xenomoph&singularity are the worst killers in the game

i would rather go against 100 prenerf skull merchants and be held hostage in a lobby for the rest of my life than go against any of these two killers ever again.

i think bhvr has misinterpreted what people meant when they say they wish killers were more interactive - having to place dumb drones/use emps to deactivate the killers power is so painstakingly miserable and unfun…… i cannot cope.

they are both such let downs as killers and i’ve finally hit my limit with going against them.

every game, until the dc penalty is removed or i get the option to ban a killer, is going to be me going next on first hook and ruining the game for the other 3 teammates because i cannot bare to go against these killers anymore. i do not care, nor do i feel bad.

my own interpretation of more interactivity would be; give me a steel toe cap shoe so i can boot these killers from the realm and never have to see them again.

knight, sadako, skull merchant, xeno and singularity can all burn in hell i wish i could delete them from the face of the earth and never have to deal with them again.

no one can change my mind. i am traumatised, crying, and throwing up at even just the THOUGHT of these killers.