Xenomorph is Pay to Win Killer


You can't unlock him with shards, only real money. So you have to pay for him.

If you pay, you will get very busted killer with almost no counters. This killer makes Blight look like balanced.

  1. He chases you with 4.6, his power is always active unless if you burn him.
  2. Burn him? It's kinda impossible because turrets are garbage and doing nothing to him. So he is staying full power almost all time.
  3. All ranged killers needs to charge and hold their powers for use it. For Xeno, he just using power. He is not holding it. He does not need to plan how to use power like Nemmy, Pyramid or Demo. Even Slinger and Huntress. Just chase survivor with normal speed and whenever you get range to hit them, do it. Braindeadly easy.
  4. All ranged killers are losing speed when they hold their powers, Xeno chases you with 4.6 while his ranged power is still active. And he is not losing speed for his power because he does not need to hold it like other ranged killers.
  5. All ranged killers need to cancel their m2 power for m1 you. There is little cooldown for it, so survivor can jump or use pallet. For Xeno? This is not case. He does not need to cancel his power because he does not need to hold it.
  6. All ranged killers are giving you clear information about they are going to use their power. Xeno is not giving any warning. His animation is not clear. So you don't know if he is gonna m1 you or m2 you.
  7. Missing m2 hits is not making him slow enough. It feels like killer just missed m1 hit. He is almost losing no distance. So dodging his m2 hits is kinda pointless because he is never losing you or you are never making distance against him.
  8. This killer creates lose/lose cases for survivors. Drop pallet/vault windows = m2 and get injured. Fake it = m1 and get injured. His speed is making him so easy to zone survivors. There is no way to outplay patient Xeno.
  9. He has bloodlust bug i think? Or maybe it is just his base-kit. Who knows.
  10. All other teleport killers have cooldown or they need to build teleport points. This killer can teleport with no limits.

Thank you BHVR. It's seriously good way to make chapter sell crazy. Put crazy strong killer and chapter will sell so good. But next time also put crazy survivor perk, so you can sell to everyone.


  • Raconteurminator
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    Of course, what we all need when there are already 400,000 topics on the subject is another topic with the same talking points.

  • Yamaoka
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    Maybe it's because Xeno is so new but personally I bullied that space beetle so much with those flamethrowers yesterday I couldn't stop laughing. But I guess I just got lucky I didn't match a good Xeno.

  • Xendritch
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    I do think turret placement could do with being a bit less temperamental as a QoL change but it's hard to want to suggest things like this when we have hysterical over the top threads like this.

  • supersonic853
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    isnt nurse a free killer and is the strongest killer in the game?

  • MikaelaWantsYourBoon
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    Well dude, if even Blight mains left Blight for Xeno, this tells so much about this killer.

  • GrimReaperJr1232
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    1. He has bloodlust bug i think? Or maybe it is just his base-kit. Who knows.

    Wait, what? What are you talking about?

  • ValkarianHunter

    If I had a nickel for every "Xeno is OP" id be rich

  • Dustin
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    I agree with a lot of your points but I'm still indifferent about how I feel about Xeno. I do feel in some instances they are very oppressive in chase but at the same time I don't have issues with playing 50 50 mind games against Xeno in chase as survivor. That being said what usually happens when I dodge the tail is they're immediately on me still because of lack of penalty for missing and I just get M1'd. Personally the only thing I'd kind of agree with is the buff they got for missing changing their speed from 1.2m to 2m should be rolled back. Everything else for the most part I'm fine with.

    Movement speed after missing a Tail Attack has been increased to 2.0ms was 1.2ms whilst in cooldown

    That specifically to me was surprising to see and felt super unnecessary.

    I'd like to see the turrets buffed slightly just to see if that would help with the intended counterplay. The only way I'd really see it fair for starters is reducing the radius needed to place them and increasing survivor MS speed while carrying one.

    Personally unrelated to your points - Regarding your title I don't agree with pay2win. It's still very possible to lose as this killer hard. I just feel the concept of pay2win and DLC in a live service game gets very skewed as a games lifespan goes on.

  • Yatol
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    Best Killers have not been dethroned so no.

  • EQWashu
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    Let's all please remember to keep the discussion civil, and the thread on-topic. Thank you.

  • Ekrizdis
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    Countering xeno takes time to learn shes by nature an anti loop killer so running her like an ordinary m1 is going to get you downed constantly. When i vs her i usually do a few things .

    • Place turrets in hard to spot location e.i begind the station if possible or on a high ground such a hills or balconys if the map has any.
    • Avoid loops with long lines of sigh e.i jungle gyms and long walls especially long walls. But if need be make sure you turn corners sharply and make movement harder to predict.
    • Dont over duck. Most of the time i see survivors trying to duck my tail and almost always i end up hitting them anyway only duck when close to a wall and when the xenomorph is on the opposite side of said wall.
    • If you manage to predrop a pallet stay out of the xenomorphs line of sight and try not to fall for the tail double back mindgame where they shoot over the pallet and hit you as you attempt to counter their double back.
    • Remember this is a strong killer and your goal as survivor is never to win a chase but to waste as much time as possible going down is part of the game and losing isn't a bad thing treat every match as a learning experience and you'll enjoy this killer alot more.

