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  • Beatricks
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    Grade based MM was better than hockey based MM.

    The reason why people don't agree with this is that grade had bright, shiny badges next to your name that was interpreted as your skill level and not how much you have played in recent months. Nowadays rainbow matchmaking is just as bad if not significantly worse than before, but with no bright, shiny grades next to people's name to point at, folks just assume everyone is where they are and [current excuse why hockey based MM is the worst in online gaming history] is blamed for all the imbalanced matches.

    If the devs tweaked the previous MM to weed out the Top% monsters that go on 500-1000 winstreaks and pit them against the best survivor 4 stacks, we could actually be having fun in this game.

  • SirCracken
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    The devs have absolutely no idea what they're doing. People give them far too much credit. For every positive change the game gets, there's two negative changes.

    Macmillian and Autohaven maps made fairer? Coldwind, Asylum, and Red Forest maps made worse.

    Chase icon added to survivors to give more information to solo que players? Entire UI reworked to be more difficult to read.

    Auto-purchase feature added to bloodweb? It's only usable after you've already prestiged a character at least once.

    Eruption nerfed from being OP? CoB, Overcharge & Hex:Ruin over-nerfed and made near useless.

    Released fun and interesting killers like Wesker and Xeno? Sadako and Skullmerchant re-work that neuters their skill expression.


    It really seems like any change the game gets is completely up to chance as to whether or not it'll be good. BHVR doesn't ever learn from their mistakes. In fact they seem to constantly repeat them ad nauseum every couple of updates. It's genuinely depressing to see how much potential DbD has get squandered because someone on the design team thought that adding in more clutter to The Shattered Square would help fix the map. 😞

  • steamed_hamzzz
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    A none killer aura reading version of Kindrid should be base kit, there’s absolutely no reason why it wouldn’t work and would only help bridge the gap between solo queue and SWF

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  • not_Queef
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    Every killer should have turrets.

  • KolbyKolbyKolby
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    1. Wesker is overtuned, people that say he's the most well balanced killer make me roll my eyes. His entire infection mechanic needs to be removed and he'd be in an okay spot. Right now a Wesker can rush back to an unhook and be given a much too easy means of tunneling.
    2. God pallets/Strong Tiles should exist, but should be sparsely located around the map. A really good tile should require you to break a pallet, and only have structures between it and the next good tile that can be mindgames.
    3. A form of corrupt intervention should be basekit, but only if a killer is not usiong slowdowns.
    4. Map offerings need to be removed entirely. Or at least made into a new rarity that has a maximum of one node per bloodweb. Tired of all my nice green items/addons/offerings replaced by maps no one wants. And maps give waaay too much of a benefit to whoever is bringing them.
    5. If bots are going to exist you may as well remove DC penalties, because all they do is push people to die on hook. I have valid reasons for leaving some games and I'm not eating a penalty just because a specific thing in the game makes me sick or gives me migraines.

  • humanbeing1704
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    This game is extremely boring to watch and is why no mainstream streamer with a 30k plus viewer average plays the game

  • steamed_hamzzz
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    this game is extremely fun to watch, it’s just an asymmetrical horror game is never going to be as popular as a multiplayer FPS game, not to mention the game is 7 years old. That’s why no “mainstream” streamers play it, as it doesn’t appeal to the masses or is the new flavour of the month

    the fact that it’s still getting steady twitch numbers after 7 years proves it’s fun to watch

  • HamsterEnjoyer
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    Well, you all know my hot take that Skull Merchant was never the issue and was always fine

  • DemonDaddy
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    Solo survivor has it easy now.

    I dont care for the new ui as survivor. It gives me too much of the info that I use to gather individually and has removed gameplay.

  • Smoe
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    I wouldn't mind something like a hudless toggle feature in the option.

