Just Because Freddy Is Boring Dosnt Mean He's Bad


I always see him in D teir on most teir list and people saying he's really bad. He deffinatly is not bad, it's just that he is really boring . Before he got nerfed he was a go to killer to grind up to rank 1 and now he is a little worse but he plays much smoother than he used too. Freddy is very good in many categories and is mid B teir. True he is boring, but a very strong killer



  • toxik_survivor
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    Freddie's snares are so underrated. People just play him terribly and don't know where to use snares. Freddie's pallets are ok in mid mmr but high mmr they suck. But yeah snares are basically more controlled clown bottles

  • QwQw
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    Nah, he's pretty bad. He basically doesn't have a power for the first minute of the game unless he manages to hit a survivor, and even when he does get his power, it just isn't that good.

  • EntitySpawn
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    Hes a killer which powers are limited, requires multiple snares at a loop to get the hit and then his teleport is on gens which has a long cooldown and gets taken away when the gens done (not to mention it gives a long warning to survivors). His addons are also worthless.

    He was an okay killer that got gutted because he had slowdown addons and people starting crying calling him forever freddy.

  • IlliterateGenocide
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    Somehow they made his Dream Pallets better than his snares.

  • FridayNightPizza
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    Played him for a while over the event to get him to p3 cause I thought the bloody cosmetics on him would look sick (they do) and honestly I'd put him in d tier. I've never used the pallets but the snares are almost useless, it takes multiple just to slow a survivor down enough to get a hit plus it takes time to set up....as opposed to clown who can slow survivors down on the fly and has enough of an effect for the killer to catch up and get the hit. His teleportion is okay but nothing special.

  • Remedicist
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    His powers just are not great to use. You usually need two blood pools at a loop to slow them down enough to get a hit (especially when the power slows him down too just for placing them), and the dream pallets can only be used so many times before the survivors know which ones are real (although I still love the funny moments). I do think his ability to protect generators is underrated. It's boring for the survivors, but an entire gen slow down build just works really well on him. I've always thought of current Freddy as more of a gen protector than a chase killer, but that does mean that his ability to get downs is low. And in general, downing survivors creates more pressure and brings you closer to kills than just protecting generators. Not to mention he has arguably one of the worst add-ons in the game. If they can make his powers more useful with some buffs and give him better add-ons, then he'd be in a way better spot. Although at the the end of the day, I still would prefer on-release Freddy with some tweaks.

  • GeneralV
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    I disagree, but you know how I feel.

    What I fight for.

  • ThatOneDemoPlayer
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    He is boring and bad

  • Marigoria
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    He is bad and fun. Not as fun as original freddy but.

  • Crowman
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    He used to be decent, but then the devs decided to not only nerf his only good addons, but compensated him with power nerfs.

    Snares just slow you down too much to be usable as now survivors make good distance when Freddy tries to place snares at a loop and the 5 snare limit means he can't really snare multiple nearby loops forcing survivors into a situation of having to run into his snares.

    Pallets are fun to use, but hard to get survivors to actually throw them since it's easy enough to remember which pallets are fake.

    The only good thing he has is his teleport and there are other killers with teleports who do more once they start chasing a survivor.

  • humanbeing1704
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    He's pretty bad snares were overnerfed same for pallets but at this point Freddy is more fun using pallets

  • Brimp
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    Nah hes just pretty bad. Slowing down while placing snares which more than likely gives them enough distance to another tile for a slowdown that works in a 1 meter radius... compared to clowns slowdown which can be used WAY wider the higher you throw up the bottle if you have an object to use it on. Also the whole "place the snare at the middle of the loop" still is outclassed by clowns speed and slowdown bottle for a 40% difference in movement speed.

  • Shroompy
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    I mean Ill give you this, he's better than old Freddy.

    But at the end of the day a golden pile of crap is still a pile of crap

  • RenRen
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    He is bad and for most, not fun.

  • Wampirita
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    I've been a Freddy main for THOUSANDS of hours, on multiple platforms. I've been with him on all of his stages.

    I think I have full right to say he's utterly pathetic now. He IS bad and one opinion won't change him.

    Yeah his current state is still better than Freddy 1.0, but at least 1.0 Freddy had that something to him. He was bad, but fun to play.

    Today's Freddy isn't worth anyone's time. Even tho I chose a new main, he's still my guilty pleasure killer, but with how everything advanced + his last nerfs, he's not viable anymore.

