Is anyone else's game crashing mid-match?


The past few weeks, every now and then, my game will disconnect mid-match. It doesn't shut down my game, but it does disconnect me from the match I'm in and take me back to the lobby. One of the times this happened, it resulted in a 13 minute penalty.

This has also happened during a custom game with bots, minus the time penalty

I have reinstalled the game, verified game files, and reinstalled/updated my drivers.

I am on PC playing through Steam


AMD - Ryzen 7 - 5700x

GPU - Nvidia RTX 3060

RAM - Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro - 32GB

MB - ASRock X570

OS - Windows 11

SSD - Samsung 860 Evo - 2TB


  • UntilValhalla13
    UntilValhalla13 Member Posts: 177

    It happened to me earlier today. I went to unhook someone and it just booted me out of the game. I'm on PS5.