  • WW1PilotAce
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    hot take 1: killers should now when they are gonna play againts a swf

    hot take 2: survivors should be able to see the mmr of their teammates

    hot take 3: finisher mori was fun

    hot take 4: survivors should be able to see the perks of their teammates (to be honest i dont understand why this isnt a thing)

  • whammigobambam
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    Killer has the ability to end a players session so game balance should always prioritize survivor.

    Survivor is the more skilled role based solely on the fact that survivor must know every killers mechanics while most killers only need to know their own mechanic and map layout.

    Blight is fun and balanced.

  • jesterkind
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    My hot take: Most perks on both sides are perfectly usable, not trash. Situational perks, also, are not inherently trash, especially when their situation is under your control and not dependant on RNG. People just don't want to put any effort into using any specific perk (even when that effort is just picking different supporting perks and adjusting their overall playstyle), and want their perks to either be extremely strong to warrant any change in gameplay or to just work in the background.

    It's not a divide of old vs new, either. Most chapters recently have had at least one genuinely good perk for its associated role.

    Secondary hot take based on someone else's post:

    You guys have got to let the whole "hockey" thing go. You misunderstood an analogy, it happens, take the L and stop trying to meme it into being a valid criticism somehow. Move on.

  • Dogma_loki
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    I think the whole "hockey" analogy has persisted for so long, is the same reason the "Pretty good job so far!" phrase has stuck around for so long.

    To some people it is an example of BHVR being out of touch with their own game.

    Which is another discussion in itself.

  • SweetbutaPsycho
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    My hot take:

    Holding W and hammering spacebar is too valid of a strategy on most maps. This leads to neither survs nor killer learning how to loop correctly. I think that on most maps at least 20% of the pallets should be removed so that killers and survivors are more forced to learn to mindgame and run tiles correctly.

  • Melinko
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    I'd like to see all unhook notifications removed.

    No explosion, sound, even perhaps add a delay to the HUD display, show them hooked until their endurance ends. Would help eliminate some of the tunneling that happens.

  • jesterkind
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    Considering they're wrong about that, my "you should move on" take still stands.

  • NerfDHalready
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    this one is hotter than the sun itself, can't even look at it

  • akaTheBARON
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    My hot take? Any survivor that looped you for 3-4 gens with the old MFT (still the current MFT I guess) would have still done so without it about 80-90% of the time. And for the other 10-20% they would have still gotten 2-3 XD

  • DMB
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    Hot take ? I think between both sides to much information exist and destroys the horror element of the game.Maybe BBQ&C was our Achilles "Hill".

  • Marc_go_solo
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    1. Solo Q isn't nearly as problematic as it's made out to be. In many trials, fellow survivors have been fine to play with at least. On occasion, somebody may be screwed by mmr and thrown into a battle they haven't the experience for, but so has everyone else. This leads to my second point.

    2. Persistently, some keep refering to themselves being teamed with "potatoes" and always losing because of this. These people are probably the "potato" themselves, since they are always dying, apparently. People need to be more respectful of people learning the game, rather than making out they are superior when - judging by how much they don't escape - their mmr must be low also. This leads to my third.

    3. Gloating about "high mmr" is pointless. Nobody knows what they are. You cannot even guess how high up someone is, because of the randomness of the nature of the game. A great player can be the first killed; a newer player can outlast more experienced counterparts. The game is too randomised for the average joe to tell where they are.

    4. Nearly all perks have a use. As a randomiser player, I can state perks that seem more situational have assisted in my survival or sacrifices on many occasions. However...

    5. Perks should be made weaker, with only one effect and stronger perks working on either a timed out status (such as Lithe), or a token system. "Made for This" is the perfect example of the opposite and has proven problematic as a result. Either drop the endurance effect or speed boost; don't have both.

    6. So long as there is at least an interesting set of perks, I couldn't care how strong or weak a new killer is, providing they're fair. The weaker killers are still effective and - unless they are at the dull, competitive levels - a weaker killer like Trapper can still slaughter most teams if the player is good enough.