Looking for friends to practice survivor role with!:)))


Hello everyone,

I'm very excited to finally register and post on the DbD forum. I am absolutely new to the game. I installed it, also bought the "Hour of the Witch" chapter (Saw the trailer. Loved Mikaela. I love her. I just do.) aaaand, I've been practicing with the tutorial for months now, just so I'm not completely horrible, but you know, bots can only do so much.

I'm looking for people to practice survivor with, so other teammates, and also a willing killer to chase me and teach me. I'd love to socialize in the DBD world and just hang out with awesome people who can help me learn all sorts of tips and tricks. I wanna do my best and implement in a real game all of the good practices I know in theory, so I'm very nervous to go solo q at first. 😄

I'm not much of a gamer, but DbD won a special place in my heart as it completely changed the way I consume horror. I'm open to any and all advice considering perks, loop techniques, interacting with a killer in a positive manner, all of that.

I'm 32 f, on Epic Games, Crossplay enabled. I'm on Eastern European Time. Let me know if you wanna hang out or if you have any questions!


  • laurasaxx
    laurasaxx Member Posts: 45

    I'd love to play sometime :D Female in my 30s too, you should meet some of my friends; we have a chill girls group that plays a bunch! Friendly and helpful! Glad to talk!

    Do you use discord? Add me there if interested! Saxx#5438

  • NegativePatience
    NegativePatience Member Posts: 2

    Hello Laura! :) I'm happy to meet you! I don't have a discord but I can make one and I'll add you:) I'll see to it that I do it today, see you soon!

  • Constantlysadge
    Constantlysadge Member Posts: 1

    Hello! I'd like to play with you also :) I play killer a lot but not survivor but i'd like to start. I'm mid 20's f also. I have an account on steam and also on PS5. My dbd tag is: Katie #e01e :)

    I have all DLC's besides Sadako, so can show you different killers and their powers.

    Take care :)

  • steponmeadiris
    steponmeadiris Member Posts: 225

    Hi! I'm a woman in my 20s, and I'm no master at survivor, but I'd say I'm a fairly experienced killer, and I'd love to help you learn the game! I have all the killers as well, so you can go test going against all of the different powers. My Discord is normemegian#7272, so send me a friend request whenever you have time! :)

  • legitxeris
    legitxeris Member Posts: 6

    Add me too, I want to join. I am a professional mental health therapist. I swear on my license that I am not toxic.

    Discord: Grimorum#9558