If 3 genning gets fixed as a game issue, can we revert Skull Merchant's terrible rework please?

She was reworked exclusively because of 1 playstyle that wasn't fun and problematic for the game, if 3 genning gets removed from the game entirely or has significant ways to prevent it, then can we please revert her? I've started playing Survivor and other killers, hell I recently started playing Spirit because new Skull Merchant is just awful, I hate her so much and her chase is so unbelievably weak compared to how it used to be thanks to the gutting of Geographical Readout and Drones being borderline useless.

I know it's just a pipe dream from a Skull Merchant main who is still salty about their favorite killer being removed from the game, but I want to at least throw the idea out there. Her original power was just so much more fun and better for chasing, it actually had real counterloop and allowed me to shut down areas, now she's just a weak M1 killer that occasionally gets a speed boost. With 3 genning gone, this rework has no reason to exist.


  • MoNosEmpire
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    It still depends on what these changes are for 3 genning sadly. If they're huge differences then yes they might but if it's slight changes then they may just give her a slight buff but she was too oppressive in her launch state.

  • MikeStev
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    Nah nah, Skull Merchant ability / skill is biggest thing that make this killer strong on holding 3 gen. Not survivor fault, Not gen spawn position.

  • adsads123123123123
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    No because Skull Merchant was considered to be the worst designed killer even without her 3 gen. Her current form is much better.

  • TheTom20
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    I don't think i have seen a 3 gen kept for longer than 5 mins since the gen kick era ended (call of brine overcharge)

    spoke to few content creators said they haven't seen a 3 gen they wasn't able to break since it ended either

  • HugTechLover
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    Only rework Caitlyn 3-genner needs is a .exe/delete.

    Every dull merchant still runs full gen slow slowdown + sloppy and holds a 3 gen.

    She will always be the most hated killer in the game.

    Yes, I’m salty. I despise the SM.

  • Callahan9116
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    I play sm, she's way stronger now, she injures, gives broken, and is stealthing 80% of the time if you now what your doing.

  • MikhailVictor
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    her chase is so unbelievably weak compared to how it used to be

    can i ask who's your weed dealer my friend?

  • pigslittlepet
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    I'm fast on my way to becoming a skull merchant main do to her current form. I play her with four chase perks and use her stealth addon's and go full Rambo on their asses. She isn't extremely strong that way but she is fun and that's what counts.

  • Orthane
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    I'm a P65 Skull Merchant who only played Chase Merchant. The gutting of Geographical readout alone made her chase much weaker. I could also lock down loops with drones before, now they're sort of just there to sometimes give you a small speed boost, whereas before I could slap one up to force people to leave loops or give me permanent speed.