New Perk Idea: Perk Name: Friendly Killer

BrotherLove Member Posts: 160
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When you equip this Perk as a killer the following happens:

All Killer & Survivor BPs are multiplied by 100% at end of match.

You have a blue aura so all survivors know you are Friendly. Also all gens have a blue Aura.

Upon second hooking a survivor they can unhook to a full health state and cannot be hooked again.

Upon downing a survivor they get unbreakable to a full health state in 10 seconds.

All Stuns and Blinds only last 0.5 seconds against the killer.

The Match will automatically end in 20 mins with a 1 min warning at which point all survivors & the Killer are exited to the end game screen.


  • Queensassiej
    Queensassiej Member Posts: 9

    I sometimes play friendly killer anyway to break up the toxicity lol also funny when survivors join in

  • deckyr
    deckyr Member Posts: 752

    absolutely goddamn not.

  • tippy2k2
    tippy2k2 Member Posts: 5,111

    I don't think that would work thematically at all. Not to mention that BHVR gutted the bonus BP from WGLF and BBQ specifically because they didn't want people running perks for extra BP.

    Then as a survivor, I'd be irked to end up in a game where we don't actually really get to play because the killer has a Blue Farmers Tan...