Repetitiveness and toxicity

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If you agree with what I am saying it would be awesome for feedback. Has anyone found dead by daylight just not hitting the same anymore. I've loved this game since before 2020. But now I find a lot of things repetitive about the game. Does anyone else think that survivors are just babied completely ? .I know there's someone who agrees the community and attitude that people have towards the game is very different than it used to be. All the survivors want to do now is just instantaneous mirage s juking heal after heal pallet after pallet both sides of the player base I feel are just not enjoying whats been happening with the community. For us to rejoice something has to change something to make the game less toxic and less repetitive. People who have played this game for on and on have taken survivor side to an extreme level of it just not being balanced whatsoever anymore. The more this game becomes more of a nuisance the less I wanna play. The way everything is designed just seems like only one side always suffers. Killer perks are just downgraded extremely and you can only get different ones every week. And why is the survivors only goal is gens? Why can't it be something else?

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    that's really the only fun you can have as surv anymore since bhvr's new design philosophy involves removing player interaction for the sake of "balance".

    they've got it in their heads that it's some sort of competitive game or something.

    i'd rather have the broken mess back because at least it felt unique.

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    If they even thought for a moment it was a competitive game, they would not implement yet another mechanic to do the work for the survivors and left them deal with the Basement Bubba as they seem fit. They would had "balanced" those killers that can do camping so well that doesn't have almost any counter and that's about it.

    It's precisely the oversimplification of things by designing them so they don't require the minimum level of skill, knowledge or game sense from survivors what is "removing player interaction". And you can see it in the design of the last few killers, where it is obvious they prioritized that they were easy to counter before anything else (because yes, Skull Merchant resulted to be a 3 genning monster, but we can not forget that all you needed to do to counter her power on release was dodge the slowest moving scanner on the story of fiction and push some directions). With special mention to The Singularity, the highest peak on this new designing philosophy including base mechanic changes to accommodate it, like survivors being able to hold a killer item at all times.

    This is not because they want to make it more competitive but the contrary: What they are doing is adapt it to the crying crowds by making it easier without realizing that at the same time they are making it more dull. Just press W, go from pallet to pallet, and that's about it.