What do you think about Chucky perks? (Chucky in less than 24h!)


As for my opinion:

Hex: Two Can Play - sounds like rly fun and unique Hex, but it's more like for fun / meme builds than a serious one. Againts good Survivors, this won't help you and if you are allready struggeling in the match, same story as well.

Friends'til the End - probably his best one. Solid effect but only mobility Killers can rly benefit from this for the most part.

Batteries Included - It might be okay in some late game / haste builds but after the neft I don't see this as good or even decent perk at all. It's bad tbh.


  • TheGoodGuy
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    Everyone only seems interested in FttE but I love Hex builds and I find poetic justice in mutual self mutilation so…I’m going to mostly be playing around with Hex: TcP. I think the price is a little steep (2 free stuns) and the duration is too short, for any real impact (1.5 seconds of blindness) BUT it has more longevity then the usual Hex perks. I think meme would be more interesting if a stun effected all survivors. Imagine casually doing gens and you see a skill check pop but then suddenly a flash of blindness and a gen explosion. I’d laugh out loud every time I was stun and heard a gen explode shortly after.

    Info/exposure is highly sought after, so I’m sure FttE will find its way in some builds but I’m up in the air about Batteries Included. I’m sort of envisioning a (Power-Up) build where the Killer grows stronger as gens pop. Fire Up, Coup de Gras, Batteries Included and your Ultimate Form with NOED. Other then that gimmick, can’t think of a reason to use after nerf. Technically, it might pair well with Bitter Murmur but not work without some kind of lethality to back it up.

  • Rickprado
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    I'm still sour about the batteries included nerf. You really need to get out of your way to get value from this perk (as you will be chasing near completed gens, which most of killers will agree that's a dumb strategy) and when you could get max potential from this perk in the endgame, they nerfed it? Makes no sense.

    Even if you bring a full endgame build, when the exit gates are powered survivors can just open the gates and leave. If you bring No Way Out, they can click the gates and hide, specially if there is 3 survivors alive.

    It could be an interesting perk for weaker killers, but now its just gone.

  • MikaelaWantsYourBoon
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    Non of them will be meta but fun perks.

    Friends Until the End can be good on teleport type killers maybe, we need to see in action.

  • OrangeBear
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    Hex : Two Can Play is bad. The main problem is that it blinds survivors when you are least able to capitalise on it, when you are blinded/stunned yourself. The blind duration for killer is also longer than 1.5 seconds. When you get stunned by a pallet, you can't capitalise on that, you are stunned, behind a pallet. It's a fun concept but i just don't think it can be useful in this state. Maybe make it so you can choose when to blind survivors? Like for example, the same application system that was used in the anniversary event to expose survivors, you can do that but with this perk blind them instead.

    Friends 'til the end is a very good perk. You hook a non-obsession, the obsession gets revealed for 10 seconds which is really good on it's own and exposed for 20 seconds. Even if you don't instadown them, you can still use this to pressure the obsession, for example if you are using save the best for last. If you do hook the obsession then a random survivor gets revealed. It being random is really good because not even the survivors can prepare for that.

    Batteries Included is an okay perk. It reminds me of Fire Up. The activation condition is not ideal but the effect is useful. Especially on two floor maps, this perk will be crazy on midwich.

  • Steakdabait
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    All bad with some extremely annoying to play against ones like bni and the hex.

  • jonifire
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    I think the one, where you get blinded will be cool, maybe it should be a half second longer.

  • lav3
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    Terrible. It is not a strong effect to be Hex. It shouldn't be Hex perk and have cooldown instead.

    Okay but won't be meta. 20 sec Exposed is very short if survivors keep distance. Aura reveal is okay.

    Purely bad. Too situational and killer shouldn't chase survivors going to completed gen as possible.

  • Seraphor
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    Some of the best killer perk concepts in a long time. A little undertuned.

    Two can Play: Taking 2 stuns to charge AND being a Hex is a little too much cost for the effect it gives. One stun to charge would be fine.

    Friends till the End: Would be a great perk if the Exposed lasted long enough to make use of. I don't think I could even capitalise on 20 seconds with Dredge, let alone a non-mobility killer. Should be 30 seconds.

    Batteries Included: PTB version was fine, it was a decent endgame perk with gradual build up, kinda like a killers version of Sole Survivor. Now it's just a poorly designed perk, that works where you don't need it. Now it's the killer equivalent of Dark Theory.

  • CrowVortex
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    I think people are overlooking Friend's till the end as just an exposed perk, it's more than that and can fit into a lot of builds. Myself i will use it for my Artist, not for the exposed effect, mainly for the aura reveals and the chance of interacting with Dead man's switch upon hooking obsession. Exposed effect is just a cherry on top if obsession is close.

    His other two perks are too niche for me.

  • Crowman
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    Batteries and Two Can Play are pretty much useless.

    Friends to the End is at least a usable perk.

    Honestly if you only care about perks, this chapter is a skip.