Could self care receive a compensation buff?


I like running Self Care builds and am perfectly fine with dedicating all of my perk slots to it. I get nerfing Circle of Healing since that perk is pretty disgusting. But could you make it so Self Care is still viable after the healing changes? I think 4 perk slots dedicated to healing without a medkit or boon should still be allowed to produce some sort of viable result.


  • not_requested49
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    No, you will have 6 minute heals and you will like it

  • FootMan2893
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    I'm being serious with wanting Self Care to be viable, but don't test me child. My name is SelfCaringInACorner and I WILL spend the entire match in that corner if that's what it takes to use my favorite perk.

  • deckyr
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    i genuinely believe that the healing changes only need a small tweak to be totally fine, and rebuffing self care to 50% is one of the changes that i think the game needs most in order for the circle and charges nerf to be okay.

  • Coffeecrashing
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    I'd rather there be minimum and maximum healing speed caps, than to buff self care.

    For example, we could set the survivor minimum healing speed to 30% or 35%, so that self care doesn't get massively worse if killers stack healing speed perks.

  • ThanksForDaily
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    Compensation is not near enough. Self, altruistic and recovery healing need to stay as it is now. Terrible changes.

    That PTB is a recipe of how gaming companies ruining their own games.

  • Batusalen
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    edited March 2023

    You are right. In any other game there would be people mad, but most of the community would see the changes as what they are: A balancing change for both sides to solve base mechanics problems of the game. Too bad BHVR have to deal with people that aren't able to see the big picture because "they are killing the game" just because they nerfed "their side", so all this became a "recipe for disaster".

    That's the spirit!... but no, really, they should buff it to 50-60% healing at least.

  • Vhillain
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    Self healing actually does need a nerf though... A survivor with 0 perks can bring a single medkit and heal themselves 50-80% faster than another survivor can heal them. Self healing either needs to be exactly the same as basekit altruistic healing at best, or be slower, but it should never be faster. One survivor healing another for 16 seconds means 2 survivors are not doing primary objectives for 16 seconds, but a single survivor can heal themselves in roughly 10 seconds, meaning not only are they not wasting the time of another survivor and they can do their primary objective, but they are a lot faster, which multiplies the efficiency and negates the killer's pressure.

    But yes, altruistic and recovery speeds are totally fine as they are in the game right now, I can agree on that