Dead by Daylight Pinball


So I’m trying your collab out and they did a really nice job for y’all. I didn’t know what I was getting into but I love Pinball and especially if it’s representing a source material I know.

Dude I can’t believe how many references and ideas they managed to incorporate into this game.

I played a few games as survivors until I realized I could play Killer this whole time. Now I’m taking a peek at the Table Guide and doing my best to learn how to chase, hook and sacrifice more effectively and make it to End Game Collapse.

Sucks we only get Trapper, but it seems more accurate with how quickly these dang survivors get out of my trap lol

Anyway, going back now, also if you find the Announcer lady a little annoying, just turn her down or off, other than her, the sound design did a good job too. I’m no pinball expert but I’ll chase the high score leaderboards on machines I enjoy. Wish me luck~


  • Xyvielia
    Xyvielia Member Posts: 2,415

    Wow, never knew this was a thing!

    I also am a pinball enthusiast, and the DBD table looks great, tho unfortunately I haven’t upgraded to PC from console, so won’t be playing😔

    Incase anyone is interested and wants to check out the design from ZenStudios:

    there’s also a Chucky’s Killer Table, as well… looks creepy!

  • TheGoodGuy
    TheGoodGuy Member Posts: 50

    Yeah, those were the only two tables I bought actually lol. After being kind of mind blown by DbD table, I finally tried Chucky but his table didn’t feel as fun or smooth. Maybe I just had too much practice on the DbD table to shake off the unnatural feeling of suddenly having new goals and new slight changes to where I need to flip the ball. Chuckys table was kicking my butt, I ended up going back to DbD.

    Thanks for leaving a preview, I was too lazy.