Batteries Included+NoED / MFT+Hope:

I’ve been looking at responses to the new patch on social media and i’m seeing that the changes from the PTB to make Batteries Included deactivate in end game are being reverted so that the perk can synergize with NoED and stay active throughout the endgame period, and i’m just wondering if that is true?

And if so i’m curious as to why? Just considering MFT has been nerfed to no longer give survivors a 3% haste as it can be considered problematic during end game when paired with Hope.

I’m seeing a lot of complaints saying this is a “double standard” and a “killer superiority”, and i don’t agree entirely since i’m seeing a lot of killer tweaks to be put forward in the following months but i do agree somewhat as this does seem like it’s one rule for one side of people and another for the other.

But I could be wrong and could have just been misinformed and I would appreciate clarification, and if so my apologies. But if this is true, I do agree with a lot of people in seeing how this could be problematic and unfair for survivors since MFT had been nerfed because of its potential to synergize with Hope during end game.

Although I would be less obliged to feel this way if the nerf to MFT wasn’t put forward due to it being considered problematic when paired with Hope, if Killers get a perk that could be argued to be even more problematic that has been given the green light i.e. haste across the spread of a map and the ability to down healthy survivors.

I will admit, in my own opinion this “unbalance”, if was left as is for both sides (MFT+Hope / Batteries Included+NoED), would be fun and would really spice things up and have the ability to make DBD fun again (for me) as I personally believe the unbalance in dbd perks being equal for both sides is what truly makes this game fun rather than removing all of the “broken” aspects of the game making it again, in my opinion, boring and stale. -And I know “unbalanced” and “equal” in the same sentence sounds very contradictory and implausible but i’m sure you know what I mean.

Would love to hear peoples thoughts and opinions as well… whether you think DBD being equally unbalanced and over the top for both sides is what makes it fun/if you would agree or disagree.


  • Grigerbest
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    Batteries included goes off, once the gates are powered.

  • altruistic
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    Isn't that being reverted in a hot fix in a couple weeks? I am pretty sure thats what they explained during their dev stream.

  • itstofuuu99
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    Yeah this is what I thought and understood but I’ve seen a post on twitter by a fairly popular person saying that it is being reverted which is why I’m posting this.

  • OnryosTapeRentals
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    and i’m just wondering if that is true?

    The Batteries Included nerf is planned to be reverted in a future hot fix.

    And if so i’m curious as to why?

    Because it’s a mediocre perk that didn’t deserve a nerf in the first place.

    MFT had been nerfed because of its potential to synergize with Hope during end game.

    MFT is being nerfed because it’s a completely broken perk. The synergy with Hope is just the icing on an already very unbalanced cake.

    Besides, BI + NOED isn’t comparable to MFT + Hope:

    • BI only provides 5% Haste when within 12 m of a generator (I.e. it’s conditional).
    • NOED can be completely deactivated by cleansing the totem (I.e. it’s conditional).
    • Hope provides +7% Haste to survivors without any conditions. It’s active for the whole endgame with ZERO counter.
  • itstofuuu99
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    Thank you for you opinions and i understand. But I believe it is subjective as some could argue Hope providing 7% haste “without any conditions” is false, as the conditions are that the survivors have to complete 5 gens meaning the 7% haste is a reward. Making it also conditional: if the survivors manage to make it to end game or not. Maybe they should reintroduce the Hope timer and that could resolve a lot of issues as it wouldn’t be completely permanent. Making it on somewhat on par with a Hex?

    I also think there are a bunch of perks that could be considered “broken” and that MFT just happens to be one of them.