How to get over the fear of playing killer?



  • GentlemanFridge
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    Fascinated by how many people are saying they’re still feeling anxious to play killer. That’s nothing like my own experience.

  • svtore
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    Thank youu! basically what happened was they were all gathered together at one spot trying to block one hook from me when I tried to hook Leon, and everything went down for them despite all gens done! I only got one person in my trap and the rest was just them not knowing how to loop tiles. I'll try my best to practice killer!

  • Xendritch
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    This is good advice, go in knowing that you're learning and don't expect great results right away. Have fun learning what you can do with your power and how it interacts with different perks and find a build that's good for you. If you focus on learning rather than results the rest will come in time and you can enjoy gradually getting downs in ways you couldn't before whereas if you only care about kills all the time you're gonna have that anxiousness and that will usually be self-destructive.

  • Bostaurus
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    What I did when I first started was watch a few videos on the killer I wanted to play, and focus on having fun. Always experiment with the killers you play, as sometimes the ones you like the most aren’t ones you even considered before. Most importantly, make it fun for yourself! Don’t focus only on winning, as usually when I get into that mindset it makes me very frustrated. Trying to focus on having fun makes the game fun itself. Good luck!

  • Coulderoi
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    Bro I know exactly how you feel that's how I felt. The easiest way is to play killer while in party/chat with a friend. I even streamed it to them so they could watch me play. Eventually it helped me get over it.

  • Iron_Cutlass
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    Going into a match with a positive mindset helps.

    If you are winning, good on you, just try to stay calm and focused. If you are losing, you can use the match to practice aspects you are not good at.

    Overall, just try to have fun. If you feel like you arent enjoying killer, or DBD in general, just play something else. Forcing yourself to play the game when you arent enjoying it is not healthy for your mental health.

  • DashMonsta008XV
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    Maybe it's not fear you are feeling, it's the joy's of killer xD jk

    I do know what you mean,you just have to remember that it's just a game and you want go to jail : o hahaha : )

    I don't know,I still have anxiety, when I play certain teams,if I know them.

    I play mostly to have fun winning isn't the main priority, even if you stream you should enjoy yourself and maybe run perks that may secure a victory

  • EvilSerje
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    So, you are talking about fear of losing? Thats the thing you should work yourself, because it's not very healthy, and relates not only to DbD. Although I find it very strange, because u mentioned maining a survivor, and that role lose constantly.

    So I believe you should rephrase your question to "how to get over fear of losing" and adress that.

  • egg_
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    Not sure if someone suggested this already but anonymous mode + hide other players names is awesome

  • ShinobuSK
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    The more you play the better it gets.

  • AcelynnBen
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    honesty i would recommend starting with bots and trying all the killers you brought

    you know get a feeling of them and see what you are comfortable with

    then try different builds and other things and when you are playing against actual players, just relax, of course that's impossible sometimes because this game will make you frustrated and tryharding even if you don't want to, but just relax and if u miss something or get spinned , its alright you are just playing a game

    and if a survivor goes toxic after the game, roast them and press next lol

  • Pulsar
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    Getting death threats, knocked offline and other horrific messages does tend to take a toll on people.

  • RoastedGarlic
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    Only thing that you said that upsets me is the getting knocked offline, which should've been addressed when it was found. Everything else can simply be ignored and reported.

  • Aceislife
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    The key to beating fear is to not think about, ignore it, and keep doing what you think you're afraid of.

  • UntilValhalla13
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    I have debilitating anxiety myself and I've gotten to having it not bother me now. I picked a few killers that I LIKE playing, and just do what I can. I play sadako because I just like the creepy vibe and I'll play nemesis because his chase music just has WEIGHT to it. XD I'm not worried about killing everyone, and I'll usually let someone go or meme around at the end. I certainly wouldn't want to play at a high mmr, so I just have fun at low levels. I mainly just play killer for challenges anyways.

    So, just find one or two killers and just give it a go. Practice with bots to see what feels good to you. (Plague, for example, turned out a lot more difficult on controller than I had anticipated.) XD

  • SweetTerror
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    I just want to add too that you'll see some people tell you to just disregard losing and play for fun. However, sometimes that's easier said than done.

    When you find yourself consistently getting steamrolled over and over again, there's little fun that can be had from that. To some people it's not a big deal, but not everyone is like that. This is after all a game where you either win or you lose, and needless to say it feels good to win. Now obviously we shouldn't expect to win every game, but if you lose more than you win then yes it can be a skill issue, but bear in mind that it probably has more to do with SBMM than you. Naturally the more you practice the better you'll get, but your MMR rating will be thrown out the window if players have been waiting a long time for a match. The system will always prioritize queue times over ratings, and that's just something that everyone has to deal with.

    At the end of the day, try not to let the game frustrate you. If you find yourself getting consistently outmatched or worse (having to deal with toxicity), always remember that there are bots to play against now, which is a great way to enjoy dead by daylight in a chill setting.