Is this bannable?

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so i saved the meg and the bubba hooked me for the first time and the meg just ran past my hook 2 times while the killer wasnt there just to sit in a locker and letting me die and yes she did it on purpose cus she literally was close enough to get the unhook prompt 2 times


  • Jocelynbee
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    Here is a handy link to the Game Rules for what is and is not reportable:

    This is very much not altruistic gameplay, but I do suggest you look into the Griefing section of the Game Rules to see if you feel like this was that type of behavior. Thanks for censoring the names, we appreciate the consideration even though this was a negative experience for you.

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    ye it was griefing but i dont know if its a bad enough kinda griefing that its enough to report

    • Working with the opposite team to gain an advantage or grief teammates
    • Targeting specific users repeatedly in order to ruin their game experience
    • Holding the game hostage

    since it kinda falls under this but just not repeatedly since i only played 1 game with her

    and not unhooking even tho perfectly possible is griefing teammates but just not with the killer since the killer couldnt know

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    sorry man but this just isn't against the rules. it's just the meg being unaltruistic but that itself is not rule breaking. just remember her name and dodge lobbies with her.