Lets discuss perks we DONT want in DBD in the future


So I see a lot of perk suggestions and perk ideas on this forum and any DBD social media. But in this post I want to see people discuss perks they WOULDN'T want in DBD so that way BHVR can hopefully see our feedback and hopefully give us good perks in the future chapters of DBD.

Personally, I don't want any perk that affects buffs something as minor as totem speed or chest speed unless its a HUGE boost. I feel like counterforce does the job for totems but BHVR has made carbon copies of perks before so its not something I'd put past them.


  • VideoGameMage
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    They are coming to the point where perks are going to have a lot of overlap. But I agree with the other person that said that any perk that takes away a hook state or a completed gen should never be a thing. I prefer to not have any more gen speed perks, so far we haven't had a new gen regression perk and would prefer to keep it that way. Gen kick meta doesn't need anymore obnoxious addictions.

  • Grumblephant
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    As a survivor? I really don't want a blast mine for killers. It'd be so stupid to go work on a gen and then BOOM! Injured or dying state. Or a perk that affects healing skill like (I forget the name) where you have multiple checks in a row and if you fail, instant broken state.

    As a killer, a boon that gives free Unbroken to anyone who falls near its radius. Or some kind of freeze perk that holds you in place for a few seconds.

    I only picked reasonable perks that wouldn't overly OP but just annoying.

  • jmwjmw27
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    No perks that:

    • Inflict incapacitated status effect
    • Reduce survivor movement speed / speed boost on hit
    • Remove/trade hook states
    • Uncomplete completed generators or add generators to the trial
    • Prevent a survivor from unhooking (like physically, such as when you're shocked by doctor)
    • Reduce/remove survivor stagger from falls that isn't tied to exhaustion
    • Prevent windows from blocking / make windows take longer to block off in chase
    • Increase killer stun time from pallets

    and nothing new that nurses can abuse please.

  • Pukenplag
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    Here's a perk concept that should never come

    One for All:

    Your empathy is so strong that you are willing to sacrifice youself for the sake of others.

    After fully healing and safely unhooking any survivor, this perk becomes active.

    Once per trial, while One for All is active, press the active power button to give the endurance status effect to all survivors within 12 meters. The effect is cleansed for all other survivors once one goes in Deep Wounds by activating Endurance.

    You become broken for 180/140/120 seconds after activating One for All.

  • DragonMasterDarren
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    the perk concept i personally have the biggest axe to grind with is defintely stuff that shortens healing speeds, healing in DBD is already extremely powerful and quick as it is (Green Medkits, COH, Botany Knowledge, etc) and we absolutely do not need more perks that improve that healing further without a proper trade-off

  • Regulus47
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    Why would this be bad? Seems kinda weak honestly. Like the idea but like FTP you're just opening yourself up to be tunneled.

  • Brix
    Brix Member Posts: 104

    Save the best for last but in reverse where it would only work on M2 .

  • WesCravenFan
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    I never want to see a perk that gives the Survivor more chances to stun under conditions THEY control. Pallets are fine, because I can avoid a pallet. Lockers are fine because I can avoid a locker. But I never want to see a perk that can stun that is under the control of the survivor when it works.

  • fake
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    I would like to see DbD where slowdowns are no longer necessary.

    That is, of course, if there is enough time without slowdown. Survivor has always been of the opinion that holding down the repair button is boring, so it's actually hard to do.

  • Sava18
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    Iron will at peak was probably a worse design than old DH. S tier perks that require 0 brain power to get value in chased should never exist.

  • Pukenplag
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    Because this isn't a perk you use mid game. It's something you use to secure that everyone gets out of the game late game. This would be especially powerful with swf. Just imagine playing anything other than Bubba or Nurse and it's EGC. You hook a survivor, they all swarm them and save them, the one furthest away from you activates One for All, and now you can't fo anything to them. All of them have endurance and you are forced to send one of them in deep wounds before being able to down anyone. By that point, it's too late to do anything.

  • Chocolate_Cosmos
    Chocolate_Cosmos Member Posts: 5,430

    Anything that is game breaking.

    Like undoing a generator, undoing a opened exit gate, trading hook stages with other Survivors (switching them), taking away Killer power, etc.