Is Wesker overpowered?




  • Deathslinger1of2
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    Got any tips? I play him a lot and go against him a lot but I’m still struggling with countering him

  • versacefeng
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    I think removing the 8% speed penalty and making it something like survivors can't benefit from the haste status effect or even receive a slight repair penalty would make Wesker more fair and probably the most balanced killer despite his hitbox issues. I'd take anything over that 8%.

  • solarjin1
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    he's not to keep it simple

  • th3
    th3 Member Posts: 1,812

    I'm glad its gone because it was buggy asf. I'd be completely done with a vault and then get grabbed through the wall. Extremely frustrating to go against.

  • Nazzzak
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    I just try keep him in line of sight and avoid getting into small spaces in chase. My goal is really just to dodge his Bound/avoid Infection, while maintaining distance. Controlling my camera in chase had always been hard for me, but the amount of practice I've gotten since Wesker came out has helped immensely.

  • Wiccamanplays
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    edited July 2023

    Wesker is probably what the strongest Killers should look like. A powerful but not oppressive ability with minimal RNG and a secondary objective that facilitates counterplay and doesn't directly encourage tunnelling (your infection meter resets to a low level when hooked), combined with a diverse array of strong but fairly weighted addons that aren't gimmicky or impossible to understand. Now they're smoothing out more of the bugs he's going to be in an amazing state.

    That's probably why he's so popular, though he's not my cup of tea personally because I suck at movement killers :(

  • Shaped
    Shaped Member Posts: 5,869

    Healthiest killer for the game imo.

    I just dislike vault grabs and rollback sometimes. Also weird hitboxes ocassionally.

  • mikewelk
    mikewelk Member Posts: 1,669

    Perfectly balanced, as all killers should be.

  • Xernoton
    Xernoton Member Posts: 5,395

    No. Wesker is pretty much the pinnacle of balance when it comes to killers in this game.

    Although, he could use some small tweaks to limit his tunneling potential a bit.

  • Katzengott
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    Any killer is "overpowered" vs bad survs.

  • JustAnotherNewbie
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    I think the best you can do vs him to deny him his power is loop him. Even on rocks. You have to be careful when connecting tiles cause if he activates his power he'll usually get him. You just have to avoid running in a straight line for a long time, unless he just used his power. Sometimes if he vaults into you with his power you can just vault back to the other side and he can't do anything cause he's still in his animation.

    Sometimes you can even bait him to vault a window while you stay behind if you get out of the way.

    Open spaces are, long and tiny corridors are your enemy.

    Now if you get one of those Weskers who surf/glide/slide against surfaces I cannot help you. I think that's more about prediction and experience. Most Weskers cannot play in that way.

  • JustAnotherNewbie
    JustAnotherNewbie Member Posts: 1,941

    As for the topic at hand, I think Wesker has a lot of potential to be OP. Because he's still relatively new and console players exist you can get away with calling him balanced. I think he can be on par with Blight by people who know him somewhat well and can do some of his collision shanenigans, which ups his game by a lot.

    Although I heard those bugs were getting addressed and not becoming features. if they do get addressed, you could call him Balanced I guess. I just think people haven't spent that much time on him as Nurse and Blight and since he's popular, many casuals/newbies play him, which skews the perception we have of him. Just try to imagine how the highest level Wesker would play and if you'd consider that too strong or not.

  • Frogsplosion
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    Wesker is perfect

  • the_voices
    the_voices Member Posts: 46

    Survivors when they actually have to interact with secondary objectives.

  • Wampirita
    Wampirita Member Posts: 809

    I'd say he's probably the most balanced killer in the game. Yes might be kinda boring to face over and over again, but it's not like nurse, you can do actually a lot vs him

  • MrJack20252
    MrJack20252 Member Posts: 386

    best opinion here. i really feel like i could only face Wesker for days and still have fun.

  • crogers271
    crogers271 Member Posts: 1,474

    Nah, he's solid. The infection effect isn't overwhelming, there is plenty of cleansing, but does serve as a useful slow down. The charge attack can save a lot of time, but is also counterable by the survivors.

  • WeenieDog
    WeenieDog Member Posts: 2,180

    I find him obnoxious but not overpowered or anything.

  • Sharby
    Sharby Member Posts: 498

    Not OP but he gets his hand-held too much for my liking.