    Hope these tips helps anti loop killers are imo the most interesting of killers to play against. Too often does dbd result in run around the pallet, drop, mindgame abit, repeat. Anti loop killers force me to play in a way that makes me think out side of the box and try new techniques.

  • Dwight_Fairfield
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    I think Mr. Jund is on point about this.

  • Dustin
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    I agree with Scott's point on it takes too long to setup for how little it Hinders Xeno. That's why personally I feel movement speed should be increases a little while carrying a turret. Takes far too long to setup for the turret to potentially do nothing.

    They also mention punishment for missing could potentially be larger. I do agree that destroying a turret could slow you a bit more but I feel that would be an annoying solution for the killer.

    I'm not on the pay2win or overpowered boat but I do feel Xeno is a bit overtuned and could be toned down on something.

  • LadyOwO
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    Who actually takes skill to use. No average player can pick her up and dominate.

  • Viktor1853
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    Xenomorph are not op if you know how to use the flame turrets

  • Amaroq64
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    The only people saying "xeno is strong in chase sort of but not a problem really, myess quite quite indeed *sniffs own farts*" are the sweaty 4-man flashlight squads who no killer can beat anyway.

    Meanwhile for the rest of us solo-queuing in the real world, Xeno easily 4K's literally every game and it's not even a contest.

    The problem isn't even "he's strong in chase", it's the fact that it can be anywhere on the map and it has almost full map awareness before it commits to where it's going to come out. Then when it comes out, it sees you through any terrain even if it can't read your aura. It can also usually see where you place your turrets.

    So literally anything you do to participate in the game gives away your position and puts him instantly on you.

    I say this as a Dredge main who bought this game solely because I heard they were putting the Xenomorph in.

    The only counterplay against Alien is to hide in a corner somewhere until you see that he's chasing someone else. Then as soon as he hooks someone, you better go hide in your corner again.

    In other words, the only winning move is not to play.

  • Brimp
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  • Xernoton
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    But they also manage to break you out of your power, dodge in ways that don't allow you to correct the aim and drop pallets at the right time. This means it is definitely possible to delay this killer in chase.

  • Moonras2
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    I could understand the pay2win if it were the only viable killer in the game. There are many good free killers though. You can win games with the majority of them if you play them well. In this case you don't have to buy the chapter and if you don't you can still enjoy the game.

    If the devs start to see that the killer is over performing, or just overwhelmingly unfun, I'm sure they will make changes to try and balance it out after the dust settles.

  • Majin151
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    For real it's kinda crazy really they used to have decent takes here and there when it came to both sides but xeno really broke their brain it seems because despite being told what to do against xeno from both sides who don't just scream broken with every new killer

    they're still going Heck I can pull up a video that proves the pay 2 win argument wrong in where there's a match where someone brings a newbie in against a xeno and they get a 3 man with the only guy dying being the newbie because he got mori'd at the end you know what let me grab that video

    Edit here's said video https://youtu.be/sr14wA82A5w?si=wsdcTJHz0o4xMzAP

  • Majin151
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    That's higher than a c so it's overpowered to the vocal minority of survivors

  • Boons123
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    Against a beginner or regular player, you may succeed.

    Otherwise, no matter what position you place the flamethrower in, it will not be enough to take out his power

    "But it buys you some time!" It's useless, he moves 2.0 when Lakda's tail attack misses for 3 seconds

    Use two flamethrowers? So I wasted a lot of time

    Even if you take his power out, he will enter a tunnel and regain his power in just 3 seconds

    You're not giving any advice at all. All you're saying is (just break the 3gens against the skull merchant).

  • Alice_pbg
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    put then in the place you plan on running to, in a way where xeno must either focus you and lose their power, or turn to destroy it while losing you.

    high places are good cause those are annoying to hit. also bushes that makes it hard to see.

    these are all things said by other people.

  • Brimp
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    By frame perfect it means they can dodge stuff like linger and no mind games unless its a pallet or window where you can walk .2 meter sand they will insta vault.

  • SMitchell8
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    Watch how the bots play against Xeno and see how 'garbage' the turrets are.

    The bots play against him perfectly including zig zagging. I get broken out of my power against them about 10 times oer match. They place them near gens and then run towards them when I'm chasing them.

  • radiantHero23
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    Are you kidding me?

    Did you just say that Xeno is stronger than Blight?

    Now that's a hot take...

    I would say this killer is around the level of Pyramid head and Oni. If this is what you call pay to win... Ok....

    Please. Do me a favor. And. Play. The. Killer.