The Perk "Rapid Brutality" is a nerf (PTB)


Rapid Brutality: You no longer gain Bloodlust Successfully hitting a Survivor with a Basic Attack grants you a +5% haste Status Effect for 10 seconds.

I can't wrap my head around how dumb this perk is and how it's supposed to compete against the "equivalent" of Survivors perk.

Rapid Brutality (RB) activates after a successful hit and last for 10 seconds. The Killer takes 2.7 seconds to recover from a successful attack animation. As such, you will have 7.3 seconds of RB usage.

Consider the following instance of a chase with and without RB.

You hit the Survivor, let's take a look what's happening in the next 25 seconds for a 4.6m/s Killer

No RB: 4.6 x 15 + 4.8 x 7.3 [ + 2.7 seconds ignored for recovery ] = 104.04m covered.

RB: 4.83 x 7.3 + 4.6 * 15 [ + 2.7 seconds ignored for recovery ] = 104.259m covered.

You used a perk slot to effectively gain 0.2m in a 25sec chase after a hit.

What if you initiate a chase against against a health Survivor, where are you in 25 seconds as a 4.6m/s Killer?

No RB: 4.6 x 15 + 4.8 x 10 = 117m

RB: 4.6 x 25 = 115m

That's a 2m difference. This is the difference between hitting a Survivor at the window after a 25 seconds chase and having them fast vault to effectively extend the chase.

In a 25m initiated chase vs a hit and chase, you're effectively sacrificing about 90% of efficiency in favor of RB while gutting Bloodlust.

Just for reference, for 4.4m/s the lost in efficiency is about 92.5% but that's on paper. In practice, you're going to have significantly worse time to catch up with Survivor since your movement speed is so close together over such a long period of time.

If you throw in MFT in all those speculation, you might as well just stop playing 4.4m/s if you're thinking to use RB. I know there's speculation of how good it's going to be with STBFL but that's just copium over thinking that 1 extra second (at FULL stack of STBFL) running at +5% is going to significantly affect the game for you... no, you're just using 2 perks slot to effectively make up for the nerf you just inflicted on yourself.


  • Chocolate_Cosmos
    Chocolate_Cosmos Member Posts: 5,479

    I think it's only worth running with STBFL. Otherwise I wouldn't use it, maybe only test it on Haste Merchant with her haste add-on for maximum speedy.

  • TeleportingTurkey
    TeleportingTurkey Member Posts: 589

    rapid brutality is only good on Singularity, because this killer is one of the few who can instantly restart a chase and utilize movement speed difference increase to get a quicker second hit, while also not suffer from BL penalty as Singularity doesn't use bloodlust.

  • Snowball777
    Snowball777 Member Posts: 143

    The Haste should start after the hit animation is finished, and it would be quite good on Killers that lose Bloodlust easily, like Clown, Doctor, etc

  • Wiccamanplays
    Wiccamanplays Member Posts: 130

    I imagine it could work on M1 killers that frequently use their power, like Spirit, Clown, Deathslinger, Dredge and Wraith. It's certainly not good on a lot of killers, and I'm not sure it'll always be worth the perk slot on the ones it is good on. It may also receive some tweaks before release.

    ARTRA Member Posts: 911

    Well it could help some killers that lose easily chase, Sadako, Wraith, Doctor (to name a few) also it could help clown because he doesnt need that much bloodlust.

  • Caiman
    Caiman Member Posts: 2,336

    The Haste bonus should activate 3 seconds after hitting a survivor, like Dissolution. And I've also been saying the loss of Bloodlust is nowhere near worth the small value of this perk, I have no idea what BHVR was thinking.

  • GroßusSchmiedus
    GroßusSchmiedus Member Posts: 461

    Its actually not bad on Killers who use their power frequently enough to realistically ever get bloodlust anyway. Pinhead and Artist are good examples, if you get bloodlust with them you are doing something really wrong.

  • Devil_hit11
    Devil_hit11 Member Posts: 7,291

    that math looks wrong. otz tested that perk gives 3 stacks of stbfl. the reward of the perk is low. you get countered by MFT and you lose your opportunity to bloodlust which could hurt you. i am not sure if i would call it no mither for killers but it makes weak m1 killer hard mode in the current meta. luckily most killer just play wesker and blight and those killer do not need this perk to operate. it is already in their base-kit power.

  • mizark3
    mizark3 Member Posts: 1,889

    Just as people bring Enduring+Spirit Fury, you too can bring STBFL+Rapid Brutality. I'd argue Spirit Fury is nearly as worthless as RB when both are taken alone outside of niche cases. I'd say it could also be useful on M1 Killers who don't build Bloodlust like Clown, but if it would be worth dropping another perk for is another story. There also is the case for it to be another choice in an Agitation/Mad Grit combo.

  • hailxsatanxeveryxday
    hailxsatanxeveryxday Member Posts: 913

    I imagine it'll work rather well with full STBFL stacks and full PWYF stacks. Of course, that's a lot of setup for what amounts to maybe one free down.

    It's not a good perk in general, but it maybe has some niche uses.

  • pandorayr
    pandorayr Member Posts: 576

    I can't take ur answer seriously but let me guess are you a main survivor?

  • pandorayr
    pandorayr Member Posts: 576

    Very funny but inefficient killer...

    I'm main skull merchant chess (no chase) hahahaha