    I hope he'll become playable again, I love him, but at least I'm not blinded by it and I can admit he sucks now

  • woundcowboy
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    His snares are worthless against good survivors. They see him put them down/run early, and hold W. He essentially has no power other than the teleport at this level. The upcoming changes might help him, but there is no question he is a bottom 5 killer. He also has the worst addons in the game

  • Nathan13
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    No he sucks now.

  • DattPugg
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    This has to be a meme. Freddy has like 3 puzzle pieces in a 1000 piece puzzle as a power. Yes, he has a sorry attempt at antiloop, but a long loop requires two snares to catch the survivor if they have half a brain, not to mention the fact they can leave if they see you set a snare. Yes, you have a teleport but it has an extremely long cooldown and throughout the match it will be progressively taken away from you. Finally, being asleep is hardly an inconvenience for the survivors as Freddy still has a lullaby. And they don't even start the trial asleep unless you run his only good addon! And don't get me started on his addons. When it comes down to it, you are just a 4.6 killer who *occasionally* has a bit of a power.

  • AJStyIez
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    Ah yes, the classic "This character isn't weak guys, you guys just don't understand how to use them porperly". According to some DBD players there's never a such thing as a Killer being bad, its apparently only based on skill and has nothing to do with their design

    Freddy is bad, period. Its okay to like a character, but its not cool to lie about the characters' ability in a blanket statement. He's nowhere close to B tier or 'very strong', he has some of the worst anti-loop abilities in the game and his power is on a long cooldown when it doesn't even do much in the first place. Don't even get me started on his addons being amongst the worst in the game as well. Freddy is so trash that the Devs haven't even fought to give him a single cosmetic and soon the game will be a decade old. Every other character in the game at one point has been given cosmetics including the licensed ones. If that alone doesn't speak volumes about the state of Freddy then I don't know what does

  • Hi_Im_Chucky
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    My old Main, before the re-work, he really needed his original power cleaned up, but nobody expected the train wreck they gave us. I’ll put him on every so often, after a break and my rank has fallen deep enough to have a tiny bit of fun with his fake pallets, but he definitely hasn’t been the same since the changes and I can barely stomach playing him more then a few matches. Hard to believe at one point he was my only P3 Killer and the only Killer past level one, because he was the only Killer I played and the only reason I downloaded the game.

    At this point, I’ve moved on. I need one of three things to return.

    1) Add Robert England skin

    2) Do another another re-work

    3) Bring back Old Freddy

  • Tryharder
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    With the iron will nerf coming freddy useless addons they nerfed should finally do something.

  • TotemSeeker91
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    His snares stick out like a sore thumb, what survivor would be stupid enough to run into them? At least trappers traps are hidden a bit because they're grey

  • Hoodied
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    He is brain numbingly bad, you have no thrill when playing him and his anti-chase power doesn’t have any use on survivors as you are punished for using them during the chase, and pallets got randomly nerfed for no reason, doesn’t help that his teleport is as restrictive as Sadako’s teleport, he honestly needs another rework cause even after watching the movie they based dbd’s freddy on idk where they even got his powers for this as the only “freddy” part of his power is microsleeping and sleeping, snares and fake defenses has never been a freddy thing, he just overpowers you in his realm while outside of that others overpower him, in dbd literally being in his realm isn’t a major threat when it should be, as I will always say, reworked freddy only exists as an attempt to make a killer strong without having barely anything supporting how he is actually freddy

  • Shaped
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    I tried using some memeish build on him when I last played him and I think it worked better than snares for me.

    I used sf, enduring and dream pallets. Really weird experience but if I ever decide to play him again I will definitely not touch snares anymore.

  • Kelo
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    I agree, the clown bottle is more effective than the snare. Got a match with a clown before, gonna say he's better than Freddy

  • TheGrimQueefer
    TheGrimQueefer Member Posts: 121

    I miss old Freddy, loved facing him whilst playing survivor.

  • Beatricks
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    The fact that people will put him in F tier but not GF should tell you everything you need to know about the quality of their insight. The upcoming Killer general buff should benefit him nicely.

  • Adaez
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    Sorry to break it to you but Freddy is currently one of the weakest killers in the game.

    Yeah he can be strong,but it takes a lot of RNG,bad survivor plays and very specific builds to be good.

    A god freddy with best addons,perks,offering is worse than a god Nurse,with no addons,perks,or offering.

  • Sonzaishinai
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    The only thing Freddy currently is good for is as a example of why reworks should never be the go to answer.

