It Makes Me Sad to See


Why people are still using Self Care... It is bad perk. And they are not even stacking it with Botany.

There is no surprise people are not playing solo anymore.


  • IlliterateGenocide
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    I wish they actually looked at why perks where meta.

    Self care was not meta because it was strong. it really was not.

    meta does not always mean strong in video games, usually is but especially in this case its not

  • MikaelaWantsYourBoon
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    Self-Care was popular because it is new player friendly perk. And on high mmr, i really don't know why people are running it. I think they are not trusting to their teammates for heal.

  • Huge_Bush
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    I haven’t used it in a long time. Inner Strength has always been the superior perk.

  • Seraphor
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    Agree'd, Self care was never a strong perk, it was a useful perk for new and solo survivors. Basically the survivors you want to benefit from any potential buffs or reworks.

  • MikaelaWantsYourBoon
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  • Nathan13
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    Seriously why are survivors still using SC by itself??? You know dang well that’s a killer perk now.

  • egg_
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    Self care was time efficient, it was popular at "high MMR" because it's more time efficient to self heal than to look for someone else and get healed.

    Good players knew when and how to use it

  • dugman
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    At high MMR it’s the total flexibility of being able to decide when and where and how long to partially heal. There are a lot of moments in the game where you aren’t on a gen and aren’t in a chase, such as when you are briefly hiding behind an obstacle keeping an eye on a killer. At those moments you can partially heal yourself if injured, but only if your either have a medkit or are in range of a Circle of Healing Boon or have Self Care. Of the 3 possibilities Self Care is the only one that is guaranteed to be available the whole match no matter what else happens.

    So even though Self Care is the slowest of all the ways to be healed, because it’s got the most flexibility of when you can use it it allows you to put in small amounts of healing here and there in gaps of the action that otherwise would go to waste. You’re turning idle time into something useful and in a way that it never expires or isn’t available.

    As far as how popular it is now, it looks like the perk is still seeing about 11% usage on the aggregate site I follow compared to about 18% pre-rework. So the nerf did put a dent on how often it’s used but it’s still got its players who like it. I suspect the flexibility is still tempting for certain people, including ones at high MMR who get this notion of minimizing idle time.

  • Kees_T
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    It is indeed worse, but not that bad. I always play solo with my combo of Self-Care+Botany+Dead Hard+Bond or Kindred.

    Self-Care + Botany helps a lot if you're a good player, you can heal and have another long chase with the Killer and waste lots of his time if you're a decent looper, also the extra healing speed from botany for healing other Survivors is incredible(8 seconds!!), you can heal someone from the downed state to healthy in 16 seconds.

  • Adjatha
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    Self-Care is free. It was nerfed to uselessness.

    Circle of Healing costs money. It has been nerfed three times (each time SOMEHOW missing the main reason why it's so insanely powerful: team-wide self-care). It was not nerfed in this most recent rework. It is STILL the best self-heal perk in the game.

    Can YOU guess why the free one was rendered pointless while the one that costs money was the best option before and is now even more the best option?

  • Gary_Coleman
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  • GeneralV
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    Self-Care desperately needs a buff.

    It must return to the meta level it used to have.

  • Araphex
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    Because they're allowed to. It's also a good perk when used properly. Imagine being partially healed and the killer breaks up the little party going on there and chases after you. You manage to make it to a pallet and toss it down. While the killer is breaking the pallet, finish up the healing process. If you don't fully heal after that, go for a window or another pallet. By the time the killer manages to hit you again, you'll be fully healed and another gen is done. It may not be a great overall healing perk, but it is useful against tunnelling especially when killers will try to tunnel survivors that are already injured.