Honestly, sometimes I wish the Halloween chapter never had a map.


Haddonfield is a really iconic map from the Halloween franchise, but It's Impressive how it has always been a pain to play on.

On the old days, it had the most absolutely ridiculous fence loops ever conceived in this game, where the killer had to walk around a building worth of distance just to get to the other side... and the survivor would have changed sides already while clearly seeing where you were.

After many changes, it was still the worst map to play as killer. Many strong pallets and a damn strong main building with god windows.

After it finally got reworked, sure, it's way less unbalanced than it was before, but not because it's good, because it's old versions were some of the worst maps in the history of this game. Now it's fine if you play a killer with anti-loop, it's great for high mobility killers like, you know, Blight... but for m1 killers, who are the weaker ones already, it's a damn nightmare. At any time you're playing on it with either survivor or killer, it's either extremely boring or extremely annoying, because the most of the map is composed by deadzones with extreme visibility that renders stealth powers useless most of the time, while a smaller but still big portion of it is occupied by ridiculously strong buildings.

As a result, the way for survivors to play in chases is just: 1. Spot the killer from far away. 2. Run towards a house, preferably the one on the edge with an infinite, having 3 windows on the bottom floor and two upstairs. 3. Loop the killer there until either you make a big mistake or they give up.

So, a Blight, Nurse, Spirit or Wesker will simply catch up to you before you reach a building, and then they'll have ways of hitting you in the loop too. But Myers, Ghostface, Trapper, Pig and pretty much any other m1 killer will have to slowly catch up by just holding forward, then have to deal with some ridiculous window loop unless the survivor messes up.

The main building itself leaves no options for you to chase survivors. It's a really large house with only two entrances on the bottom floor, on opposite sides and some pretty strong windows, so there's no room for mindgames, no second path to take them by surprise. To make it worse, you will often hear survivors running outside the house but won't be able to follow the noise because there is no way out of the house on that side unless you go upstairs and waste time.

Just to make it worse, Haddonfield also has its hooks really spread apart. It will often take longer to carry survivors there, and the problem of having only one hook available in an area happens a lot.

TL;DR: Current Haddonfield is better than it's pre-rework version, but still extremely unfun to play on, for both sides. The gameplay on it consists on holding W through dead zones outdoors and looping with no counterplay on buildings.


  • C3Tooth
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    I play mostly Killer back then when it was old Haddon field with Trapper, he was decent in the map. So I was fine with old Haddon field.

    Since the new Haddon field, I really miss the "safe feeling" from old Haddon when playing as survivor, I realized how op the old map was, just from that "safe feeling"

    The new Haddon field has infinity & dead zone street, nothing in between, all pallets are unsafe. I have to let killer hit me once after 2 big infinity loops to not let them think Im exploiting the windows.

  • StarLost
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    I really like the new Haddonfield on both sides.

    Strong structures, but not infinites. Dead zones, but not barren. Some safe gens, some unsafe gens. It's also gorgeous. Just...dripping with atmosphere, some of the best visual design work the devs have ever done.

    It could be tweaked a bit, to make some of the more evil window spawns a little more reasonable, and maybe adding a pallet or two in the middle to compensate, but it's like Yamaoka. I'm never sad to go there.

  • ByeByeQ
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    New Haddonfield makes me miss Old Haddonfield. It was a decent map if they just kept the god window closed and broke up the long fences and hedges.

    I especially miss the Old Haddonfield hooks. They were light-colored and slender, they were unique and elegant. The new dark green hooks they seem just like every other hook now.

  • UntilValhalla13
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    I'd rather go to haddonfield than eyrie, borgo, or garden of pain honestly.