Hatch didn't spawn and exit gates were not able to be opened.

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I've registered and set this up on Playstation and have a saved clip of me being the last one in a trial. I had Bill's perk that allows me to see the hatch at a given range. I COULD NOT SEE ANYTHING, and when going to attempt the gate switch, IT DID NOT WORK.

I can provide video evidence of these bugs however I am uncertain how to upload it here from my PS5 so I'm going to clip the sections on the video where i ran up to the gate as well as went around the entire map trying to find the hatch that did not spawn. Ultimately ending up in me dying thanks to that. Once clipped, I'll try to edit this on another device and upload here and/or capable of sending it through email.

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    You can upload videos directly from the Playstation to Youtube; from there you can mark it as Unlisted and link it here. That will allow you to have a video of the whole issue start to finish, which is immensely helpful to the Team to review.