Killer mains,are we having fun???


Have played this since almost day one,split 50/50 survivor and killer,have been playing killer main past couple of years and it has had its ups and downs,killer now I feel is unplayable and pardon the pun wil kill this game,fewer people are playing killer despite what the devs may tell you with “their algorithms”.When all the decent killers go I ask what’s the sound of one hand clapping…….


  • HugTechLover
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    I play 50/50 split too. I still have more fun on killer.

    Survivor can get really frustrating to play.

  • GannTM
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    I’ve been having more fun playing survivor lately but that’s not got nothing to do with the game’s balance. It’s just what I’ve been feeling as of recent. My tastes on which side I enjoy more has changed rapidly over the three years I’ve played this game and it will keep changing because I’m just a sucker for both roles.

  • Chocolate_Cosmos
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    I think I am having more fun as Killer atm than Survivor.

    I am keep getting Blight, Nurse, Wesker and Blights with Alch Ring speedy add-ons that sweat and tryhard like it's turnament for money or something with add soloQ teammates that give up or refuse to get heal by you and then get killed and stuff like that.

  • Pulsar
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    Yeah, I wouldn't touch Survivor if I didn't need to keep up my perspective.

  • Xernoton
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    Neither side is unplayable. Killer can be fun or frustrating depending on your attitude. I'm currently taking a break from my main killer because I got too frustrated with all the issues that he has. Instead, I play a bit more Freddy, Blight and Bubba. When I play Freddy, I can't expect to have a fair game. Especially not with a weaker build. So I changed my personal win condition to 5 hooks = win (mostly because I know I would perform much better, if I played any other killer).

    I will say though, that I feel way more "on the clock" as killer than I do as survivor. As a survivor I can mostly just play and see how things work out. Make a few smart decisions here and there, help a team mate that gets tunneled and don't go down in chase immediately and things aren't so bad. Even in solo queue. My team mates are mostly decent too. Sure, I get the occasional Dwight hiding in a locker but other than that it's fine.

  • BlightedDolphin
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    I find both sides to be pretty fun right now. Killer more so than survivor, but that’s because I’m much better at playing killer than survivor.

    Occasionally there is the unfun and incredibly frustrating game, especially on Borgo/Garden or facing an Alc Ring Blight, but the fun games are still more common in my experience.

    Once the anti-camping mechanic releases (hopefully with some tweaks) and both MfT and Blight get some much needed nerfs I think this game will be in the best and most fun state it’s ever been.

  • PotatoPotahto
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    It is fun, but you have to give up on the idea that each killer is fun. If you are a casual player, pick a fun killer and dump all of them who demand to play 24/7 to perform on average level.

  • rvzrvzrvz
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    I'm having more fun playing killer, you need more focus than survivor gameplay for sure but I wouldn't say "stressful", most games in solo Q are blight/wesker with exact same meta build, occasionally nurse, it's too predictable I don't know how you can enjoy winning like that, hard tunneling or camping a pain res hook

    then you got massive pubstompers like sadako, xeno, plague, legion, wraith... facecampinp killers, slug builds, griefing teammates... nah solo q is definitely worse for me, best thing about killer you don't rely on your team

  • tjt85
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    Not a main of either role (usually 50/50), but I've been playing a lot more Survivor since the Alien chapter dropped. I tend to follow the BP incentive and I don't like waiting too long to get into a game. I've also wanted to improve at the role. For whatever reason, it's not clicked with me the way that playing Killer has and I want to get better at it.

    I don't have that many hours (about 700 split 50/50), but I still feel like a fairly competent Killer to the degree that it feels like putting on an old pair of shoes at this point.

    I usually find something to enjoy about each Killer game I play, but after a certain time of day, the survivors like to BM and it can be a struggle to get a single hook before the gates are powered. Those games can feel pretty rough, but I have to remind myself that a loss is almost an inevitability against certain teams if they don't 3 gen. If you make mistakes, have no aura reading or don't want to bring a full slowdown build or an end game build to make a late comeback, good teams will be able to punish you for it.

    Most teams that I face are a mix of good and bad though. So I can usually afford to "waste" some time having a fun chase with a good looper, knowing I can buy it back by easily downing a weaker looper later on.

    So yeah, it's still fun. I'm just playing more Survivor at the moment.

  • CLHL
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    Since they hid the prestiges I have noticed that the matchmaking is more miserable than ever. All this time blaming lobbyshopping for the situation and it turns out that matchmaking has always been broken. I mean, you have streak of games with only one or two hooks and the system keeps paring you with SWF groups where everyone has over 4k ingame hours...

  • Wiccamanplays
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    I have fun as Killer approximately every 4th match. At the moment it's just MFT, map offerings and teabagging Survivors who seem way out of my league as a mediocre Killer whose mains are generally B tier. To even have a chance at keeping up I have to play like a complete scumbag and do all the things Survivors accuse Killers of, and I don't enjoy that too much. I play Survivor sometimes, but if I'm mediocre at Killer I'm terrible at Survivor, and I've not been enjoying going against The Xenomorph as a bad Survivor.

