to balance properly.

    If they nerf Legion, the killer side suffers from having to use a now almost useless killer. If he's buffed, the survivors suffer from an unfun killer that the chase and game unbearable.

    I think the devs should work to make Legion as he was previously advertised. Whether it be mimicking survivors or having 4 different power states or whatever. Running around and stabbing people is a far cry from what we were HEAVILY expecting

  • Predator3174PL
    Predator3174PL Member Posts: 302

    Yes. That's the point. Not all, but a lot of survivors seems to want killers to be at level of Trapper or Sadako which is fun for them, but horrible for killer players. They want variety, but they don't want strong killers. Killers want variety but there is not enough strong killers to just play and relax. Sooner or later you will enter sweat fests and lose all the fun with your fav killer that will be looped and bullied until daylight. That's not fun.

    Can Legion be bullied and loopet till daylight? Yes, but at least he is now a little bit more fun to play as and if they will nerf them it will be just another Wraith situation and we will be back to sweaty Nurses and Blights. How fun!

  • Entinaty
    Entinaty Member Posts: 163

    It really is no point in trying to change anyone's mind due to just being stubborn or wrapped up in the hysteria of the Legion buffs. I would ask a question to those that hate going against Legion though. Didn't you see the sudden spike in Legion games coming? Instead of DCing or quitting why not just take a break from the game for a bit and then come back when Legion's 15 minutes of popularity are over?

    I also honestly wonder why you would trust the current team at BHVR to rework or nerf something within reason when it's been proven that they don't know how to do it correctly?