Overcharge or Surveilance

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Overcharge and surveillance both hold similar roles in letting you know when someone's hopped on a gen after you kicked it. Surveillance is guaranteed to give you intel and you dont have to physically kick the generator, while Overcharge is not, and you have to kick the gen but could provide regression as well as intel. Which perk do you think is stronger?

Overcharge or Surveilance 12 votes

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  • Aurelle
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    Even though most survivors can complete the difficult skill check, you still get regression value. With Surveillance, it's more of an informational perk that shows the general location of where the survivors might be.

  • kaeru
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    Don't forget that survailance won't give you any information if you don't kick gens or if you don't have gens regress perks. Survailance is relying to the rest of the build to be useful, while overcharge is useful by itself.

  • HugTheHag
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    Surveillance is surprisingly good, especially in endgame.

    But Overcharge is really good, especially against survivors who can't consistently hit hard skillchecks.

  • bm33
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    Overcharge. Not only does it increase regression but survivors will still get the difficult skill check when a gen reaches 0%.

    Surveillance just let's you know once a survivor has hopped back on a regressing gen BUT only if it hasn't regressed to 0%.

  • GlamourousLeviathan
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    Both perks suck for different reasons.

    Surveillance has TERRIBLE synergy with Call of Brine and Eruption, since the devs decided to make gens automatically yellow when you use these two perks, making Surveillance useless. Here is the thing, the mechanic of kicking a gen is only worth it if you use Eruption and Call of Brine, therefore you will probably prefer other gen tracking perk like Discordance, Thrilling Tremors and Nowhere to Hide.

    As for Overcharge... It would be a good perk if they kept the PTB version with 400% regression on Mac. For the current version, it doesn't make sense using it because Call of Brine exists and gives the instant 200% regression instead of the gradual growth to 200%. The only reason why you would use Overcharge is to stack it with Call of Brine to get 300%, which isn't that great to be honest.

    In all fairness, Overcharge seems to be the perk with some actual usage because of it's synergy with Call of Brine, but it isn't even great to justify it's use.