Can't play on xcloud error 8001 for LATAM user

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I've been having issues whit the game on xcloud game for a week now, I've been logging in into dead by daylight but every time it shows a connection error code 8001, but it only appears when I try to play it on streaming mode on xcloud, either on the app (for the pc and mobile), the console and the web player site.

I've already report it to xbox, but there has been no fix to the issue

As soon as the game lunches into the logging in screen the error code 8001 apear but I know there's no issue whit my wifi connection because the rest of my brothers whom I live whit all can play perfectly in their consoles (xbox series s, switch and ps4), even mi profile logs in correctly when I play it con console, but no matter which device I try to run the game on xcloud it just won't let me sing in to the game due to error 8001

I've talk whit other guys of the hispanic community on FB and plenty of them present the same issue while trying to play the game on xcloud

hers a clip of the issue and the report to xbox

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