Forget matchmaking around 60% kill rate...

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Just stop matching me against survivors who can easily escape with 4 gens done by the time I barely have 1 hook!

It has happened often enough tonight that I'm here wasting time making this post


  • sulaiman
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    I know the problem, because i either got matches where i just roll over the team, and then there are matches where you struggle to catch a single guy, there seems to be little in between.

  • Renfear
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    Balancing? What's that!?

  • Canas
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    Happens to me all the time. It has become the new norm and it makes playing this game as a killer an excruciating experience. Camping is the only choice.

  • Dhaze
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    I feel you tbh. But not just for killer, Survivor too. It’s either I play killler and MAYBE get one guy on hook while the survivors do insane teamwork tactics that I can’t even fathom how they coordinate so much. Or I play survivor and get mopped with 5 or MAYBE 4 gens left, or if the killer is trolling or clearly never has played before I can actually escape a trial I think it’s been no lie, over 50 games since I killed an entire team when 2 months ago I would win about half my games. But now when I join a lobby and there is anyone with TTV or even a lobby with 4 survivors already in the lobby, I leave right then Becuade if the chance they are in coms. No chance of even downing a survivor at that point. Idk, I’m not sure how to get knocked down to playing with people of my skill level.

  • Grandpa_Crack_Pipe
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    Please stop putting me against infectious starstruck nurses I left my tournament squad at home

  • FMG15
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    The MMR is BS. there is a MMR soft cap and once you reached it you can basically matched with the players that have the highest MMR. And if you lose against those people you will fall under the soft cap where you will face potatoes again.

  • JPLongstreet
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  • Grumblephant
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    Had something like that last night. Played one match as Wraith and fought tooth and nail to get a 4k. It was a good team and it felt like we were all around the same level.

    The next game is a complete slaughter against me where I only got 1 hook after 4 gens done and they got a 4E. Each survivor knew where to go and what to do. I would hit one, chase and then somehow I would be chasing a different survivor than the one I hit.

    Inb4 entitled killer only wants 4k easy games. I felt like my first match was just perfect, we all made mistakes but it didn't feel unfair. They had great plays and I only won because the last survivor tried to finish the last second on the exit gate before I grabbed her.

    The next match was just pain and unfun. Head ons, chain flashlight blinds, etc.