Chucky is overpowered and pay2win

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hes just as broken, maybe more broken, than wesker and blight, and probably stronger than Nurse. He's too strong and should definitely need some nerfs to make him balanced. He's insufferable in matches. You can't loop him, has too much of everything in his kit.


  • Grigerbest
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    Well, 4 hours till PTB started, I already told that his power is way too strong.

    "Each time he's pressing the power button, someone losing a health state".

    Seems like nothing has changed. Or didn't changed much.

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    I think he’s one of those killers that’s strong in low mmr, but gets hit hard in high mmr. My games have been TOUGH. Granted I’m still learning, but I predict he’ll struggle to hang with high mmr survs.

    Too early to tell though. Just let it run its course.

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    Multiple matches played aginst him and the balance is: cant even get 2 gens done before all survs are dead. one is in a (always) short chase, one one hook, one needs to save and just one person on a gen at all times. Cause when you unhooked the survivor, you can immediately go to the next. Till you are the one on hook. All games in a nutshell. And the one gen gets popped, so maintaining any progress quite difficult. My friend did adept even in one try.

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    That's the problem with PTB it is only for basically high MMR players with their feedback. Do you honestly think a low level facecamper that hard cores tunnels would give an honest opinion 😆. They seem to not look at all angels. He will be strong for about a month and then they will low key nerf him like Alien.

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    so far have lost all my solo q games - the entire team actually has died - and I mean teammates are going down asap

    I've been able to loop some of them but more-so it's just been due to winning mind games

    his charge covers a lot of distance imo

  • Reinami
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    So someone loses a health state every 20 seconds? You realize chases are balanced around lasting 45 seconds right? Sounds about right for a killer with no map pressure in their kit. If anything its too slow. Nurse can down in about 20 seconds.

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    I just lost to a swf in a 5 minute game. He'll be fine

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    I can assure you that just aren't good at the game, you need to learn how to harness faster gen speed and endurance builds. Chucky is actually in a high-level scenario quite weak. He honestly shouldn't even have been nerfed before he went to live servers. We want killers to be strong so they can leave the hooks completely, not make killers that have (I mean really have to) obsess on one survivor the whole trial just to get a kill. Learn solid survivor strategy, I assure you will become better over time.

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    No, look. The problem I was experiencing with him is that, he can hit you without a power, and then hit you second time with power in the matter of seconds.

    And it's quite a challenge to get away or dodge his attack in power. Pallets or windows not gonna work - he can vault both and hit you right after.

    In the open is the same, he travels so fast and far (addons do it even harder), that even Blights with speed addons envy him.

    In the PTB - first time he vaulted a pallet and instantly hit me - is the moment I said: - "That is not ok".

  • Reinami
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    They already nerfed the pallet thing you are talking about. And again, nurse is far stronger than this killer will ever be.

  • bornagain234
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    This is why I get annoyed at how much bhvr listen to the community.

    Dont learn to vs him, just nerf him after a few hrs.

  • DeVyre
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    5 games 5 losses, most of them in less than 10 minutes

    Did they even tested it? You may be right but I didn't see a disclaimer: "game only for pro-players", did they ignore the whole community and are trying to monetize on casual players who wants to get 4 kills and don't play Wraith?

    You assume everyone should be in team and in a super-competitive mood. I want to have fun a couple of hours.

    Is it only considered balanced because the game will be only for pro-players with perfect map knowledge and flawless looping skills?

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    Skill issue

  • Annso_x
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    I've played a couple games against Chucky:

    First game: 1K, hard tunneled

    Second game: 3K, we were playing altruistic and messing around instead of doing gens

    Overall most chases were on the longer side for all survivors, I lost both killers multiple times in chase

    Both games felt fair and Chucky seems fine to me (keeping in mind that the killers were still learning and getting used to the pov)

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    Well, tried one match with bots, they did all the gens. Very powerful indeed. If they didn't heal so much, they would all escape. Nurse crying.

  • DeVyre
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    you forgot that nurse required a very long training time

  • itstofuuu99
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    Sorry you’re being ridiculed for expressing your opinions gamer, i’m in a very high MMR bracket and all my games have ended up with everybody dead before 3 gens. People are going to argue he isn’t too strong because they want easy 4k games but even post nerf I believe he is obnoxiously strong and most of his chases end fairly abruptly. Only time will tell but it’s not looking too good.

