Every Killer Adapted Into Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

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A while ago I started a project of adapting every killer in DBD into D&D 5e, and I have finally completed. I took creative liberties with some things, because some abilities don't really adapt directly into 5e, due to mechanics not shared by both of them. Some values were also adjusted to different numbers, cause while 1 minute in DBD is a relatively short time, 1 minute of combat in D&D is a very long time. Here y'all go: The Compendium of Killers:

I'll give y'all the PDF version as well, for those of you who would prefer to read it all that way instead of scrolling through a bunch of images on this post.


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    Love this I've thought about doing something like this but never got the chance, I will say at times I was a little confused at some Killers did more damage then most 2d6 was the standard for most of them but some Killers when up to 3d6 or 4d6. Love to see more add as Killers continue to come out.

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    Well it's been one year since I last updated this, and since then we have gotten 4 new killers and one new general perk. It took me a while to get around to it, but I have created stat blocks for the last year of killers, as well as a ability description for shattered hope. Enjoy!

    This upcoming year of DBD, I will try to make stat blocks for the new killers as they come out, instead of just doing them all at once at the end of the year.

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    omg I didn't see this before

    that's fantastic work!

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    This should be pinned.

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    thank you! I have a lot of fun making these so I'm glad people like it!

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    Keeping up with my goal to put these out as the killer's release, here is the stat block for the singularity! (Although technically early since he hasn't officially released yet).

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    It took me a bit to get around to it, but I have now adapted the Xenomorph!