Killers, what do you think about this mentality when it comes to winning matches vs losing?

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For me, if I kill more than 50% of the survivors, it's a win for me, even if one escapes. If three survivors escape (or more) then I count it as a loss. If only two escape, I call it a draw.

If they pick a map specifically then I will count it as my win and not a draw.

If one survivor escapes, it's my win and their win as well, while his/her teammates lose.

I think this mentality helps me enjoy playing killer more, that way I don't care if one gets away through a hatch or something.


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    A killer should definitely view a game where the survivor gets the hatch as a win. To me a better questions is whether you prevent the survivors from finishing the gens or not.

    To me it really depends a lot on what I bring to the game vs the opponents. If I hit a squad with purple items that throws up multiple CoH and is doing flashlight saves: if I get one, a win. If I hit a team that didn't bring any gear and I'm running high level addons, I better get them before the last gen is done.

  • daniel_owenz
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    That's true, full high level squads losing even one guy is a win for sure, and low level solo quers, I'd have to get them all (besides hatch escapes).

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    "A killer should definitely view a game where the survivor gets the hatch as a win. To me a better questions is whether you prevent the survivors from finishing the gens or not."

    Yeah, this is my stance as well.

    I dont care if a Survivor escapes via Hatch, they did not win. They got lucky that they found it first and that I did not slug for the 4K (which I very rarely do). They did not complete all Gens, so I won.

    I also dont really feel that I really won when I get a 4K with all Gens done or even Gates open. Like, if I camp in Endgame and they all die because they try to save this one person, this is not really a win because I played well, it is a 4K because they played badly.

  • HugTheHag
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    I think it's a good scale.

    I'm more the "if I had fun I'll count it as a win", but the scale you describe is to me the most objective one can get at describing winning or losing in this game.

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    if i'm aganist toxic brats no matter what, everything below 2k is a total defeat in my book (unless i'm trolling on purpose with a good facemp bubba, in that case i'm here only for trigger toxic people on purpose)... I'll make them pay for their behavior by playing for the kills and not for the hooks/chases (still i had matches where i played fair since there were the premises for a chill match and in the endchat i instantly regretted it because they'll start trashtalking and accusing you for things THAT YOU NEVER DID IN THE FIRST PLACE). This scenario is more common than you think

  • Tostapane
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    last sentence is another common thing that happen a lot of times, especially if you force yourself to play chill (another reason why i think that the game shouldn't be balanced around kills btw)

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    2 kills = draw, 3 kills = win. I only force 4 kills when the 4th survs acted toxic.

  • Raptorrotas
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    Its an acceptable "nice killer" mindset to have.

    I personally am not accepting it because many people are forcing it on all killer players, and the game itself doesnt actually reward a "3k win" like it does a "4k" aka real win. A survivor who doesnt escape doesnt get an "escape" reward too, right?

    This community is also hypocritically only applying such a... "restricting", for the lack of a better word, win condition only on Killers. No one is telling Survivors to not escape after doing 70-75% of their objectives, right? That'd be "obviously stupid" when applied to survivors. Equally stupid would be to delegate 1 survivor per trial to just off themselves because 3 are enough, afterall Survivors would still try to escape all the time and delegate the 1 enforced loss by "nice survivor mindset" to the other survivors.

    Slightly off topic, but Killers apparantly are supposed to hold back till 1 ( or 3 simultaneously) gen gets done. Are any survivors holding back when a killer has 0-1 hooks? Naaah only killers are sweaty tunnelers at 5gens.

    I know my opinion might get flak but it's simply not fair to hold the killer to a higher standard than survivors.

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    When the game is good. It has good chases, some messing around on snowmans, and no toxicity then its win. If people are toxic or tryharding, then its losem, despite of number of sacrifices.

    Also, having 8hooks is counting towards win, do even if the game was good, but i havnt manage to get 8 hooks, because someone ff on its first hook, then its also a lose.