  • LazyClown
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    With a good enough sbmm system you wouldn't have to worry about that regardless. If they continue to make it more strict the new players will have a great time. Everything should absolutely be tested for the high level, because the low level wont know any better regardless.

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    Complaints centered around "bad survivors cant win", yep sounds right for another killer release

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    Why can‘t you just wait and learn to play against him, before complaining.

  • Reinami
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    You mean to only be .1 seconds faster than wesker a killer who is 115% movement speed?

  • CatnipLove
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    People are going down quick? Could that have anything to do with pretty much nobody having any experience against him? Could it be that people are messing around and having a laugh instead of playing seriously? No? I guess he's just broken then.

    Roughly three and a half minutes have passed since his release. Just, chill out.

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    And the community also wonders why we can’t have nice things.

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    I called it! Every single time! Only hours after a killer has been released, there are already complaints about them being too strong. At least give it a bit of time and see, if you can't counter this killer somehow.

  • DeVyre
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    because there's nothing to learn aaaaaand as we face it first time also the killers should be first timers using it

  • Grigerbest
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    Wesker can't hit you right after vaulting! He have a decent cooldown after vaulting a pallet or window with his power!

    You can literally go around the loop while he recovers from vault!

    Chucky can hit you almost instantly after vaulting a pallet <--- this is exact reason why I'm telling: - Thats not ok.

    Legion can only injure you after vaulting a pallet, but they can't down you.

    Wesker have a pretty long cooldown after vaulting, while he just can't M1.

    Ahh... Anyway... We'll see how it goes after some time.=)

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    I almost created this topic as a Satire an hour before release, but I knew the sad truth that this topic would exist for real within an hour or two after release anyways. How sadly predictable…

  • CorvusCorax86
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    Any tips on blinding him after a pallet stun? I have issues with his size (that's what she said...).

    I just can't blind immediately. I need to backstep a bit but that is precious time lost.

  • Krazzik
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    That isn't really relevant, everyone has the option to put in the time to learn her. You can't say something is p2w when there's a stronger, free option always available.

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    How should the killer not play him the first time?

    Besides the PTB, where both survivor and killer could try playing as and against him.

  • DeVyre
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    my dear the definition of p2w is "not putting effort and win", I didn't see any chucky playing mind-games or doing skill shots, they just win chasing and downing people in matter of seconds

    I did have fun seeing him and not playing seriously the first couple of times, but I'm at my 10th or so game and I still haven't seen a win and no surv did some numbers being in chase for more than a minute

  • CLHL
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    He's actually waaaay weaker than the content creators led us to believe.

  • Wexton
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    He literally just released

  • Gucci_218_TTV
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    He doesn't vault windows fast and there's a delay after scampering a pallet before you can move so it's definitely fine. You just need more practice is what I'm hearing. I've played 10 games of chucky and lost 4 of them so that's not even OP. #skillissue

  • CatnipLove
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    You predicted that? How? You must be some kind of magic wizard.

  • Devil_hit11
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    wesker loses his ability for vaulting and his vaulting has really long cooldown. it is useless vaulting ability. you could even go through him during cooldown and slide the pallet.

    Chucky does not lose his ability for vaulting and he can use his Slice&Dice to curve around loops. He is kinda like an easier blight with better anti-loop then Blight but worse mobility.

  • Reinami
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    Correct. Different killers are different! Who would have thought?

    I was merely pointing out that making it 1.4 seconds puts it in line with other killers that can vault pallets. Not every single killer should behave exactly the same way, and that is why chucky is able to m1 quickly afterwards. He also is a much slower killer than those other ones and has 0 map pressure on his power. So again, different killers are different, tradeoffs exist.

  • LuzielErebus
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    Every time there is an assassin with really new mechanics, which is usually once every two years, there are a lot of well-off people, who instead of seeing if they can adapt, complain.

    That is why the entire community on Twitch is clear that changes in Dead by Daylight are always made based on the cry of that percentage of players.

    If you want a complaint to be taken seriously, play it for a week or two and you won't be like children with no hands.

    Chucky has bad Addons, and a red head so he can be seen easily.

    What changes is that we have been used to being able to hide and avoid Blind Assassins with 70% Miserable Fov for 8 years. And he can see you on equal terms. Although any 30 centimeter object prevents you from seeing XD. The plants, or even the viewing angle, make it difficult to see footprints or blood on the ground, because Chucky must look up XD.