What's so hype about Chucky?

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My killer queues are taking 5+ minutes. Why is everyone so hyped about playing him? Dude just runs fast and can vault pallets and windows. It's basically Wesker but with running instead of dashing.


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    1. its a new killer. Thats enough really.
    2. Probably one of the strongest killers right now
    3. Quite easy to play, unlike Blight or Nurse, and not buggy mess like Wesker.
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    New, fun, strong, popular, first 3rd PoV killer, first small killer (not counting Victor)

  • EvilSerje
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    1. Cool design
    2. Cool concept and gameplay
    3. Cool voice-lines and voice-acting
    4. Proper killer for DbD lore-wise (unlike 4 stupid kids with knives or strong™ intellegent™ independant™ woman™ with drones, for example )

    Ain't that enought already?

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    You underestimate how fun those two abilities are to a lot of people.

  • CorvusCorax86
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    And some of us are millennials and can appreciate a character based on a classic '80s horror movie. That's enough attraction for this killer to be on par with Myers, Freddy... but Chucky is more easy-to-play and fun.

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    Gotta enjoy it as much as possible, before BHVR does BHVR things!

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    Kinda missing one crucial gameplay detail there, bub.

    plus how can you be surprised when it's a solo killer release

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    Imagine waking up and being negative like this. Lol