Do you spare teams with new players?


And I mean new.

I just had a match against two 30-and-up prestige survivors.. and two survivors I could tell just started playing the game. They had green perks, all general or for that one survivor, and from their gameplay I could tell they were confused and terrified.

So I feel bad for the two very good survivors who clearly got horribly mismatched and let them all go. The default Feng didn't even realize I was trying to spare her, she booked it away from me no matter how much I tried to make friends.

Anyone else spare these teams? Or if not, at least these players. I don't have it in my heart to kill new survivors, they're too adorable.


  • C3Tooth
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    I used to spare, but now I kill because my MMR probably too low to matched with them, and they should not get their MMR higher.

    I just slug them and let them fully healed before chasing them again if they're last hook, give them a chance to learn chasing.

  • JustWhimsical
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    Yes, I spare the new survivors cause I can't kill them, and it makes me sad to hook them cause they are really cute. Sometimes if they don't get I spare them I pretend to be dumb and let them find the hatch, so they have a pleasant memory of that escape and getting the hatch. ^^

  • Grandpa_Crack_Pipe
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    The most adorable baby survivor I faced was this one David while I was Spirit.. and I honest to god think it was his first ever match of Dead by Daylight. He would actually try hiding behind thin lightpoles and have the top of his head sticking up behind windows. I got a kick out of phasing behind him a couple times, but I couldn't bring myself to even down him.

  • danielmaster87
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    I'll take every kill I can get.

  • HugTheHag
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    I might kill the regular hours players and let the newbie go, or if they're all prettty new, just be friendly after I get some hooks.

    When you're that new, and if matchmaking apparenrly screws you over like that, you're probably dying over and over, and one friendly game or hatch here and there might make the difference between a horribly discouraging couple of hours and an overall okay experience.

    I remember some of my first opponents being extremely nice when I started playing around the anniversary this year, on both sides, and it really shaped my experience of the game and attitude going forward.

    This can be a super discouraging game when you're casual or new, and sometimes being a little nice goes a long way.

  • MaTtRoSiTy
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    Funnily enough a baby David springs to mind for me too but playing Nurse. He kept trying to hide behind tyres on Autohaven but he had one of those event crowns that stuck up painfully obviously above everything he tried to hide behind. Besides that, David has (in my opinion) some of the most hilariously dramatic and easy to hear pain noises besides perhaps Bill coughing and spluttering... and they appeared to have no idea that I had ears as well lmao

    I just could not kill this precious specimen and let them all go.

  • LapisInfernalis
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    Depends on my mood, how the experienced survivors behave (annoying clickers/tbaggers or not) and if I have something to do in the archive.

    But I will usually let them get some points and play more chill so that can have at least some fun.

  • Tatiana5
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    I'm still new myself, only a few weeks in, but I let groups who have rage quitters/LD'ers/AFK'ers go and I will try to give newbies a fair chance as well. I know my first few matches were terrifying, and I'm still kinda in that semi-panicked terrified state as survivor, but i'm slowly improving lol. But if it wasn't for the nice killers, I would have quit right early on. I want it to be fun for everyone and to me it's not fun to just take advantage of others who are at a severe disadvantage ( be it from a LD/rage quitter standpoint or a newbie standpoint). I mostly play survivor so I try not to be a toxic killer when I do play them.

  • fake
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    I am a fickle killer, so I do what I want to do when I want to do it.

  • CBT137
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    If they got matched up with me when they clearly shouldn’t be then sparing them is raising their MMR so I’m doing them a favour by killing them

  • Halloulle
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    it depends.

    When I get three people with P30+ and Flashies along with a P0 default skin on my only-Thana-lv1-Nurse I kinda know exactly what is going to happen. On those occasions I grind down agaisnt the Flashies on the three man and provided the rando did anything useful at all (usually easy to tell: at least one gen gets done or you can track them because of failed skillchecks) I let them go. If i get a team of all newbs on the same Nurse I play earnestly as well and if they all happen to die, they die.

    And if I get a 4man swf on Nemmi where I usually get ~2khrs/surv lobbies but get one or two vets and the others are newbs I usually go for 12 hook (cause honestly: it's a 1v2 +2toolboxes in the form of survs) and then let the last surv have hatch. - Sometimes I deliberately give hatch to a vet who really did everything in their power to keep the others alive - but there's only so much one surv can do.

    If MMR is super off... the match is usually over before I realise there's a huge mismatch. I either am kinda stomped at that point (cause first chase took 3 gens or more) --- or the snowball happens so early that people are just kinda dead, I glance at gens left, see it's still 4 and go "oh.." --- then I continue and let the last one go through hatch.

  • WorthlessBeing
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    Depends on my mood.

    Most of the time I'm fine letting everyone go if I get them to death hook, as I care more about BPs than gaining MMR. I like my games chill, thanks, bare the occasional challenge that requires me to kill people.

