How To: Counter Pallet Scamper

I’m seeing a lot of people complain about pallet scampering being too strong, here’s a clip of me figuring out how to counter it accidentally :)

please don’t nerf it as i think people just need a bit of time to figure out the ins and outs of chucky’s power!


  • Lost_Boy
    Lost_Boy Member Posts: 495

    I thought something like that might work, but I guess the timing of it is crucial. Can you actually vault during scamper or does it have to be directly before or after?

    I also seen people blocking it with the perk that resets pallets.

    I'm not entirely sure scamper is the issue I think the bigger problem is just how difficult it is to see both his red stain and footprints on certain loops. Makes it very hard to predict his movements and more often than not survivors will just run straight into you with very basic simple mind games

  • itstofuuu99
    itstofuuu99 Member Posts: 51

    it seems like her scamper animation happened just before i vaulted, so maybe it’s timing but i heard her knife sound when she began scampering thinking she was swinging, dropped the pallet and at the same time as she scampered under the pallet i happened to vault, im gonna mess around and see if i can do it again but people are begging for a nerf when i think we just need a bit of time to understand their power more. and this is coming from a survivor main.