What are your top 5 least favorite Killers to play and why?

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  • Nurse: Most stressfull killer to play for me. I don't enjoy her power at all. Also I don't like that she is very popular and in my opinion overpowered in some ways.
  • Shape: Too simple and boring. Nothing interesting about him. Ghostface is just more fun and overall better version of a stalker than he is. You just watch people, hold M2 and then you walk up to someone and one shot them.
  • Hag: I don't enjoy her effective playstyle (area camping). She is not a chase Killer, you have to relly on your traps and just catch people falling for them. I don't enjoy how she is small and slow.
  • Trickster: Very map (tile) dependant power. He is either bad or oppresive. I would say usualy it's more towards the bad. He would be more fun if he wouldn't suffer so much from holding W on good loops / buildings where his power takes forever to down someone.
  • Huntress: I think the reason why I don't play her that much is because her power is not really interesting. Also I am not great with Huntress so she can be stressfull sometimes. Sometimes you are forced to be looped and drop the pallet, can't use the hatched or you are giving them distance, it's not fun when this happends a lot.


  • Unknown2765
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    All ranged - I cant hit anything with a controller.

  • Chocolate_Cosmos
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    That would be me if I would play on console too. Add Nurse on top of that too.

  • Xendritch
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    Nurse-Makes games too easy and I find looking at the floor all the time obnoxious

    Wesker-I don't really play killer to pick some smug ######### in sunglasses.

    Bubba-Find thier play too binary. Either instadown or oh no they found a window.

    Oni-I have a lot of trouble controlling demon mode.

    Ghost Face-Too impatient to really enjoy thier playtime I guess? Also don't like the lack of chase power.

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    the knight

    The knight

    The knight

    The knight

    The knight

  • jesterkind
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    I don't know that I necessarily have a top five, but I can definitely say I dislike Nurse because the fatigue mechanic frustrates me, I dislike Spirit because I have super bad hearing, and I dislike Ghostface because I'm bad at him lol

  • Marik1987
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    I dont like the Chainsaw-Mechanic, dont know why. On top of that, he feels clumsy without the purple addon

    Bubba: same as Hillbilly. I just dont like this kind of killer

    Nurse: I can play her, but I dont feel satisfaction when I win with her.

    Knight: Oh god, such a trash killer. I play him for the achievements and then I will abandon this dude.

    Plague: same with Nurse. Free-Win every game.

  • CodeDB
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    Deathslinger - I don't know what it is about this cowboy but he is my bane in this game. He always seems to best me as survivor and then as playing as him, I can't hit a shot to save my life.

    Twins - Just mechanically feels bad and not my preferred playstyle at all. A little slugging as Oni or Meyers makes sense when in power but Twins just takes it to an extreme I don't like.

    Executioner - I really wanted to like him but the more I played as him, the less I enjoyed it. A good snipe feels great but I struggle with it and his other ability to allow easier tunneling just feels gross personally in most games.

    Hillbilly - The actual toughest power to master in the game and the reward is so lackluster. Plus with the maps seemingly getting more and more crowded, it just makes his life that much more difficult.

    Plague - I hate hearing the puking sounds. And because of that, I don't play her enough to get good with the timing of her shots or how long infection takes.

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  • Phasmamain
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    1. Nurse because I find her boring to play as and too strong
    2. Pig because there’s too much rng and her dash sucks
    3. Artist purely because her sound design infuriates me
    4. hag because she too passive
    5. trickster because I’d just rather play slinger or huntress
  • GRIG0
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    I still play all of them but my least favourites would be:

    Clown: Uninteresting power.

    Freddy: Same.

    Pig: I hate when a special attack can't be used most of the time.

    Non Scratched mirror Myers: I rather play Ghostface.

    Trapper: I like him but sometimes can feel clunky and a time waster.

    Im still hoping for some changes for Pig's ambush and for Trapper's trap placement.

  • Dito175
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    1 - Goes to fast and I can't react to stuff fast

    2 - Oni, same as above

    3 - Hillbilly, I don't like the mechanic of the chainsaw

    4 - Bubba, same as above

    5 - Clown, his power is too boring

  • GannTM
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    Not in a particular order:

    1. Trapper
    2. Wraith
    3. Hillbilly
    4. Nurse
    5. Huntress
    6. Myers
    7. Hag
    8. Doctor
    9. Bubba
    10. Freddy
    11. Pig
    12. Clown
    13. Legion
    14. Plague
    15. Ghostface
    16. Demogorgon
    17. Oni
    18. Deathslinger
    19. Pyramid Head
    20. Blight
    21. Twins
    22. Trickster
    23. Nemesis
    24. Pinhead
    25. Artist
    26. Sadako
    27. Dredge
    28. Wesker
    29. Knight
  • Chocolate_Cosmos
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    Hmmm one is missing.... I wonder who is it..... HMMMMMM....

  • GolbezGarlandGabrant

    Wraith. I find his power to bit a bit mindless. Wish there was more to the power

    Myers. Games can go too quick.

    Doctor. Another one whose power I think can be mindless after a while.

    I think I'm fine playing anyone else.