  • OnryosTapeRentals
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    I still play a 50/50 split (in accordance with the BP matchmaking incentives), but lately I have been enjoying my time as survivor more. Typically, I much prefer killer, and I'm not really sure why I'm finding it unfun. Perhaps I've just been unlucky with maps. I went to Garden of Joy and Badham Preschool twice each as Pig yesterday...

  • Maelstrom808
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    I have fun in both roles, but have always played more killer because I hate when someone else pays the price for my screwups. It makes survivor way more stressful for me.

  • Marc_go_solo
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    As a 50/50 player, both sides are still a lot of fun. My belief as to why some become jaded is because some people may play beyond the point of enjoyment.

    Remember when Cote was berated for suggesting if people are not having fun then they either try the other side or play something else for a bit? He had a damn good point. People shouldn't play something they don't have fun with, yet neither does that mean giving up on the game entirely. Take a break, or play it alongside another game. Those who mocked him hadn't thought his comment through.

    Killer is still fun. I'm back on Trapper and even without the buffs the role is absolutely not unplayable. He's one of the weakest too! Best thing is to take a break if it's frustrating you. A clearer, refreshed perspective may help rejuvinate the enjoyment.

  • TerraEsram
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    More than playing survivor

    Even when I face strong or cheater one, I can get some fun

    With survivor, that's not the case for the second part, a good killer, you got a lot of experience from that, when the killer cheat, it's pratically a message to go for the next match instant

  • BubbaDredge
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    Yeah, I"ve been playing since Leatherface, I like it more now than ever.

    Only played survivor once, didn't like it, too scary.

    I think you're on to something. Since our skills in DBD don't carry over to other games much, I think lots of players get good enough to compete and if they quit, they feel like they wasted their time, so they play despite not wanting to. FPS players, etc, can just move to the new one everyone's playing. In our genre DBD is always the one everyone's playing.

    I play all the time unless I want to play something else or not at all. I get into an SP game, you won't see me until I get tired of it, then I'll be back. To me, DBD is the game that's a breath of fresh air, it's the only multiplayer game I play.

    My other favorite game, Project Zomboid, that's the game that abuses me emotionally. Play a character for 2 months, stock up on everything, learn to do everything, die. A ten minute trial with NOTHING to lose? Trials are like potato chips, I'll have a couple more, won't spoil dinner.

    I just don't get why so many players take this game so seriously without loving it. I love it more than most players, I take none of it seriously. Never ever.

    This is the thing we do to get away from the things in life we don't enjoy.

  • MrDrMedicman
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    Depends. Sometimes I get matched with folks at my level, and it's great.

    Sometimes it's 4 prestige 100s and I know the match will be a sweat fest so I leave before or be the friendly killer.

  • sulaiman
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    Interesting. I used to be a survivor main, then went to 50/50, but then became a killer main with 6.1.

    For me, solo survivor on european servers is far from enjoyable, because at first you have to play lottery. Within the first minute you know if the match is just a waste of time or can be a good match, but less than 25% of my matches are, with killers camping and tunneling, survivors giving up or not doing anything.

    With killer, games depend a little too much on rng with some maps, and yes, sometimes you are matched way out of your league, but for the most part i 4k in easy matches, or have some thrills which mostly end in a 2k.

    For me, killer is way better than survivor at the moment.

  • Blinckx
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    Sometimes, but when you face cheaters, swf doing gen in 3 minutes, infinite loops and bad maps the only thing to do is to quit

  • Marc_go_solo
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    There's always a chase for being optimal. I don't blame people for wanting that because people want to get as good as they can. However, that quest becomes all-consuming. One bad game of getting destroyed, one game against bad behaviours, one game with a toxic comment, one game where a team mate may screw them over ... all these can get someone upset because one thing this does is break that illusion of being skilled enough.

    This game is largely governed by luck; moreso than skill. Unless somebody dedicates their life to this game, people will lose and lose often. Take this into consideration and focus on just doing well and the game becomes a lot of fun.

    I don't care about meta builds and knowing how much percentage of a second I can shave off. I just go into every game on a completely randomised build. The game feels so much better for it and sometimes those lesser perks that appear can even be the main reason why I won. In a game where luck governs, it's no surprise playing in a random way is better than some may think.

  • BubbaDredge
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    People can't let this become all-consuming, the game isn't your job, it's a place we come to play. Drama, excitement, surprise... causes emotions, video games trigger adrenaline, causing physical excitement.

    Everyone has to remember, you're doing this for fun. Horror movies are fun because they scare us but can't really get us. Roller coasters, same. This is the same. It's fast, it's brutal, it doesn't matter at all.

