Impossible game for survivors

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This game is impossible for survivors. Me and my friend and all teams we play on lose and never finish 5 generators. Survivors cant do anything against killers. If the problem is a skill problem, why do you always put me up against MUCH better players? I am not a beginner, and this game just gets worse and worse. Make survivors better or it will remain unplayable

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    Skill based matchmaking royaly screws us all. If it worked the games would be sweet but not unfair. Clearly it doesn't work very often though. I get baby teams frequently and that shouldn't happen. I should not have 8 hooks at 5 gens. It's not that I'm great it was that they don't know what they are doing. It sucks but bhvr will never admit they made a mistake by putting it in so we must tolerate it.

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    There is also a heavy element of meta gaming. A lot of survivor teams are braindead, and stop repairing gens to focus on a hook when they are one the first stage. A lot of survivors try to engage chase without having good chase perks. Also sometimes skilled survivors get outplayed by a killer doing something stupid because its hard to predict.

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    Well, OP, in the interest of being constructive, here's how you and your friends win games as a team:

    Good players are always looking for something to do. When in doubt, do gens. Outside of emergencies (2+ Survivors down), you should almost always have at least one Survivor doing gens. No matter how well your team members are running the Killer, if you don't have at least one Survivor on gens, you are not winning.

    When one of your team members gets hooked, sending someone to unhook ASAP is a priority unless the Killer is camping or hard tunneling.

    If the Killer is proxy camping and you can't get close enough to unhook safely or hook trade, send two Survivors to unhook. If they both go in at the same time, the Killer simply can't stop the unhook outside of a few specific powers.

    Other than that, is there something specific you and your team are having trouble with?

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    You have to improve, you have the perks, you have the pallets, windows, excessive healing, genrush perks, lamps, firecrackers, mines, pallet traps, anti-tunnel perks, perks to open doors faster, adrenaline, they can ask for maps.

    The game is completely on the side of the survivors, we had a killer who could stop the survis but they cried so much that the merchant was nerfed.

    learn to play and so does your friend.

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    Skull Merchant is really the worst example to bring up when telling other people to learn to play... A monkey could have played 3 Gen skull merchant and there wasn't even much of interaction with the survivors, all you did was kick gens.

    There are many killers that do fairly well against even good survivors, but it takes time to learn them properly.

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    The game is now unplayable for many survivors

    That's why there are so many hook suicides.

    Give up at the first hook because there is no hope of escape.

    One will give up quickly, so others won't be able to escape in a 3vs1 situation.

    vicious circle.

    There's no point in saying it's a skill issue.

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    I mean, but that is per definition a skill issue... If those players give up on hook because they are not skilled enough to win the chase/game then this is a skill issue... Or matchmaking issue, depending on how much better the opponent side actually is.

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    Yeah 4 man doesn't mean autowin brother.

    Try have 2 do Sabo plays while others do gens. Works well enough in soloq

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    im ngl, a lot of the times when i see trios playing together in my games(as a surv) i see them trippling and doubling gens at the start of the game, you should all be spread out, 1 person each on their own gen whilst 1 person takes chase. if you can have 1 person last the length of 1 gen in chase, if you have 1 person each on a gen, that is 3 gens done by the time the first chase is up. leaving 2 gens left and you can have some fun.