  • DashMonsta008XV
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    If it's casual players Idk mine if one or two gets out.When it's those alpha's and high testosterone hits the air.I have to beat them.Mostly every match I play I go against people who seem like they only want to win.They play as if there's money on the line or something.It sucks you can't really beat the ones who know the survivors perks and add-ons and what to use against certain killers and there's survivors that come into the lobby and know it's you.They run a set on you that they use to exploit the mechanics of the game or if it's designed like that as Wesker says "Poor performance indeed"

  • MaTtRoSiTy
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    If everyone had fun and end game chat is wholesome that is the most satisfying win condition for me. I literally do not care if everyone escapes if the match was fun, though like most killers I 'win' the vast majority of my matches regardless and by win I mean 4k or one escapes the hatch/exit

  • tippy2k2
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    People can have their own systems but for me, did I have fun?

    I've had 4Ks that was an absolute miserable experience and I've had 0Ks where I had the time of my life. Give me those 0K games over those 4K games any day of the week.

  • edgarpoop
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    I don't care about hatch at all. I view a hatch escape as a win for me on killer. People need to remember why hatch exists. It's not a "free win" mechanic for survivors. It's to prevent indefinite stalemates. The whole point is to end the game in timely manner.

    And yeah, 2 is a draw and any more than 2 escapes is a loss for me.

  • Rulebreaker
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    As long as it helps you enjoy the game (and not gone our of the way to ruin someone else's) it's good to have. This is a game and ment to be fun after all.

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    I just go by the scoreboard, whoever is top score wins.

  • Roaroftime
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    As a surv I don't really care if you get 3k or 4k if I escape by hatch or gate I've won and you've got a 3k or a 4k. Killers just do their job.

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    I've been thinking of that KillaWhale video about unironically enjoying killer. When gens pop, I usually mutter, "screw the gens" and just keep chasing. I set goals depending on who I'm playing as, IE: Slinger, how many good shots can I get, Trapper, how many times can I trap a survivor.

    I still sometimes go in thinking about a 4k but I really wish I could care less about it. That's why normally I give last survivor hatch, unless they were a jerk, then you brought that on yourself.

  • Pulsar
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    A 3K is a win but I figure with how much time I have on Killer if I'm not 4K'ing I wasn't doing good enough

  • Raccoon
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    Unless it's a Tome challenge or Mori daily or w/e, I don't care about escaping/killing.

  • StudentofInk
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    If I'm going for an adept achievement, I'm going for an adept achievement. But other than that, I don't care too much about "winning" so to speak. Same for rift challenges...I'm allowed to have agency, and play the game it's intended to be played as killer, ignoring every survivor rule book.

    I'll be nice if I'm just killing time, or doing the awful grind achievements (Billy's chainsaw 100x ugh....), and if it's a killer I've already gotten all achievements for, I just don't care that much. To me, as long as I had fun, then yeah, it's a personal win. But the merciless victory gets me the most BP and achievements

    If there's like bullcrap like DC's, and or I see a survivor bullying a fellow survivor, sure I'll be "nice' and even farm with the remaining survivors. It's no fun if I get a free win, but I might "weed" out some, so I don't have to stay in the match longer than I need us to be. Sometimes a killer just wants to quickly get to his next match, so I understand that POV as well.

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    Killers do have to dumb some things down... Kills and Gens

    Kills- Anymore then 2 is a win

    Gens- Trying to minimize the repairs is more like a secondary objective ( but slowing down the match helps the Killer get more Kills... so vicious cycle here we go)

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    6 hooks is a draw, less a loss, more a win.

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    Thing is, a 3K isn't necessarily a win or a loss on it's own.

    For starters, it's technically 3 wins and 1 loss. Secondly, did the 4th get the hatch? Were the exits powered? Did the survivors repair all the gens? If the answers are yes, no and no, then sure, that's a win even if the last one technically escaped.

    Additionally, win or lose notwithstanding, I would rather lose to a team who legit outplayed me, than try to force a "win" by camping and tunnelling, or playing an 'endgame build'. Falsely earned MMR hurts you in the long run, putting you against players who you don't stand a chance against without the less savoury tactics, which is partly why the game is in the state it's in.

  • Sava18
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    3 kills is a win, and the survivor team lost. I don't view it as individually winning or losing just because one got out probably through hatch.

  • InvadeGames
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    couple of losses will move you back down the mmr bracket. just dont be afraid to lose after a streak of good games and you wont have to feel like you have to resort to camping(inneficient form of play that has little value if you want to win outside of endgame) and tunneling.