Deja vu

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Is deja vu this year's must have accessory?

6 games in a row at least 2 survivors running it.

Just what the game needed another gen repair boost and survivors wonder why some killers camp/tunnel - I don't before you come back with some toxic comments.

For the first time since the beginning of time I'm actually not playing the game for days on end. It's just not fun.


  • Chocolate_Cosmos
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    I don't think it much helps againts heavy 3-gen. In heavy 3-gen you start the match with your optimal gens and never let anyone touch it for more than few seconds.

  • Devil_hit11
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    I can exaggerate as well. I do not want to play 5 minute killer games.

  • Devil_hit11
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    how is it different issue? it is two sides of an extreme.

  • MikaelaWantsYourBoon
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    Gens are different topic. They can look stats and decide to nerf gen times again if killers have hard time to stop survivors. But for now, they are look like okey with gen times.

    But holding 3-gen and making game a hour is never intended. So they are different problems.

  • Archvile
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    It's a godsend for solo not only because it helps prevent monster 3-gens, but it helps even when the 3-gen itself doesn't materialize. Too many times it happens that on 1 gen left nobody has any idea where the last of the three gens is, so the killer can essentially defend a two-gen.

  • Shroompy
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    I mean I thought the gen placement was obvious, the 6% is just a nice little bonus

    But hey if people need a perk to complain about, Deja Vu it is I guess

  • Sometimes_Sage
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    So, assuming that nobody in this thread is bs'ing, Deja Vu is both vital in preventing 3-gens but also has too little of an effect to make a noticable difference...

    But honestly, I think the big difference new Deja Vu makes is actually not its repair speed boost (though buffing a repair speed Perk during a gen rush meta will upset some people), but the huge improvment to the efficiency of less coordinated or map savvy Survivors.

  • AmpersandUnderscore
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    Then consider this the exact same reason that locker grabs got base kit light born and the rpd library was changed twice before being removed:

    Some percentage of players were abusing the ######### out of it and got it nerfed for everyone. This is the same thing with holding games hostage with a 3 gen from the start of the game.

    Does it suck if you don't use those stats? Sure. But blame the players who are literally 'not playing the game as designed' in BHVR's own words on this particular issue. In this case, that would be killers clinging to 3 gens with a death grip starting in the lobby.

  • Hex_Llama
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    I've been running Deju Vu pretty much every match since it got updated and I have to agree, it feels very strong. You can see half or more of the gens all match and, assuming you always do one that's highlighted, you have a permanent 6% speed boost for nothing.

    No matter what map you're on, you can always find a gen, and the gen you find is always the one that's most advantageous for you to do, and you get a speed boost while you do it.

    I get that it's a band-aid fix to break 3-gens, but it does a lot more than that.

  • fulltonon
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    edited June 2023

    25 seconds out of 450 with all four survivors equipping it doesn't seems to be strong tbh, and I don't care about aura part because any competent survivor I match with always know what gen to do.

    And I believe that is false, flat 6% speed boost will not really help breaking 3 gen that much, you need toolbox/prove thyself/potential energy and all such burst speed.

  • deadbyhitbox
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    Being held hostage for an absurd amount of time is entirely different from a game ending quickly, lol.

  • zarr
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    It's usually easy to identify a 3-gen setup on your own. And if the killer is actually playing for such a setup, knowing about it won't matter. Deja Vu only shaves off a mere ~5s of repair time required, and that is only if you work on a gen alone from 0 to 100%.

    Not having to search for gens on indoor maps can be nice, and a yellow bar is nice to look at. There's also something to be said about the benefit of instantly tackling a potential 3-gen setup before the killer thinks about playing for it, something many players wouldn't do without the perk incentivizing them to go for those gens. Still, if you are a reasonably good and smart player, you are better off using other perks.

  • MimiDBD
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    I am either the luckiest person in the world or there is an echo chamber here. I have had 2 games where the killer grabbed a 3-gen from start that we had to break. One was a Hag (can't blame her) and one a Huntress (weird).

    Maybe I am just lucky? Or maybe perhaps maybe there is some exaggeration of how many times these "Hostage" trials happen. Please don't come at me with a streamer video showing one game....does not have anything to do with my point.

  • thrawn3054
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    Nobody is going to use it to gen rush. The buff is laughable.