i never get survivor rituals


can you guys please make it so that the ritual has a 50/50 shot of choosing survivor or killer first, and then randomly select what the daily actually is?

because honestly, like. i do not think i have literally ever seen a daily ritual for survivor, in all my time playing, ever. and i want some. :(


  • dugman
    dugman Member Posts: 9,714

    Even better, make the daily ritual log have 2-3 killer rituals and 2-3 survivor rituals every day. That would be way more flexible and in line with the thinking of the tome challenge change on the PTB.

  • deckyr
    deckyr Member Posts: 752

    yes actually, i agree. just give me a killer and survivor daily every day.

  • darkcloudlink
    darkcloudlink Member Posts: 326

    I feel your pain, I made a post like this a long long time ago. I wanted to see a change where you get 1 killer and 1 survivor ritual per day, or the ability to choose if you want a killer or survivor ritual for that day. No matter how much they try to "incentivize playing the other side", there are people like me who hate playing killer and don't want to do their challenges. I doubt it'll ever be changed though.

  • TicTac
    TicTac Member Posts: 2,395

    Its really weird, but i think its a remmant of old game design and they never looked at it again.

    There are so many solutions in other games:

    - The ideas in the comments above.

    - an option in the menu for your preference

    - atleast one general daily like in the archive

    - rerolling for one specific side

    But i think its just not important enough, to put ressources in it. And there are really many other things which should be fixed first.

  • fake
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    The archive will also be able to set both Killer and Survivor, so it would be great if the Daily Challenge would do that as well.

    3 of each.

    You get a token for each day you log in. 3 tokens max. Spend the tokens and recycle the challenge into the trash. In other words, exchange for up to 3 random challenges.

  • deckyr
    deckyr Member Posts: 752

    i also agree that they feel like a remnant of old game design, purely because when the game launched there were 4 survivors and 3 killers, which is a pretty even split of rituals.

    but then every killer they add, comes with their own daily ritual. slowly, the pool of available rituals has become completely drowned in killer rituals, and there have not been any survivor rituals added to balance it out. so now, instead of it being about 60/40 (i'm not doing maths right now) like it was when the game came out, over time it's become more like 5/95 (again, not doing maths right now).

  • Palevox
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    I literally posted this 3 posts below... I agree wholeheartedly!

  • Deathstroke
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    Yeah and I hate that it always gives it on killers I don't want to play. I always get challenge on hag or deathslinger and soon I end up having 3 challenges then not completed. Then I also get dailies which don't seem to work (michael and demo).

  • kingcarl2012
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    I find it funny because the bp incentive is on survivor 90% of the time, so they need survivors but it always seems to give killer dailies.

    The easiest fix would be to tie the probability of dailies into the incentive system

    As an example, when you log in it generates a daily based on the incentive. It can also base it off the incentive when you refresh

    100-50% survivor =100% survivor daily

    50%-0% survivor = 50% survivor daily

    0%-50% killer = 25% survivor daily

    50%-100% killer = 0% survivor daily

    Helping solve 2 problems at once.