What makes you become a friendly killer?


This question is to killer mains! I'm just genuinely curious because I'm still a bit new to DBD and I'm new to this whole friendly killer thing HAHAH (bought this game in 2020, didn't play it until this year because I was scared of the gore </3)


  • HugTechLover
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    Until I hit irid 1, I’m not. No free hatches, no free gates, nada.

    Once I hit rank, I’ll be friendlier if there are early DC’s. Yesterday I had a game as iri tag blight. I downed a survivor 10 secs in and they DC’d, causing another one to DC. I let the last 2 complete all the gens and escape.

    Other thing I’ll be friendly for is if one player sticks out. (Super good at chase, always getting unhooks, doing gens). If they are losing because the rest of the survivors are boosted, I will typically let the stronger survivor go after I kill off the others.

    Then sometimes I’ll meme around with a basement chest bubba.

  • Grumblephant
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    I guess for me, it depends on multiple factors. What is your goal? If you don't care about kills and MMR, I try to give everyone two hooks and let them go free. The most challenge I get is trying to get people to 2 hooks and then keep track of it. After that, usually they are on 2-3 gens left, I chase then and let them pallet stun me, (in turn, I bust pallets), etc farming stuff. Another thing I like to do is to corral them into saving the hooked person.

    It does drag out matches, but I've had more positive comments than bad ones. But sometimes you'll get your crap shoved in even when you try to be fair. I got it to happen to me twice and the "gg ez".

    Old man rant over, but this way will help you understand your killer, help others with BP, and generally give you less stressful matches. GLHF :)

  • HugTheHag
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    I'm probably the softest killer around, so it doesn't take much for me ! =)

    Generally, if a player DCs early or midgame, I'll 2-hook everyone else to secure some points and then mess around and let them go.

    If I'm met with a fun bunch just looking to meme around, I'll absolutely meme around. (Bartender survivors in Dead Dawg are a delight !)

    If someone is being a little ######### to their teammates, I'll take them out and be nice to the rest as well.

    But also, sometimes if I've had a few bad games or if I just want to relax I'll load in specifically to be friendly, with Legion mostly, and make survivors understand I just want to have parkour races and farm a little bit.

    To be fair, that comes from a place of very rarely seeing mean survivors. Most of the teams I get are quite chill and often sweet, in victory as well as in defeat, so I tend to be sweet in return. =D

  • ohheyitsbobcat
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    Depends on the killer I'm playing, challenges and how the survivors play.

    I have a couple killers I just meme around on and some others I try-hard.

    If I'm doing a kill all survivors challenge then I tend to sweat it a little while if I'm doing something like glyphs then I play casually, trying not to tunnel or camp.

    If I'm playing casual but the survivors are really going all out and it's a close match then I'll sweat a bit more. I'll also try and take it easy if I got a ton of hooks and they're still at 4-5 gens.

    Edit: Early dc's I'll start farming if another survivor gives up otherwise I'll just mess around, 2-hook everyone and then let them go or farm depending on what they wanna do. I do the same with a early suicide as well.

    I also tend to start farming if they do something really cute or stupid where you have to take a second to understand what just happened. Generally, if one get a laugh out of me I'll let them all go. I don't take the game super seriously most of the time so I don't mind letting people go or giving them hatch or whatnot.

  • MiraxGames
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    I main huntress so I don't normally care about kills or winning I just want to get some cool shots and snipes. If I land a few good ones then I go "try hard" mode and kill everyone cause I feel like I earned it. LOL

    If I have a more casual game where shots are hit and miss and survivors are kicking my ass lmao I'll usually just stop caring about kills/winning and just have fun. So I guess it depends how well I'm doing.

    Altho if survivors are being toxic dicks that adds no purpose to their survival, (tbagging, clicking FL at me, taunting me by constantly pointing at me) I try to give them what they deserve and take it as a 1v1 challenge but even then I'm just like whatever who cares it's a game lol.

    If I'm playing any other killer besides my main, I mostly just meme around and try to get challenges done lol

  • SMitchell8
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    Friendly killer? What's your name, Casper?

  • gnehehe
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    An early DC and/or an item offering once the hatch has been closed

  • ByeByeQ
    ByeByeQ Member Posts: 1,104

    Anniversary cakes, party streamers and goofball non-meta gameplay.

    If I don't have a nasty challenge it helps their cause too, but there is nothing they can directly do about that.