  • GannTM
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  • Volcz
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    1. Nurse - not satisfying & feels like I'm cheating
    2. Legion - boring
    3. Knight - not my playstyle & overall boring
    4. Hilbilly - clunky to play and I'm horrible with the chainsaw
    5. Artist - not my playstyle
  • Grumblephant
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    1. Nurse: Maybe I'm a weak little baby boy, but I HATE the after effect of blinking. It makes me feel uneasy to the point where I try to avoid dailies with her blinks.
    2. Trapper: Traps take too long to set up and usually 90% of the time for me, they never pay off.
    3. Huntress: A survivor could be 2 feet in front of me and I'd still miss with the hatchet, even on mouse and keyboard.
    4. Hillbilly: Chainsaw just can't work with my smooth brain. I try the revving and it just fizzles out and/or I launch headfirst into a wall.
    5. Ghostface: Bro, I want to love you. You make stealth fun, but holy smokes, I cannot for the life of me hit a perfect stalk.

    inb4 just git gud, but these dudes make me hesitate before jumping into a game.

  • Remedicist
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    1. Hillbilly: Maybe I just really suck with the chainsaw, but I really don't like the mechanics of it in its current state.

    2. Nurse: It's not that I can't use the power, but I don't like it in general.

    3. Twins: The power is technically not bad, but it feels janky and sluggish to work with

    4. Michael Myers: If I were to play a stalking stealth killer, I'd rather play Ghostface personally. Imo, he doesn't really feel like a stealth killer when its mainly waiting and playing ring around the rosie to get his power buff.

    5. Demogorgon. For some reason I could never got around to wanting to play Demo. I love versing against a Demo, but I suppose I dislike all the very loud noises made when playing as it.

  • LiveBritishReaction
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    Hag - Feels like a more boring version of Trapper on a good day and a more boring version of Twins on a bad day.

    Dredge - Sadako requiring good game sense and needing to put genuine thought and strategy into your ability to juggle survivors (minus the braindead Iri Tape + Ring Drawing slug strat obviously) is what makes her interesting; Dredge is just Sadako without that skill floor so he’s incredibly bland.

    Demogorgon - Some killers, like NSP Legion, are so braindead that it’s funny to powertrip on them, while others, like Huntress and Billy, are hard enough to be interesting and engaging to learn and play, even if they’re stressful or lower-tier. Demogorgon is neither; he’s not easy enough to be silly, and he’s not advanced enough to intrigue me.

    Nemesis - I simultaneously love playing as Nemesis because he takes zero brainpower whatsoever and it’s absolutely hilarious to play like I’m one of his zombies and still win, but at the same time I hate playing as Nemesis because he takes zero brainpower whatsoever and I almost feel like a bad person for subjecting survivors to such a miserable experience.

    Trickster - Between the reduced base movement speed on a killer who only works if you’re consistently maintaining line of sight or are close behind someone for backrevving; the RNG-based recoil that you can do literally nothing about; the 40-meter immutable Terror Radius on a 110 killer who’s supposed to get in close but has no mobility to do so; the killer who has nothing going for him but reducing chase times completely undoing the time saved by constantly having to go to lockers to retrieve his power; and the super special epic gamer Main Event ability that you have to earn, has a limited activation window after you earn it, and locks you at a sub-survivor movement speed—between all of this, Trickster has, in my opinion, the most unrewarding, unfulfilling, and self-defeating power in the entire game.

  • edgarpoop
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    1- Twins. Too much downtime, switching, clunkiness.

    2- Dredge. Feels sluggish. M2 power is slow. Clunky.

    3- Artist. I'm sensing a theme here. Slows down to place a crow. Slows down when she fires a crow. Half the time you're just using her clunky power to zone. Annoying audio.

    4- Wraith. Constantly have to cloak and uncloak is annoying.

    5- Nemesis. I'm not playing a killer that needs 3 hits.

  • MB666
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    TWINS -->you just cant win with this killer without camping and slugging... boring to be forced to play like that

    NURSE--->loving the 75% mindgame where i just blink to someone and they die..nothing interesting i want to play DBD not the nurse game.

    KNIGHT-->he is just Artist 2.0 but weaker and less fun (i dislike artist but damm this killer is just worse in terms of gameplay in any way)

    BILLY---->Many penalties for a power that literally has a lot of counterplays + overheat on top is not good , pretty little reward to play correctly.

    HAG----> put trap on 1 side of the loop , survivors runs away....repeat over and over, not fun for me..... + once again the best way to play her is by hard camping and slugging..

  • MegMain98
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    1. Billy- Simply because I’m bad, he’s punished hard for bumping into things even with add-ons, and he just doesn’t feel good to play.
    2. Hag- Has to spend time setting up traps and she’s 110% so she can’t chase without traps
    3. Trapper- Same reason as Hag and that you have to spend time setting up your power, just that he’s 115%
    4. Trickster- I play on a controller and the recoil is pain. The only ranged killer I just cannot play.
    5. Knight- He’s so boring. Just not the killer for me.
  • Aurelle
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    1. Nurse - Her fatigue gives me a headache.

    2. Hag - Don't like wasting time setting up traps.

    3. Trapper - His power is still very weak and pointless.

    4.Twins - It's nearly impossible to get kills with them without camping/slugging and their power is just a mess in general.

    5. Hillbilly - His power is very high risk low reward and he has way too many downsides for his power l.