    Some times tho I'm obliterating anything remotely on my path. No second chances, no repartition of the hooked ones, no fooling around. I'm here to kill and kill I shall.

    I can even be extremely sadistic sometimes, nurtuting hope just to slice it abruptly. Best example is carrying the last one to the hatch, then closing it in front of him, then joking around and carrying them to the gates to let them open it, until they get blocked by No Way Out, and then I down and kill them.

    As Amanda said, "No excuses, No equivocation, No crying".

    But those are extremely rare instance. And now I have bots I can torture instead. It's better for everyone.

  • HugTechLover
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    Nope. Mercy is not in my playbook.

  • Sally_S_gay_son
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    I do feel bad but I feel like I am doing them disservice because by losing they are mostly likely to face less experienced player

  • Nun_So_Vile
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    I usually KoS and fresh meat tends to go on the menu first.

  • NewPlayer100102
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    If they are new it is different. The game may seem scary to them, the killer capable of providing a jump scare or maybe intimidating them with it's presence.

    So, as long as the SWF elements aren't interfering( and they sadly often are) I will hit and confuse the new player toward the end, and escort, or toss them out, depending on what the game allows.

    I did get lucky enough to face a 3 SWF that streamed one of these a long time ago, and it was very enjoyable to watch them be afraid. Like the game reached its design goals, if just for one match.

  • OrangeBear
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    I do not spare anyone, the satisfaction of the kill is too much to resist.

  • Deathstroke
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    That is too cruel you're taking it too far. Just kill everyone as fast possible and camp/tunnel.

  • drsoontm
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    Oh, you man as killer?

    It's a thoughie. I'm always concerned about how the MMR score will be affected for me and for them.

    At the minimum I'll pace myself, spread the pain round-robin style. I'll miss. I'll pretend I've not seen them etc *. I'll also give the hatch.

    Sometimes I'll let two live, or I'll even DC (If I don't plan to play more that day anymore.)

    *) And sometimes that's their cue to emulate some "toxic" streamer and try to BM me ... Which is kind of funny and a death sentence. It's rare though.

  • Grumblephant
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    Having a rock bottom MMR like myself, I like toying with them but never actually going out of my way to kill. It's kinda gotten to the point where sometimes I swear I'm playing against bots. I got a couple examples, but I'll spare story time. Now if you're in my lobby with babies and you have DH, Unbreakable, OTR, and whatever else, you have a big target on your back from me. ESPECIALLY if you sandbag an obviously new player. I've had that happen 3 times too many.

    Back to topic, yeah, fun and BP when I'm killer. Mandatory fun, I'll make sure that those new players are gonna unhook you so even if you don't want your BP, I'll make sure they get theirs.

  • WorthlessBeing
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    You have to appreciate the finer things in life. There's no point killing someone in their sleep when you can drive them insane before delivering the swift mercy of death;

  • StarLost
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    It depends on the game.

    If people are mannered and just had a rough time, I'll generally eliminate the weaker players and give the stronger player hatch, or very rarely a duo gate - especially if they had an AFK/DC.

    Any BM? No mercy.

    I hesitate to let newer players escape, as it's just going to muck with their MMR and make things even worse next match. I'd rather help the rest of their team.

  • Grandpa_Crack_Pipe
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  • TheSubstitute
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    Sometimes. Other times what I'll do is make sure to only have one survivor hooked at a time, run to a part of the map where nobody is, let them unhook, repeat and let the last one either take hatch or open the gates.

    If it's just one baby survivor with multiple experienced survivors I'll kill the other three and let the baby survivor escape.

  • TheSubstitute
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  • th3syst3m
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    I try to bleed them out, best they quit early before they get addicted.

  • InvadeGames
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    if i realize im going against new and(not just bad) survs i try to go easy on them as a win with 5 gens still up is not fun.

  • Dustin
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    I'll give them extra chances but generally kill as I don't want to give new players the impression they're going to get a handout every single game starting out - When they're more experienced they'll understand better what the norm is for when killers spare survivors. It shouldn't be expected and build that expectation or entitlement.

  • GenJockeyNance
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    For the most part, I agree. I remember when I was in ranks 16-20, I had some nice killers who realized I had just bought and began playing the game which I super appreciate looking back on it. The only downside I could see to a new player getting a few nice killers and this actually happened to me for a bit until I got over myself and got out of this mentality is a bit of entitlement to expect nice treatment just because a few killers gave you hatch back to back.

    I'll be completely honest, I used to be one of those survivors who got mad a killer didn't respect the 4% when I kobe'd, didn't give me hatch though I didn't wiggle, let me go when it was a slaughterfest, mad at endgame camping / tunneling, etc that I developed quite a bit of an entitled mentality for a bit. Obviously, not every player will end up like that but some will. I think it's also important to teach new players that yes, it's nice of them to do these things but you shouldn't expect it. Every killer is different and they don't have to be nice to you if they don't want to. If they don't, it's not the end of the world. Playstyles and how some people are just suck sometimes. Lol