my most hated thing in dead by daylight

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Long story short.. hiding survivors.. the most boring players in dead by daylight.

they hear just the beginning of the heartbeat when you still 30 meters away and they already start walking and hiding somewhere..

killer is already boring for me and when i play killer and get that type of players it just takes away all my fun

and from now on im just gonna camp when i catch someone because there is no way at getting these babies out of their hiding spot.. seriously whats the point at going to the gen if they gonna hide anyways?

either i play boring too or just have a unfun boring game, or even better i just quit entirely with killer its not fun anyways i guess.

and these type of players are not only in my Killer games.

unpopular statement ; i love toxic survivors, chase hungry survivors.. atleast they dont make the game boring and you are constantly in a chase.. god i love you guys so much seriously.


  • solarjin1
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    Yeah stealthing away from the gen as soon as they hear the TR is boring but very strong for survivors. You don't got enough time to check behind every suspicious looking Rock. Just equip ultimate weapon or no where to hide.

  • scrunkly
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    you might have an easier time if you use perks like nowhere to hide, monitor and abuse, surveillance etc. but a lot of the time these kinds of survivors will have distortion or maybe even calm spirit. i know that its boring to face, but its part of the game, and at the end of the day these kinds of players are dooming themselves anyways because theyre usually not progressing the match for themselves.

  • TheSingularity
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    Your avatar supports this thread.

  • DemonDaddy
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    Depends on how they use stealth for me. If its a teammate hiding in a bush all game then that person is getting no assistance from me. Active stealth where they are contributing is fine both when playing survivor and killer.

    Stealth survivor is my playstyle and as killer I want the survivors to be hesitant to get my attention. Its least enjoyable for me when survivors are cocky about knowing they can safely predrop every pallet to the next.

  • Simfeliz
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    I only hate it at the end when there are only 2 survivors left. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Mooks
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    How dare these survivors trying to play this hide&seek&chase game by hiding?!

    btw, please camp them if you think you have to. Just do it. Dont stop after next update with it either. Its okay, its part of the game after all.

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  • burt0r
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    I loved the immersive survivor way more than the "in your face" kind. One of them is bound to slip up and catching on to that was really fun for me.

    At least in the first halve of the trial, nothing worse than the last two trying to outstealth each other.

    Of course that kind of gameplay is no longer feasible to enjoy with the upped efficiency on both sides and the fast pace of matches.

    Back on release this play style was way more in theme with the original conception of this game as a playable horror movie. Of course this couldn't last more than the first few weeks/months after release since even the scariest thing loses its horror with too much repetition.

  • Grigerbest
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    You haven't played old dbd I suppose?=)

    Back then it was a literal Hide and Seek game.

    Overall I agree, boring indeed, but you can fight it with aura reading perks or some killers powers, if you have difficulties in finding their hiding spot.

    The thing is - stealthy playstyle is more efficient. I think "In your face" survivors are players who just bored of doing gens. So you have to adapt. Just try to memorise the most common hiding spots around gens, hear closely for footsies and breathing.

  • Simfeliz
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    TBF to the OP. I've been there.

    Last 2 survivors did nothing but hide for about 10 minutes. I found one. I hooked and left. Big mistake because it was about another 10 minutes of looking for the hiding survivors. So, yes even though I don't like camping I sure did when I found one again. Not to be a dick just because I wanted the match over already and didn't want to risk another 10+ minutes of looking for survivors.

  • CorvusCorax86
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    I love it when they start walking and crouching as they believe I can't see them due to the distance. I prefer this type to the one you mentioned - I love standing over them behind the bush and give them a smack.

  • Mooks
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    Oh no I agree with that scenario where the survs don’t progress the game. Though OP was kinda talking about survs that go off of the gens to hide (at least I am understanding the walking as soon as TR)..

    and is it really often that survivors hold the game hostage like that? I see more Twins tbh..

  • zarr
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    I agree. Stealth is integral part of the game and at times necessary strategically or tactically, but hiding when a killer is actively leaving hooks is obnoxious and asking for them to camp. I'm not gonna waste my time looking for survivors behind rocks, if they don't give me a chase I go where I know I'll get one (unless they feel like letting the person die on hook, which, be my guest I guess).

    But the obvious answer is to use Nowhere To Hide and/or Ultimate Weapon. Problem solved (for the most part).

  • NerfDHalready
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    i also love flashlight "bully" squads that will run around for saves and even when they get some. but hiding survivors in general and especially the last 2 fighting over hatch... my god. that's why i run nowhere to hide on almost every killer, but there's still nothing i can do for the last 2 useless rats.

  • caipt
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    yeah I hate stealthing survivors so I bring ultimate weapon, but people are screaming for it to be nerfed so I dont imagine it lasting much longer. betting it two months I'll be back on nowhere to hide.