Do you eat pallets or do you try to mindgame ?

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Which do you think is better and how does it fare for different killers ? Sometimes I feel I lose too much time looping on a single pallet and wish I just made them drop it and broke it right away. Is it efficient to just break them at every opportunity and not bother with mind game at all ?


  • LegacySmikey
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    It does depend who I'm playing to an extent but for example I play trapper a lot I don't have time for mind games or resoecting a pallet if I get stunned I get stunned.

    I actually get a lot of injuries & downs because survivors either expect me to give it more respect or are just too slow to react.

    If im playing say clown obviously i'll just throw the bottle & go around.

    As a survivor I see a lot of killers lose games giving pallets way too much respect not saying take dozens of stuns but some play so cautiously you'd think they'd instantly lose on a single stun.

  • Zokenay
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    Like mentioned already, its heavily reliant on the loop.

    Shorter/Tall loops i would say its better to mindgame

    But long loops or loops with no LoS blockers, its better to just brute force it.

  • Nun_So_Vile
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    Eat the pallet unless it's a winnable mind game. I don't often get the luxury of that decision on Dredge though since it's often drop remnant and then surv goes shift+w away.

  • Maelstrom808
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    This. Too many variables for one simple answer. I will say that if I have the time and it's feasible at that pallet, I will play the mind game just because it's fun.

  • RaSavage42
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    I hate to say this but.... Mindgame every single pallet... unless they drop it immediately or if I "misplay" it and end up taking the stun

  • Lost_Boy
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    I mean you can actually bait a hit by pretending to respect pallets for 1-2 loops and make them think they'll get another loop out if you, but actually don't respect it on the third occasion. You can work out fairly quickly what type of survivor you're facing and how they play loops from just respecting the pallet on a few occasions.

  • mizark3
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    With Ghostface I typically facetank every pallet. My goal is to make the Survivors think I will never respect a pallet, so they throw them nearly every time. Then when they get to a god pallet, I get it dropped the very first time, and never have to deal with it again. Then during a late mark where they reach the pallet (early mark being you instadown them on the spot), they think I'm gunna swing into it, but they drop it early and I can walk around it and get the marked down. That's my soft mindset going in as Ghosty at least.

    Like others have mentioned though, you play around your opposition. If the baby Feng pre-drops every pallet without looking backwards, its best to make her drop 4-5 pallets, then corral the remaining Survivors into that pallet deadzone. It is so hilarious when that baby Feng then berates her team in endchat like "I lasted forever in chase, why'd you guys drop so quickly", and I'm like "my guy, you left no pallets on the entire map for them".

  • HugTechLover
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    Don’t try to mindgame / respect all the time. Good survivors will immediately test your respect level of pallets, and will absolutely abuse you if you respect everything.

    I will test survivors. If they are pallet throwing meg heads, I’ll just respect everything and get free breaks. If they are survivors who capitalize off of respect, I’ll mix it up. I get tons of free hits and downs on survivors who expect a respect or mindgame.

  • edgarpoop
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    Mix it up. Depends on whether I think the survivor is going to greed it or camp and drop. Sometimes I charge right through and get a hit, and after I've done that a couple times to a survivor, I'll throw them off and respect it. You don't want to have a hard rule for something like that when there are tons of variables at play.

  • GroßusSchmiedus
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    Change frequently, my usual go to strategy is to just eat pallets early on so survivors think i just crash through them so they will be more likely to drop it and are more vulnurable to mind games later on.

  • Rulebreaker
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    Variable. Unless its a pallet we want out ASAP (which we will then happily eat it), we might respect it, we might disrespect it, or we'll leave while the survivor drops it anyway. Depends on our mood.

  • Kaitsja
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    As a Enduring Spirit Fury user, I eat every third pallet.

  • AchlysShadeslayer
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    Depends on the particular pallet and the killer, on nemi I rarely eat a pallet but on demo it's 50/50 if they can throw it before I shred them. But I will almost always leave u unsafe pallets up so long as there isn't more than 1 lithe user. It's all dependent on the situation.

  • BubbaDredge
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    I love to play on pallets, but most survivors are just dropping and hitting W, so I generally break them.

  • Redundis
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    It really depends on situation and survivors im facing. If the pallet is not very strong for the survivor I leave it. If it is either directly in my way or im going to loop it for a long time, I will destroy it. Also if I'm playing xenomorph I typically leave most.

  • dbdthegame
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    The safer the pallet, the less I respect. Also, I'll respect a lot more on a killer like Wesker or Blight where I can immediately outplay the pallet, as opposed to Sadako where I benefit greatly from having as few pallets on the map as possible. Also, if it's during Corrupt timer, I'm not respecting anything. Feed me those pallets.

  • Reinami
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    Depends on too many factors. If it is a god pallet like in garden of joy, or shack pallet, i'll just eat it. But it also depends on the player. If i notice the player doing "good" then i suspect they won't be mindgameable, or will expect me to mindgame, so i'll brute force it and often land a hit. Whereas the "bad" survivors will be easier to mindgame.

  • Tsulan
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    I´m on a fiber heavy diet. So...

  • radiantHero23
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    Depends on the pallet.

  • BlightedTrapper
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    I try to mindgame, but I'm pretty awful at it. Many survivors I face make these double rock loops look like god tiles, meanwhile I go down about 5 seconds after dropping the pallet.

  • Moonras2
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    I'll eat just about any pallet just in hopes I'll get the hit. As far as breaking it goes, it depends on how strong it is and what the survivor is doing after dropping it. Many survivors drop and run and many will try to play even an unsafe pallet.

  • Xernoton
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    Depends on the pallet and the survivor.

    Is it a strong pallet that will be hard to play around once it's dropped? Is the survivor good at playing around dropped pallets? How many pallets are left in this area? Do I have a power to play around dropped pallets? Does the survivor camp pallets?

    These are questions, that you should ask yourself before you make your decision. A good rule of thumb is: "The stronger and spicier the pallet, the better it's gonna taste."

  • Grigerbest
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    It depends on a situation and the tile.

    There is some pallets that you CANNOT mindgame. You just want it to be gone.

  • caipt
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    -Play blight

    -Go for hug tech on every tile

    -either get the pallet down, hit them, or they leave. I win either way.

  • totallynotamegmain
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    yummy pallets

  • NerfDHalready
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    depends on the pallet, the killer you are playing and how the survivor you're chasing plays pallets.

  • TotemSeeker91
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    I guess mindgame? I play Doc, and no where near good, so I'm probably low to mid low with him, but I'm still surprised how many people don't know about his 2.5 second incapacitated for dropping pallets, and it's always funny to get it off

  • TotemSeeker91
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    Well, you technically also eat the third cause you still suffer the stun

  • Volcz
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    Depends on the situation.

    There are a lot of factors - its not as simple as just saying I do this or I do that, because it changes based on the match.