Ghost face is broken?


I swear, i was staring at him and i could not for my life reveal him. Anyone else?


  • MrHashtagYT
    MrHashtagYT Member Posts: 88

    Omg I thought this was just me I can never reveal ghost face its bugged.

  • deckyr
    deckyr Member Posts: 752

    for what it's worth, if you're marked by him, you are incapable of revealing him. but if you weren't marked, then yeah, he just. yeah. he's like that. :(

  • Mooks
    Mooks Member Posts: 14,604

    yeah it’s been inconsistent since his release, though sometimes getting slightly better, sometimes worse. Though if you play yourself, you get revealed from behind LoS blockers where even the third person view of survivors shouldn’t make it possible -.-

    Also even worse on controller, as slight movement and trying to adjust the position with the stick is making this even harder.

  • Chocolate_Cosmos
    Chocolate_Cosmos Member Posts: 5,507

    Pro tip: Don't do staring competition with Ghost Face unless he is in front of you in the open. It's not worth it. 95% of the time you will only get Exposed.

  • HoodedWildKard
    HoodedWildKard Member Posts: 2,013

    Lol yh his reveal is a bit buggy. The range you can do it at is kinda short, way shorter than his stalk range. Gotta listen for that audio cue. Plus the killer hears it too so they can break LOS to fox you out.

  • VikingDragonXii
    VikingDragonXii Member Posts: 2,885

    Sexy Ghost Face has NOTHING on Big Daddy Pyramid Head

    DEMONANCE Member Posts: 800

    he had his reveal mecanic reworked due to complaints and he's much easier to reveal since.

    so unless you were exposed (you can't reveal him when you're exposed) it might be a fault of your own or it might be that revealing gf will never be a flawless mecanic.

  • jajay119
    jajay119 Member Posts: 882

    I was playing against him yesterday and he was marking people without even being in his eyeline (im talking being in a completely separate room on The Game) . It was also much quicker than normal. Don't know if this a bug or a Cheater. He was literally marking people but making no attempt to down them at times... i don't know what was happening.

  • Bot_Salvo88
    Bot_Salvo88 Member Posts: 1,230

    If you play as Ghostface, don't worry that you'll get revealed from behind walls 😐

  • mischiefmanaged
    mischiefmanaged Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 372

    I think there's a range on the reveal that's pretty short. I know that if I stare at him while he's far away he can stalk me and I can't seem to reveal him.

    They also said there was previously a bug where if someone else was revealing him that another person couldn't reveal him. They said it was fixed, but I kind of suspect that it isn't.