Chucky could be next Wesker level of Killer


What I mean by this is, one of the best and most popular picked Killers in the game.

Fun power to use and go againts, there is window for counterplay, hilarious voice lines and tiny little doll that shittalks Survivors just can't be not fun. Could be another hit Killer.


  • A_Can_Of_Air
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    Exactly my thoughts after playing him and seeing everyone’s feedback.

    Lots of people saying he’s balanced and fair, a few saying OP, a few saying UP. I feel like I saw the same during Wesker’s PTB and release.

    I hope Chucky does end up at that level, because more variety is always good. How many Singularities do you see? I’d rather not see him end up in the space, but highly doubt considering recent feedback.

    Unlike Wesker though, I enjoy being chased and killed by Chucky, because he’s ####### hilarious. I have more of a connection to Chucky as I grew up with the child’s play movies and Bride/Seed of Chucky. I didn’t play RE5 so despite liking Wesker as a character, I didn’t and don’t have much connection to him…maybe after the RE5 remake hits.

  • Annso_x
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    Chucky seems both strong and fun, on top of that people who avoid killer because of the 1st person POV might enjoy him as well. He's definitely going to be a popular killer.

  • bazarama
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    He looks fun and that's exactly the type of killer I play - clown trickster huntress deathslinger ghost face.

    Not overly strong but fun and isn't a game supposed to be fun?

    Yeah I know there are toxic and sweats but that's their issue.

    I don't care if everyone escapes I play for hooks and fun so can't wait for chucky.

  • radiantHero23
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    Felt the same.

    That's awesome. Variety is always good. Let's just hope it works out that way.

  • CatnipLove
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    I hope he does well. He seems to be a pretty fun killer. At least that's what my peasant console eyes have gleamed from watching videos on YT.

  • TheGoodGuy
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    Same, but my peasant console skills question if I can control slice and dice. I don’t like Oni, Blight, or Billy…can’t control them. Chucky Lunge seems short and not overly necessary but hug tech is being used and that looks like it involves flicking. I hope he feels decent on console.

  • CatnipLove
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    I've seen people hug tech with Blight on console, so it should be okay. I find Nurse plays fine on PS5, but I've never tried Blight or Oni myself.

  • Tsulan
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    Or could be another Alien.

  • awustzdn
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    They're gonna leave him alone for the first few weeks, let people buy him, then nerf him into the floor. And it's a perfectly legal business practice for digital services like DBD.