Teammates leaving you to die


Anyone else had this happen? I'v had many matches where mutiple of my teamates who were completly healthy, went up against a killer with no noed, and somtimes had borrowed time just crouched and pointed for some reason and let your guts be ripped out and draged into the aybess

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  • MikaelaWantsYourBoon
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    MMR issue. They don't wanna risk it. Because if they die, they will down to low mmr. Low mmr is hell for survivors.

  • deKlaw_04
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    “You not entitled to get an unhooked” that’s some of the responses I have seen when complaining about teammates leaving you. In reality it sucks

  • tippy2k2
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    Once the Gates are open, it becomes Every Man for Themselves. I still will go for the hero save because that's a lot more fun but especially with the dumb new MMR system (if you didn't escape the trial, was it really a skilled play?), many do what they need to in order to make sure they survive and leave once they have the chance.

  • Marc_123
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    Yea this happens sometimes.

  • Cybil
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    It happens occasionally. I prefer to save but it is what it is.

  • TotemSeeker91
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    It's hell for solo q survivors, it's a fun time for SWF

  • bluedusef
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    I usually get this mostly from console players. its not often but when it does happen, its mostly them. i get this feeling like im being picked on purely because im pc player. i usually play on my own as survivor.

  • Ghouled_Mojo
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    If there is little chance to save me and themselves, I don’t care if they leave me to die. If there is a clear chance for us all to survive, they’re labeled as a bag of dirty dicks in my head if they leave me.

  • Maelstrom808
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    Well if it's any consolation, if I see a survivor abandoned by teammates and left on hook to die in my games, it usually ensures that nobody is getting a mercy hatch or gate.

    The flip side of that is if I specifically see one teammate trolling the rest of the team I will happily stand with the other survivors and watch them point and t-bag them after I throw the offender on the hook.

  • pseudechis
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    Sometimes it pays to be selfish. That's all.

    They created a system where individual escapes play a bigger role than teamwork.

    I takes a team to keep everyone alive and power the gens but only I have to escape at the end.

    The gains/losses ratio skews from one direction to the other as the game progresses and it often pays more to be selfish in the endgame. Especially with the current MMR system.

  • Sepex
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  • Tricksters_Wife
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    Happens a lot to me. I always clip when I've been abandoned and save it in my DBD clips stash. I name them "DBD but its Squid Game ep __". All in good humor of course.

  • Veinslay
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    I'll leave right away if there's a trophy or tome challenge on the line. It's also a strong motivator just to leave when the escape is guaranteed because you don't want to lower your MMR and get worse and worse teammates.

  • Crowman
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    Ultimately there's no reward for risking your own life in the end game to save someone else and since mmr only cares about whether you escaped or died and no other context then it just makes sense to escape to hopefully keep getting good teammates.

  • TheSubstitute
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    Solo queue! Wait a minute, that's a title? I'm sorry, I thought the title was a word association test

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  • Leatherface1990
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    Game design at its finest!

  • Phantom_
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    Yes, a lot. Even during mid-game, I've been left to die on 1st hook after having looped the killer for 3 gens. So I started bringing Deliverance. If you notice this happening a lot in 1 day just bring Deliverance or play selfishly until you notice your teammates are not like that.

    If it's Leon or Steve on the hook you bet I'll risk my life for them or die trying lmao.

  • KerJuice
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    Probably SWF’s sacrificing you to secure their escape. #removeSWF

  • bm33
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    When only escapes matter it causes players to be less likely to go back for a save, especially if they've already had previous rounds where they've died and keep getting worse teams. There's also the archive challenges that require the survivors to escape to complete.

    It's definitely frustrating to die on first hook at the end, especially if you saved everyone else or distracted the killer for a good chunk. Unfortunately the current state of the game encourages survivors to be selfish and escape instead of going back for a random teammate. The survivor that risks sacrificing themself isn't rewarded if they die making that end game save, they're punished with worse teammates.

  • RisingTron
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    It sucks, yeah. But, at the end of the day what can you really do?

    If I'm by myself the chances of me risking my life to go for the save is extremely low. Because even with BT the chances of that person escaping are low unless we're directly next to the exit. (Killer downs me then just goes after the other person. Womp womp.) So that would just give the killer 2 more kills all because I wanted to be altruistic. However if all 3 of the other survivors are alive, then yeah it's annoying when they up and leave when BT + body blocking could come into play.

  • Nazzzak
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    Yeah I get this from time to time, as a solo player I'm used to it. It's honestly like 50/50 with swfs. They'll either band together to save you in the end or they'll leave. I remember someone on here once saying their rule when playing solo is not to be the first person caught or the last person caught (or something like that)

  • legacycolt
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    Yeah people play very selfish now. It’s because they don’t want to drop MMR points.

  • kaeru
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    I can understand survivors during endgame that leave you on hook in basement or across the map. I don't blame them actually. They just probably calculate it and decide that 5000 bp not worth the risk.

    But recently I got into situation you described and I had the same feeling. Healthy Jeff that wasn't hooked once just left in gates leaving me behind 30 meters away on hook. And Legion wasn't even camping. This is straight up frustrating.

    I rarely play survivor and fortunately I don't get such survivors often.