How do you feel about Dredge


We're coming up on the 6 month anniversary for Dredge so after all this time how do people feel about him? People were calling him S or A tier when the PTB came out do you think they've held up to that expectation? How often do you see Dredge? Do you think they need buffs or nerfs? Do you like Dredge or hope you never see them again? This Dredge main wants to know.


  • Huge_Bush
    Huge_Bush Member Posts: 5,077

    As a survivor I don’t like him. His darkness annoys the crap out of me. I already have vision issues, I don’t need any more. YOU HEAR ME BEHAVIOUR????STOP MESSING WITH MY VISION!!!!! RAWR!

    Otherwise, he’s an okay killer.

  • Mooks
    Mooks Member Posts: 14,485

    Oh. Yeah. This was a killer. Kinda forgot, see them less often than Twins nowadays?

    also people actually called them S Tier in PTB? Crazy, don’t remember that.

  • Phasmamain
    Phasmamain Member Posts: 11,531

    Truly one of the killers of all time

    He has a power, He has add-ons, He can sacrifice survivors

    Design is cool but nightfall is annoying and not a fun mechanic tbh. I already play in a brighter room so I have to squint to see anything.

  • Seraphor
    Seraphor Member Posts: 8,935
    edited December 2022

    Still better than most give credit for. Probably better anti-loop than Artist and Knight despite being countered more or less the same way.

    His map mobility is only rivalled by Nurse and Blight imo. Don't need to place portals like Demo or Hag, aren't limited to gens like Freddie or Sadako. Lockers are much more numerous, and there's always a chance you grab someone too.

    Even an M1 killer is decent if they can get from one side of the map to the other quickly, and can shut down loops.

  • DredgeyEdgey
    DredgeyEdgey Member Posts: 1,321

    You guess

  • Chocolate_Cosmos
    Chocolate_Cosmos Member Posts: 5,430

    My favorite Killer this year. He is overall pretty decent. I like him on both sides.

  • PB_TORCHer
    PB_TORCHer Member Posts: 317

    I love him. Played 5-6 games as him last night and had sooo much fun. This is one of my favorite characters.

  • Shroompy
    Shroompy Member Posts: 6,280

    I love my lil drussy. Its funny sloshing sounds and screaming never fails to amuse me <3

  • GooseMan
    GooseMan Member Posts: 104

    Fun but mediocre, a killer to use some weird builds.

  • egg_
    egg_ Member Posts: 1,933
    edited December 2022

    Unlike many others, i actually enjoy versing him, especially when they try to use their power in a smart way and not in a basic anti loop fashion.

    Nightfall is annoying though because I don't like effects that impair my vision, it actually physically feels bad for me (just like clown bottles, reason why I kinda dislike facing him)

    Still didn't play him much so idk what to say from a killer pov

  • Grigerbest
    Grigerbest Member Posts: 1,334

    Pretty weak, most of the time feels miserable.

    You can't use teleports while in chase, survivors will go other direction.

    You can't mindgame with your power, they just holding W to a next loop.

    Basically M1 killer who can teleport around to start a chase.

  • sonata93
    sonata93 Member Posts: 418

    I think it's fun to play both as and against The Dredge. Sure, a pretty mediocre killer in terms of power, but I found it refreshing to have a killer with a unique power (Nightfall). The teleportation is a little slow/clunky and works like Demo, but is actually pretty strong with the right addons and perks.

    My favorite chapter this year, for sure.

  • Grumblephant
    Grumblephant Member Posts: 73

    Design for me is great. I love killers that aren't human. (Really tickles the SCP fan in me.) Nightfall makes me panic, and the teleporting locker ability has him popping out of nowhere really makes it feel like a horror game again. Only speaking from survivor POV.

    DEMONANCE Member Posts: 800

    he could use some tweaks to make him better and i am already planning to make a post about that.

    but he's mostly ok however he's a bit underwhelming so some changes to make him more popular would be nice

  • JustAnotherNewbie
    JustAnotherNewbie Member Posts: 1,941

    I don't see him that often to be honest.

  • Mat_Sella
    Mat_Sella Member Posts: 3,545

    A killer designed for Dead By Daylight, designed to be horror. I love what he could be.

    fails to be scary due to phallic design and mediocre strength.

    Sure he makes things dark and makes you guess, the locker TP is sudden and the sfx are nice! The issue is, knowing hes not strong is what makes him underwhelming.

    What always makes Myers scary is you DONT EVER know how strong he is, until he gets there. Is he aura reading myers? is he infinite myers? Is he mori myers? You dont know, and you dont want to find out. You can be less than top tier and still be menacing, Dredge does not do that.

  • Kyrre
    Kyrre Member Posts: 7

    I appreciate the Nightfall mechanic, good for variety. I'd say he's slightly below average vs decent survivors and great in low mmr

    Rarely see him in my surv games tho, and as killer I only play Plague