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Why are these not allowed on the forums? At least on the off-topic section of the forums. Wanting to listen to the struggles of other players with their mental health and to get support through kind /encouraging words from my favorite game even with all the bugs and mess it shouldn’t have shouldn’t be something that’s not allowed.

it was a really heartless thing to do when my last thread was closed for no logical reason…but hey there are far more important things than mental health struggles that are truly disgustingly debilitating. This thread will most definitely be closed sigh…

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    Mental health is important, but that doesn't mean every venue and scenario is appropriate to discuss it. A far as there being no logical reason for not allowing these sorts of posts on the forum, I think there is some logic to it. This forum barely holds itself together as is, let alone if BHVR opened up the forums to subjects like politics or mental health. Subjects about depression can very quickly escalate, especially when you get advice from random people on the internet.

    These kinds of topics require extremely strong moderation by people who are trained to look out for warning signs and safeguarding issues. Sometimes people will come to a stream I moderate and start dropping very distressing information related to past trauma and depression. I have to stop them as I have to safeguard the players in the stream. The internet is anonymous, so I have to assume there are probably some children in the audience. Children don't have the faculties yet to process that kind of information in a healthy manner, so they need to be shielded from the worst of it. I don't have the qualifications or experience necessary to help someone in that scenario. So the best I can do is direct them to a source of help, and remove the posts that might be harmful to others. It's not a perfect system, but it's the best I can, with the tools available to me.

    Whilst I'm sure it didn't feel good to have your thread closed, I think they only did it to maintain the health of the forum. Hopefully you were able to make use of the information they linked for you. I don't have the knowledge to advise you. I just hope if you have/suspect you are suffering with a major depressive disorder, you are spending time with an appropriate clinician who can help identify the causes (environmental/biological) and give you the tools necessary to navigate and manage it.

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    Are they not allowed? I didn't know that.

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    Don't take it personally, I'm sure Behaviour would love to have a safe space for people to discuss mental health, the issue is probably trolls. If a troll encourages somebody to do something or posts certain imagery, it will probably be Behaviour taking the blame if the content affects you or others. There's a big crackdown at the moment on social media relating to this kind of thing, so it might just be safer not to have sensitive discussions open at all, which is a shame obviously.

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    My assumption is that a heavy topic like mental health is not really something the forum mods really want to have to patrol/deal with. As nice as it would be, a video game forum doesn't feel like a great place for a topic like that.

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