    It's fun to get all riled up, our bodies like it. Our lives are relatively safe, but our primal selves love murdering/thwarting murderers, at no risk to either side. We both get paid in our points.

    But everyone needs to remind themselves that this excitement is for entertainment.

    You sound like you get it, I just like lecturing because I'm old. You're probably way better than I am. I don't like relying on perks, but I need at least a couple I use well.

  • Rulebreaker
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    While we split between survivor and killer, we usually have fun for each. We even more often have fun as killer because as survivor the killer has an easier time making the game miserable for a survivor and we can punish anything survivors try to ruin our fun as killer.

  • tenoresax
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    I'm an 80% killer main.

    Right now I'm fairly happy with my experience, I don't seem to get frustrated very often. I can find satisfaction or fun in either hard fought wins or losses. When a match seems like a roll on either side I can pull back and chill.

    The most frustrating thing for me is when I lose a hard fought match from being outperked by something like unbreakable or something.

  • UnavailableName
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    Fun is dead and buried for both sides.

    Even with my SWF, we do not have fun and barely play 1h without feeling the need to close that trash game.

    Survivor's games are camp/tunnel 99% of the time.

    Killer's games are either too easy either impossible to win.

    Both sides, mostly totally unskilled are just cheasing their victory with broken way of playing - killers are hard camping/tunneling; survivors are using busted items/add-ons and all 4 are stacking the same META perks.

    That is how DbD has become in 2023. It is an extremely bad game now - everything is bad about it - maps' design, powers' design, 3 gen strategy, camping/tunneling strategy, gen rush strategy i mean honestly, everything is completely off.

    Those devs have succeeded where everyone else has failed - making a multiplayer videogame extremely bad for both sides.

    No wonder why everyone is starting to leave : no one plays Alien anymore, half the killer roster is never played, 80 to 90% of the trials are unfun, matchmaking is one of the worst i have seen, hit validation is trash...

    Well, i was playing 30h per week at the start of 2023, i'm now barely playing 3h a week. Playing since 2017, have just seen that games becoming worst and worst every updates since the globale perks overall.

  • bornagain234
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    No, but I am also savings lots of money, I havent spent money on this game except chapters ( I used to buy 12500 auric cell packs 2-3x a year ) in a long time.

    This game sucks right now for both sides. This is the least ive ever played the game, as I said its working out cash wise though, and I am playing other games.

  • Zenislev
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  • CatnipLove
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    Playing killer is overall better for me as I don't sweat and I don't have to account for any teammates that could screw up and cost us the match. So I can just have fun.

    I still prefer the teamwork aspect of survivor, even if it's hard to achieve in solo queue.

  • 00berdisc
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    Yes tons of 4k, pretty easy

  • EvilBarney666
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    I am a killer main all day. I always have fun playing killer. The main way I have fun is: I don't care if I win or lose. Plain and simple. The game is too random to think I can win all the time. Plus, I like a challenge in my game.

    If I did not want a challenge I would go play Hello Kitty Island Adventure. If I get tbagged, flashlight, bully squads I just don't care. I play the best I can.

    If I win I win, if I lose I lose. Same on the rare instances I do play survivor, I don't mind getting camped or tunneled. Know what I do? I click on to the next game.

    After all, it's a game. The very nature of a game is your either going to win or lose. Sure you can tie, but one of those 3 has to happen. Just accept it and move on.

  • Samwill226
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    Killer at low levels is a ton of fun. Killer against good Survivors or SWFs is a MISERABLE experience.

  • Orochi
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    Every Survivor game I play recently, either the first person down killed themselves on first hook, DC'd on first down, or was ruthlessly tunneled out of the trial. I don't condone DC'ing at all but it made me realize WHY people were quitting as the first one. I still think they should buy their team as much time as possible and not quit but I can't stop them.

    Soo I play Killer a bit more now and not to play to win and it has been a lot more fun.

  • Anti051
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    Too many plays not counting (endurance) for it to be fun.

  • Ghouled_Mojo
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    I don’t play killer as much as I used to. It’s more survivor now. Slowly happened. Killer became more and more frustrating for whatever reason.

  • ironligma
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    I play both survivor and killer. I find if I meme around like say just go for throwing on wesker I have fun but when I play say slinger I just wanna uninstall the game because on hmi mft just makes chases never end and it doesn't help that perks such as pain res and maps are so rng dependent on wether the match goes well or not.

  • Xxjwaynexx
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    I play 9/10 killer with nurse( perkless and addon less) as my M2 main and Freddy my M1. Killer can be frustrating at times but I still love it. When I do get to surv side its fun as well but I don't go in the match expecting to win out the gate due to my lack of surv knowledge overall. I play surv to have fun and if my team cooks a killer I'll give them a kill to make up for it. Likewise if a surv team is struggling I'll tend to let them escape, hell most times I'll let the best surv escape. I love being a killer main and always have even with the upcoming changes that won't change.