  • Marik1987
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    Im already at Iri 1 and have no pips to lose.

    Then, I play stupid builds just for fun and dont care if i win or lose (of course I try to 4K and yes, I tunnel if you unhook in my face).

  • TheSubstitute
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    It's actually pretty easy to turn me friendly. And by friendly I mean farmer 90% of the time and memeing at the other 10%.

    (a) The Survivors bring streamers or flan. Flan makes the Killer full and happy and BP make me happy.

    (b) You played RPD. As long as you play RPD as opposed to it randomly shows up I'm assuming you want Outbreak: Breakout and that's acheivement is hellish enough I'm happy to contribute.

    (c) You obviously just want to meme; you're a bartender in Dead Dawg or running the cash machine in AutoHaven.

    (d) You ask for mercy. If you're having a bad run of losses and just need a break I empathize. Whether it's that or you want an achievement I'm happy to help. I pip up fast enough as Killer it's not going to hurt me to get some extra BP helping you farm.

    (e) You're the last survivor. I nearly always give hatch or gate.

    However, if you teabag at a pallet you die. Just you though; unless the other survivors become collateral damage in taking you out because they're just running too much interference and, in which case, everyone dies if needed. Flashlight clicking I don't care. Head Ons continuously? I'll let you farm Head Ons on me. You got a pallet challenge? I have literally emptied the Game of pallets before from survivors who turned me friendly. But teabag in a disrespectful manner? You're done. You're simulating a real life action that has problematic implications so everything else goes by the board.

    Other than that I run pretty chill in normal games as well. I alternate hooks so it's not possible for survivors to die before the 5th hook and it's normally the seventh or eight hook, if I have three slugged I don't hit the fourth and just start hooking so the survivors get a chance to play and get some BP themselves and I don't camp either. It's more fun for me that way as well.

  • RaSavage42
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    1) Don't Camp at hooks

    2) Don't Tunnel

    3) Don't bring 4 "slowdown" perks

    4) Don't play as Nurse or Blight

    5) Let the Survivors win

    6) Give Hatch to the last Survivor

  • Brimp
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    If I genuinely got matched against babies on a killer I know that has at least above normal mmr

  • LordSturm
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    Generally if it seems like the survivors want to be friendly (standing still, gesturing at me, crouchspamming in a non-toxic way, dropping an item, or otherwise doing something that would be a colossally bad play if they weren't trying to charm me), as long as they weren't toxic earlier I'll befriend them.

  • GentlemanFridge
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    First and foremost, I need to be in the mood.

    After that, the easiest way to sway me is to have a very early DC/suicide that spoils the entire match before the second minute has passed. (Provided that the others aren’t trying to be cheeky.)

    Beyond that, survivors clearly taking the piss whilst also not trying to provoke me. Though I can count the times I’ve encountered that on one hand.

  • Grandpa_Crack_Pipe
    Grandpa_Crack_Pipe Member Posts: 3,306

    If I visibly see someone just lose all will to fight, or do something goofy, I always have to respond in kind.

    I either feel bad or the clown in me takes over and we start goofing around.

  • Slingshot47
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    1.) If the survivors can make me laugh, I'll usually let them live.

    2.) If someone DC's too early, I'll sometimes go friendly. Mostly because I gave up on having a fun match.

    3.) I'm running Rancor and lulling the obsession into a false sense of security 😁.

  • Wampirita
    Wampirita Member Posts: 808

    If they don't run/don't wiggle, it's my trigger to turn friendly. Doesn't matter at what point of the game we are.

    It's a sign for me that they've got enough and don't want to really play anymore, so it's not on me to make them feel worse.

    If they had multiple bad games before mine. and meeting my killer was the thing that got them to give up, my match is the point of taking a breather for them.

    Survivors might be ruthless to me in my weak moments, but I will never be mean to them if they are visibly not feeling it

  • Dogma_loki
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    I am chill AF as killer just to try and combat all the sweaty try hards who play killer. Not everyone who plays DBD wants to face killers who will do anything and everything to ensure their precious 4k (yes I am looking at you tunneling/camping/slugging muppets).

  • Rulebreaker
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    Your gona need to define friendly....

    If your talking about goofing off and being silly, then we need to see that all of the survivors want to goof off first. If they wana have abit of odd fun we're game every now and again. Just don't run object or be a d**k.