Marvin's Blood doesn't work as intended, giving +0,75 extra mutation rate points instead of +0,25..

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As you can see from the video, Marvin's Blood doesn't respect what the in game description says: "Increases Mutation Rate when hitting survivors with Tentacle Strike by 25%".

When a survivor IS Contaminated, as you can see from the Dbd wiki, it should be: "Hitting contaminated Survivors with a Tentacle Strike: +1 Contamination Points".

Marvin's Blood, from the game's description, should give +25% extra, which should be 0,25 mutation points. So you should receive +1,25 mutation points in total after each hit.

But this is NOT what is happening in game:

6 mutation points are required to reach tier 2, but if I hit Dwight 2 times, I'm over half the bar, instead of before it at 2,5 mutation points.

This is because the game always gives +0,75 mutation points flat after each hit, which corresponds exactly to the bonus 25% that you should receive when a survivor is NOT contaminated as then gets contaminated: from the Wiki: "Contaminating Survivors with a Tentacle Strike: +3 Contamination Points". 25% of 3 is 0,75, but as the game's description says, you shouldn't get always +0.75, but 25% of 1 point in this case, which is 0,25.

In game after 2 hits I got at 3,5 mutation points, which is 1,75*2, which goes the half bar point.

So Marvin's blood is bugged/ isn't working as intended, or the in game's description is wrong.

This is Marvin's Blood values extracted from the Dbd wiki:

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