  • Tostapane
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    a little? he's trash, one of the worst killers in the game right now... bhvr nerfed him too much

  • Sonzaishinai
    Sonzaishinai Member Posts: 7,976

    That's a completely fair opinion

    But in my opinion Freddy's rework was the single worst thing that happened in this game.

    They should never remove a killer like that again. All other reworks at least kept the concept the same

  • danielmaster87
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    Every time someone brings up Freddy they do him dirty. Here's the truth: Freddy has never been boring. Original Freddy was trash. Pre-nerf Freddy was almost perfectly balanced. Post-nerf Freddy is trash. This is all observable.

  • spodamayn
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    Freddy isn't just bad, he's obsolete now. I don't see a reason to play him besides him being a licensed character and playing him because he's licensed. Dredge is the superior version of Freddy in every way. Superior teleport, superior anti-loop, and top it off with nightfall and there's no good reason to play Freddy anymore. I guess Freddy does have fake pallets, but if a survivor is smart they'll figure out which pallets are real

    I think it'd help if most of Freddy's addons weren't garbage now. Personally I'd rather his abilities be completely changed but that likely won't happen since they've done that once before

  • rvzrvzrvz
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    I like his pallet traps it's just funny when they fall for it. But in term of strenght is probably the worst killer in the game, trapper/pig/myers/sadako are all more dangerous than him imo

  • Marik1987
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    I am a Freddy-Main and I have to say something about it:

    1.) His Dream Projection is his best bet in a game. He can, other than any other killer, fake the Teleport, to activate Dead Man Switch for example on Gens far away. Especially if u know somebody is there. If they dont let go, u just teleport through and DMS will activate.

    Same for the current Pop/Call of Brine.

    2.) His snares can be used on chokepoints (in floors) and as anti-loop. Most of the time you need 2 snares to secure the hit or the pallet-drop.

    3.) Clown has only his slowdown-bottle, but no map-pressure. I think Clown is under Freddy.

    4.) His weakness is obviously, that his powers only be available when u have a lot of guys in dream. If not, u have no power, which is fine, WHEN its harder for survivors to wake up.

    5.) His addons are a massive handicap. He needs an Addon-Pass more than any other killer in the entire game!

    For me, he is currently Top C-Tier or Low B-Tier (but i play him for hundreds of hours and know what i can do, what works and what doesnt).

  • Marik1987
    Marik1987 Member Posts: 1,700

    No. His Swing Chain, for hearing Footsteps louder, is a nice Counter for Iron Will. With the patch, u dont even need them. So more worthless kit.

  • Eredestra
    Eredestra Member Posts: 49

    Freddy = Boring???

    Have you been smoking the Fog or something? Freddy is one of THE fun Killers in the game!

    His weakness is that he acts like a M1 Killer and his power really doesn't offer anything great, other than slowing the Survivors down just slightly or creating fake pallets much like the Doctor.

    And do fully use your power against the Survivors, they need to be asleep or the snares and fake pallets wont even be there for the Survivors.

  • Hi_Im_Chucky
    Hi_Im_Chucky Member Posts: 366

    For someone saying Freddy is a fun Killer, your description sounded exactly like everyone else calling him unfun lol.

    I would like to go back to Freddy one day, hope BHVR accidentally does something good one day and I’ll start getting my YT recommended box full of titles like (Freddy is Fun Again), (You’ll never Believe how they Fixed Freddy), or (Check out New NEW Freddy now!).

  • fulltonon
    fulltonon Member Posts: 5,762

    Yeah, it's just that he is bad and boring.

  • Eredestra
    Eredestra Member Posts: 49

    Yes, turning into a Survivors punching bag is not particularly fun :/

    Much like being a Trapper main and watching all your traps getting removed or looping around the traps.

    Fun Killer, just not fun anymore when people use the Killers weakness against them.

  • Silasy
    Silasy Member Posts: 228

    Nah he is bad. If he puts snare? Go to next loop. If he puts a pallet? Use your brain. If he is approaching you? Make a failed skill check to completely remove his power or even use a clock if you are close. The fact that even against Pre nerf Freddy people were can do this simple tricks. Pre nerf Freddy wasnt even good and now he is D tier at best. An extremely overrated killer got nerfed to D tier thanks to survivors who cant counter this guy and complained at forums.

  • Raccoon
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    Give him some sort of speed boost for each survivor in the dream world and/or give him instadowns if all 4 survivors are asleep for over a minute (have a red version of the golden/sleep timer once all 4 are asleep)

    This actually gives people a reason to leave/fear the dream world.

  • katoptris
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