Hating Mastermind: what other unpopular DBD opinions are there?

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Normally you can tell pretty quickly that a certain playstyle doesn't gel with you, but for some reason it's taken me this long (basically a whole year of playing him on and off) to realise that The Mastermind has no redeeming qualities for me. It just clicked in the middle of a game as him: I hate how his power feels, I hate his chase music, I hate his run cycle and I don't even see that when playing him. I was only putting up with those things because everyone talks about how good and cool he is. Putting aside that disliking Wesker is by all accounts an unpopular opinion, has anyone else taken a really long time to figure out where they stand with a Killer? And what other taboo DBD opinions do people have?


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    i had cases of killers i first hated then after a long while suddenly they clicked with me and I liked them this happened with trappy boy.

    i switch killers all the time cuz i get bored of playing only one after a few matches even if i enjoy them a lot and luckily i pretty much enjoy every killer in the game except like 3 (spirit, huntress, billiy)

    but not really a killer that I play for a long time then i find out i hate them maybe it's just burn out in your case?

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    I think it's more like the opposite, I took a break from the game and came back to find I'd lost my patience for Wesker. It's not like I mained him since release but I played him from time to time, but now I have no interest in doing so anymore after my recent experiences.

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    Took me awhile to realize I really enjoy playing legion and not because of the easy bps.

    And that I just hate clown...

    Also... trickster is not that hot. Sorry everyone

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    Freddy is weaker than Trapper.

    Trapper has at least some good addons and one very obnoxious but strong play style. Whereas Freddy is a M1 killer at the start of the match, has a weak anti loop and lackluster teleport during the match and has no power at all at the end of the match.

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    I think the reason people usually put Trapper below Freddy (though Freddy is right down there too) is because a lot of Trapper's power is in the hands of the survivors. Good survivors can often just... not step in traps. If you put them in places where survivors will go, so pallets, vaults etc, then survivors predict that and can find them easily. If you try to put them in places survivors wouldn't expect you can risk them just not running into them. A good Trapper can certainly try and corral survivors into their traps but again, good survivors can predict most useful places you'll put them and can loop accordingly.

    Sure, if you -can- get someone in the basement you can pretty much ensure that one survivor is dead, or hope altruistic survivors cause a snowball effect and you get everyone in basement at 5 gens left but it's really rare.

    Freddy meanwhile is awful but his blood traps at least give him -some- form of semi-reliable slowdown in chase, which is something against even good survivors. Pallet Freddy I'd certainly put below Trapper though.